A yellow 2017 Ford Focus ST is shown from the front at an angle while it drives down a road.

4 Used Ford Sedans That Will Save You Money at the Pump

With the rising prices at the pumps these days, it’s no wonder one of the first things people look at when they’re thinking about purchasing a new vehicle is the mileage they’ll get on a tank of gas. On top of that, there’s the added pressure of wanting to do your part to go green. Should you also look at which is the most eco-friendly? Or should you even consider leaving gas behind altogether and investing in an electric vehicle? Whatever the question, it always comes down to investment and costs. If you spend more now, will you spend less in the long run? Or does it even make a noticeable difference?

All of these questions can leave potential car owners feeling a little dizzy. In that case, it’s usually best to keep it simple––you want a long-lasting, reliable vehicle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to use on a daily basis, plus a little style wouldn’t hurt either. Luckily, Ford and your local used Ford dealership are looking out for their customers by offering a great selection of used sedans that fit into a budget and continue to save drivers money down the road. No matter what the oil companies do, Ford has you covered with a great, stylish selection of sedans to help you and your family stay on budget, both before and after you buy.

#1 – Time for a Fiesta!

Though this great hatchback was retired in 2019, the sporty Ford Fiesta still claims one of the top spots in the Ford family when it comes to clocking in some seriously great savings. If you’re in the market for a used or Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle, definitely consider checking out the Fiesta. The Fiesta was offered both as a four-door sedan and four-door hatchback.

This subcompact car was created to be a budget, user-friendly everyday ride, with the final model year giving its drivers up to an excellent 31 MPG combined. But don’t let the compact size fool you. The car seats up to five and is known to have a roomy cabin for a small sedan, with plenty of headroom and legroom for its driver. On top of that, the Fiesta is known as a great, long-lasting car that’s fun to drive. It works perfectly for a daily commute or running errands around town. Its small size, along with its agile and smooth steering, makes it the perfect vehicle for navigating tight city corners, heavy traffic, and narrow parking spots.

A red 2015 Ford Fiesta is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a used Ford dealership.

#2 – Keep Focused

Don’t let the fact that Ford has retired some of its most efficient sedans deter you from looking at used or CPO models. It’s usually there that drivers can find some of the best deals to save them money now and in the future. The Ford Focus is one of those models that was great when it was new and is just as great as a used or CPO model.

Ford discontinued the Focus in 2018, but there are still plenty of used models out there with miles and miles left to go. The five-seater vehicle was available as a four-door sedan or four-door hatchback. The last model in 2018 delivered a budget-friendly 34 MPG combined, which makes it great for getting around town or long trips on the freeway.

But something you might not know is that Ford also released the Focus Electric. So if you really want to go farther for less, this electric car gives drivers a mind-blowing 107 MPGe combined! Plus, the car can travel 115 miles before needing a charge.

The Focus is known as a budget-friendly car that is reliable and great for a daily ride. Its ample interior gives drivers and passengers plenty of room, along with plenty of space for cargo like groceries or sports equipment. The Focus is also known for its great handling and smooth ride, allowing it to fit in anywhere you go.

#3 – A Fusion of the Best Features

The Fusion is the latest sedan to be retired by Ford, leaving the market in 2020, so it’s possible to pick up a used or CPO model that is still fairly recent. This is lucky for you because the 2020 Fusion gets a respectable 27 MPG combined with its 1.5L turbocharged engine. The 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid does even better, delivering an awesome 42 MPG combined! That means amazing savings if you’re constantly on the go, have a long daily commute, or like taking those road trips during the weekend. The Fusion makes it easier than ever to stay within your budget while saving you money.

The Fusion is also known for its reliability, usually costing less to maintain than other sedans in its class. Plus, as a midsize sedan, the Fusion gives drivers and passengers plenty of cabin space while not skimping on the cargo room. This makes it convenient to take along whatever you might need. And its sleek style, along with ease of handling, it is a fun ride for both city and country.

The Fusion is known as a safe and efficient option when it comes to used and CPO sedans. The user-friendly tech features combined with strong reliability and Ford’s trusted safety features make the Focus the perfect vehicle for budget-conscious drivers who want to save more while still getting more out of their vehicle.

A silver 2020 Ford Fusion is shown from the front at an angle while rounding a corner.

#4 – Maybe You’re a Taurus

While Ford has retired many of its popular sedans before their time, that just means there are better deals to be had. After four generations, Ford discontinued production on its long-running full-size sedan, the Taurus. This five-seater sedan had been in production since the 1980s and was only recently retired in 2019. So buyers have a large range to choose from when it comes to the Taurus, its features, style, and sizes. But throughout its run, the Taurus maintained a great reputation as a dependable, long-lasting car for families and singles alike.

The last year it was in production, 2019, the Taurus gave drivers a respectable 21 MPG combined, making it a great vehicle for running errands around town or picking up the kids from school. While not as compact as some of Ford’s other sedans like the Focus or the Fiesta, the Taurus offers drivers more cargo room in the trunk, along with a larger cabin. It’s also noted that because of its size, the Taurus offers more legroom to backseat passengers than the typical SUV.

The Ford Taurus is a great, practical choice for a driver’s every ride. It’s reliable, gets decent gas mileage, and offers more trunk space than many of its competitors. The sedan’s user-friendly tech helps keep drivers connected without all of the unneeded extras that can sometimes lead to a higher price tag. And, as always, when a driver chooses to go with a Ford, they’re not only getting a top-quality vehicle at a friendly price but also the safety and peace of mind that comes standard with the brand.

Great Choices

Over the years, Ford has given buyers some great options when it comes to sedans, from traditional gasoline models to hybrids designed to take you further for less. If the last few decades have taught drivers anything, it’s to keep an eye on the gas prices and plan accordingly. Gone are the days of gas guzzlers, now replaced with eco-friendly and budget-friendly models that help take your dollar further than ever before.

Technology has taken cars to a new level, making it easier than ever to find not only a brand new car but also used and CPO vehicles that get killer fuel economy to save you money in the long run but are still widely available on nearly any car buyer’s budget. There are great choices and savings for everyone waiting at used Ford dealerships, and what’s better than that?