2017 Honda CR-V Boasts New Technology

2017 CR-V Redesign Boasts New Technology ‘Win’

What? The CR-V has been completely redesigned for the 2017 model year? A new exterior appearance, newly designed cabin, better amenities…the list goes on and on. The funny thing is, buyers don’t seem all that interested in what the newest Honda crossover has going for it in terms of its most recent revamp. Rather, car shoppers and industry experts seem laser focused on what the newest rendition of the CR-V has to offer when it comes to advanced technology and innovation.

CR-V Redesign is Overshadowed by Technology ‘Win’

Not shocking, especially when you consider the world and society we are living in. The shift in the automotive market is happening in conjunction with our society and what it deems as most valuable. Currently, with Millennials making up the majority of new car shoppers, technology reigns supreme when it comes to making a new car buying decision.

Honda, a brand always ahead of its time, sensed that was the case and redesigned the 2017 Honda CR-V with the latest in-vehicle tech and features that today’s buyers love. Rather than run to the revamped CR-V for its larger size, better fuel economy ratings, and newly added advanced safety features – drivers are going nutty over the latest Display Audio system and the fact that it now features a volume knob.

That’s right. With all of the design changes, upgrades, and efficiency changes made to the Honda crossover, buyers are most impressed by the addition of a volume knob to the vehicle’s multimedia system. To be fair, a good amount of criticism and concern circled around the 2016 CR-V’s touch-sensitive infotainment system. Owners were most upset with the fact that the volume touch buttons were too sensitive and required too much of the driver’s attention to get the volume just right.

A new 7-inch display replaces the old one and aside from offering more user-friendly features, it is also more modern in appearance. Sitting to the direct left of the new audio system screen is a large volume button that can’t be missed or mistaken for anything other than what it is. Drivers can quickly and without taking their eyes off the road, change the volume of the system and mute it with a simple push. As ridiculous as it sounds, this small change proves that sometimes technology isn’t the best answer to simple problems.

While the volume knob has been getting plenty of attention, the clearer graphics are also deserving of major accolades. All in all, the system is the most intuitive and user-friendly that the CR-V crossover has ever seen.

Buyers who have never owned a Honda CR-V in the past may not be able to commiserate with drivers who have had to deal with volume woes in older versions of the crossover, but I guarantee that they will appreciate how easy and user friendly the new Display Audio System is in their newly redesigned 2017 CR-V. Until you experience the old and compare it with the new, there is no way to fully understand the plight of 2016 Honda CR-V drivers.

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