5 Highlights of the 2018 Ford Lineup Worth Considering


If you’re searching Ford dealerships near you, it’s fairly safe to say that you’re searching with something particular in mind. Likely having performed a fair amount of due diligence, you probably have a particular model, trim level and model year in mind. Perhaps you’re looking to buy new; perhaps you’re looking for something used, or interested in a Ford Certified pre-owned vehicle. Maybe you’re exploration lease options, as opposed to buying a new vehicle. No matter what has brought you here, Ford has something for you.

So, which Ford has caught your eye? Are you looking for the utilitarian capability of the world’s best-selling line of trucks, or possibly looking to explore the variety of cars that Ford has served up? Perhaps your eye has been caught by one of their compelling crossovers or SUV’s, or you’re looking for more sustainable transportation in the form of a hybrid or EV. Or maybe, you’re looking to enjoy the unbridled excellence of a performance-built Mustang.

With that in mind, here are our picks for some of the best offerings within Ford’s lineup. Sure, you might expect to see the F-150 Raptor or Shelby Mustang topping the list, but think of this list as a celebration of the easily overlooked.


2018 Ford Fusion (Hybrid SE and Energi SE variants)

While we might be hard-pressed to get super excited about the base level Fusion, we have to give credit where it’s due. In this instance, we’re talking about the sustainable variants offered up in the Hybrid SE and Energy SE variants. Priced to start between $26,340 and $31,400 MSRP they fit the demands of most budgets. And with the former offering 42 mpg combined, and the latter offering the estimated equivalent of 104 highway mpg, it’s hard to argue the appeal of either. Here’s a look at the Fusion measures up against its counterparts within the Accord and Camry lineups:


2018 Ford Taurus

Decades ago, the Ford Taurus was the easily overlooked poster-child for “affordable domestic sedan.” Now, with line-topping offerings designed to evoke the attributes of more luxury-inspired offerings, the Taurus has evolved into a confident, and well-equipped full-size sedan that is deserving of anyone’s consideration. While the $42,865 starting MSRP of the SHO trim might position it against some more prestigious competitors, it represents an impressive achievement for Ford. Seriously, just take a look:


2018 Ford Explorer

With nearly three-decades and five generations under its belt, the Ford Explorer is paid a bit of a disservice by our familiarity with it. Like any staple of a lineup, the Explorer only seems to gain real attention when it receives a refresh, restyle or even a facelift. Now in the twilight years of an eight-year model run, the Explorer has enjoyed a few tweaks, with two in the last three model years alone. For us, the Explorer has managed to stay current and accessible, while retaining its upper-tier sense of ambition. Check it out for yourself:


2018 Ford EcoSport

The EcoSport entered the 2018 lineup with the precarious track record of a car which had enjoyed near-global success everywhere, but int the North American market. Accessibly-priced and built with functionality in mind, the EcoSport is comfortable as either an entry-point or a final-destination within Ford’s crossover offerings. Plus, it has some sustainability credibility that positions it against the Fusion Hybrid that we mention above. Here’s a solid comparison of the two:


2018 Ford Focus RS

This limited-edition offering takes its cues from the street-racing community which inspired both it’s design and engineering. It’s not often that one expects to drive a hatchback that wrangles 350 horses, but the Focus tosses such bias aside with its 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. Serving up four different drive modes, and sporting the Qauife Limited Slip Differential, the Focus RS is a creative expansion on exactly how fast (and dare we say furious) a hatchback can be.


Recognizing that our picks might be different from yours, we’re interested in hearing what your favorite Ford models are, and why. You can let us know in the comments.