2018 Jeep Compass

2018 Jeep Compass Advertising Calls to Millennials and Generation Z

If you’re a Millennial born between about 1980 and the late 1990s, or a Generation Z member born between the late 1990s and around 2010, you may have felt compelled to test drive a 2018 Jeep Compass.

And you can thank the manufacturer’s creative department for your penchant.

Consider this spot from Jeep’s campaign in late 2017.

In just 30 seconds, viewers are taken on a very tight journey that appeals to younger workers. How?

  • The Music. Deep below the voice over spot is the haunting tune Exuma – Bill. Though it’s been remixed from its original version, it immediately sets the stage. With throbbing vocals embedded in a deeply stirring–not to mention systematic–riff, it urges listeners to pursue freedom. In other words, to jump in the nearest 2018 Jeep Compass and head for the hills.
  • The Actors. What could be more quintessentially boss-versus-employee than two men in a standard workplace setting? The dry, corporate ambiance of their quick (voiceless) exchanges reveals a feeling every worker has had: The desire to escape. Although this commercial is definitely leaning toward males, females could conceivably be drawn in by its familiarity of the employer-worker relationship.
  • The Scenery. As with most Jeep commercials, the scenery is essential to setting a mood. This particular spot focuses on a situation with mountains–Colorado Springs, CO, or that vicinity comes to mind–shadowed in the dawn of a new morning.
  • The Technology. A large part of this 2018 Jeep Compass ad spot is its eye-catching technology. Specifically, the Jeep’s responsive, utterly intuitive console. In a few seconds, the advertisement does a good job of showcasing plenty of the features which obviously put this Jeep in a category by itself.

No promises are made in this Jeep commercial. No jokes. No punchlines. However, it sends a clear message that dominates the airwaves: You can be young and enjoy everything that used to be relegated to the more seasoned worker.

In other words, why wait until you’re older and frustrated to enjoy a taste of living that only comes from having a Jeep 2018 Compass at your command?

It’s a compelling argument for buying or leasing a Jeep. So is the next commercial for the same year which takes a similar, yet still unique, tact.


This commercial for the Jeep 2018 Compass is less of a method to tell a story than it is to line up the newest Jeep’s amenities. And it does so utilizing numerous strategies.

  • A Techno Tune. The music in this spot is systematic and intense, but not overbearing. There’s a sense of techno-pop but in a practiced, minimalistic way.
  • A Neutral Palette. You’ll immediately notice that the Jeep Compass shown in the commercial is white. That’s not a mistake, nor is it by accident. The whole commercial has a decidedly white, black, and gray palette; in other words, heavy on neutrals. This adds to the feeling of being streamlined and straightforward. It also gives it a sense of science and logic.
  • A Fixation on Education. After watching this ad spot, you might feel a bit like you’ve been sitting in a classroom. There’s a reason for your emotional response: You have been. Throughout the advertisement, viewers are quickly walked through how the Jeep performs several key elements, not the least of which is hands-free parallel parking. The goal of the ad creators is to show rather than tell like all good teachers do.
  • A Nod to Pared-Down Content. Content may be king in some situations, but not when you’re putting together a 2018 Jeep Compass advertisement like this one. All content has been deliberately condensed to its bare minimum. Only what’s absolutely necessary is included, making each word more powerful because it’s purposeful.

Why is this ad particularly compelling to Millennial and Generation Z watchers? Both groups have the tendency to appreciate the way that technology can make life easier. And there’s little doubt that this advertisement spot positions the Jeep Compass in that vein.

Ready for a final Jeep Compass video that’s definitely meant to sway Millennials and Zers? Take a gander at this one, which takes the first ad’s music and turns it on its head.

Like the initial ad we discussed, this Jeep Compass ad includes the toe-tapping Exuma – Bill melody and trimmed-down lyrics. However, it deeply expands the message that a Jeep is the answer to your challenging work situations. Instead, a Jeep–in the confines of this one-minute ad spot–is the answer to life situations.

As the female voice over continuously intones “Recalculating”, the audience gets a sense of the way a couple’s journey evolves over time. Not only is life not what they anticipated it to be, but they find themselves balking at being pigeonholed by their generational expectations. At every twist and turn in their lives, the mainstay (and perhaps only dependable companion) is their Jeep Compass.

Again, any young people will instantly relate to the push and pull of life after adulthood, as well as the need to go against the grain from time to time. Whether watchers come from the Millennial generation or Generation Z, they’ll all find something to embrace in the ad spot.

Interestingly, this third advertisement also adds a bit of humor. It’s not overt, and no one will laugh hardily, but it’s present. Not only does this keep the commercial from getting too deep or emotionally intense, but it gives it a much-needed sense of levity. Sixty seconds is a long time to tell a story; without a mixture of feelings, the tale could wind up seeming one-note and mundane.


Will the Jeep Compass 2018 Hit Its Mark?

Of course, the biggest inquiry is whether Jeep Compass’s newest line of commercials will hit their mark and generate appeal among the under-40 crowd. Are they going to line up for test drives across the country at top dealerships, or will they move toward a different lifestyle vehicle than a compact SUV that can go off-road or simply to the nearest Starbucks?

Time will tell–and so will Jeep’s year-end sales stats and figures when January 1, 2019, rolls around.