Black 2019 Chevy Colorado in the air from dirt jump

4 Reasons to Get Excited about the Chevy Colorado


If you’re already excited about the 2019 Chevy Colorado and ready to drive one right now, then this isn’t for you. Congratulations on your excitement, now go read something else, maybe enjoy a slice of pie and a cup of coffee, or just go for a drive in your (I assume) Chevy truck. On the other hand, if you hear “Chevy Colorado” and just shrug apathetically or think to yourself, “So what…” then keep on reading, because this is for you!

For anyone with any interest in a new mid-size truck, the Colorado has a lot to check-out and get excited about. From the three available engines to the accessories and options for customization, one of the great things about this truck is that you can really make it yours. In particular, I really like how Chevy has doubled-down on the off-road potential of the Colorado this year with the ZR2 – which offers some excellent off-road capabilities while still being the kind of truck you can drive to work on Monday morning.

I love gadgets and tech, so seeing the features of the Colorado just tickles the weird part of my brain that delights at the sight of a Frankenstein-esque Jacob’s ladder or glass globe with lightning blazing inside it. But this isn’t about that. This is about the 2019 Chevy Colorado and why you need to start getting excited.

Reason #1: The Engines and Fuel Economy

If you can’t recite the engines in every car or truck you’ve ever owned, that’s ok – not everyone flips their lid for the powerful growl of a V8. But even if that’s the case, you should still check out the engines available on the 2019 Chevy Colorado, because it is the beating heart of the truck. The standard engine is a 2.5L 4-cylinder beauty that provides 200-hp and 191 lb.-ft. of torque, which is definitely impressive for a 4-cylinder engine. Even with so much power, you still get 20 MPG city and 26 MPG highway for some of the best fuel economy on any truck.

Want more power? So do I, which is why I love these options. You can step the engine up to a 3.6L V6 that offers up to 308-hp and 275 lb.-ft. of torque. That doubles the towing capacity of the Colorado, from the standard 3,500 lbs. up to 7,000 lbs. with the right towing package. Even with all that power, you still get 18 MPG city and 25 MPG highway with this engine, which is certainly more than impressive.

Still not enough? That’s cool – I’ve got more. How about a Duramax 2.8L Turbo-Diesel that provides 181-hp and up to 396 lb.-ft. of torque?! I told you I had more. This beast ups the towing capacity to 7,700 lbs. and still gives you 20 MPG city and 30 MPG highway. Still not enough? Well, that’s too bad, cause that’s all there is – but that’s more than enough.

Reason #2: The Off-Road Potential of the ZR2

When you think off-roading, you probably think about a Jeep blazing a trail through the untrammeled wilderness (maybe you don’t think “untrammeled,” but that’s ok). Sure, Jeeps are good at what they do, but what they don’t do is haul around a load of lumber on Wednesday morning or pull a boat when it’s time for some fishing. That’s why I love that Chevy has really leaned into the off-road potential of the 2019 Colorado.

The Colorado ZR2 includes the option of the 2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine for tremendous hauling power, while including shocks and front/rear locking differentials to help you tackle just about any road or obstacle and keep on rolling. The chassis and tires are specifically designed for going off-road and provide up to 48mm more lift, thanks to 17-inch wheels and 31-inch tires, to keep the Colorado clear of debris. And all of this comes without sacrificing any of the other great features, such as customization and technology, found on the other trim levels of the Colorado.

Reason #3: Customization for Days

I like to make stuff mine. Everything is mass-produced these days, that’s just part of life. So every chance I get to take something that looks just like everything else and put my own stamp on it to tell the world it isn’t just like everything else, I take it. And that’s why the accessories and customization options on the 2019 Chevy Colorado really speak to me.

There are numerous trim levels, of course, that give you certain options at higher price points, which is great but also to be expected. Chevy also offers the Colorado in a few different special editions, which is also not unusual but still appreciated. You can choose things like the Redline that includes some red and black accents, including red touches in the tires and on the front recovery hooks; or the Midnight Z71, which has a striking black exterior that gives the impression that you represent a sinister government agency in a spy novel. Not that that’s a bad thing…

But there are also a ton of potential accessories to choose from. Straightforward details like floor mats and liners, to more unique touches like Off-Road emblems that tell the world what you’re all about. Personally, I like the illuminated front emblem, but that’s just me – I like extra lights and touches that make an immediate impact. If you like more practical features, you can pick things like side rails on the bed, a sliding tray system in the long box, a bed cargo net, or even a camping tent that goes right on the bed of the truck!

Gray interior and center consul of 2019 Chevy Colorado

Reason #4: All the Tech Features

I already said this, but I like cool gadgets and fun tech – that’s true whether I’m using a smartphone, watching some streaming media on my TV, or in a truck. We’re talking model year 2019, so I expect to find some interesting tech features. Fortunately, the Chevy Colorado does not disappoint, especially if you go beyond the standard features offered and start looking at some available upgrades.

It’s all built around the Infotainment center, which includes a 7-inch color touchscreen that displays information for you and lets you keep track of everything you need to know. This includes things like navigation and streaming media, which you can play through a Bluetooth connection with the system from your favorite device. The Colorado is even compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – which is great no matter what side of the platform battle you find yourself on (that’s none of my business).

There are multiple USB ports and an auxiliary audio jack in case you need to connect a different type of device to play audio through the 6-speaker sound system. This also includes functionality with the myChevrolet mobile app that you can download onto your smartphone or similar device. This app lets you control and monitor certain things in the truck without even being in it – including locking and unlocking doors, checking diagnostic information, and even starting or stopping the engine.

If you step up your options with a higher trim level, then things just get better. The Infotainment center gets upgraded to an 8-inch screen (yes, sometimes size matters) and you get features like voice recognition and voice commands. This lets you access apps, find navigation information, and change your music with a few words, so you never have to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

Are these upgrades essential? No. Are they fun? Oh, you bet. And sometimes, it’s important to have fun and just play with your toys!