Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu

The 2016 Chevy Malibu Takes on the 2016 Ford Fusion

It’s no secret that the full-size sedans for 2016 have been improved in order to have the most modern styling, the best technology features, and luxury touches. The 2016 Chevy Malibu and the 2016 Ford Fusion are two competitors in the world of full-size sedans that both have much to offer for 2016.

Chevy has certainly improved its cars in order to reassert itself in the game of sedans everywhere. While Ford’s Fusion has been very popular among buyers, it better watch out—the Chevy Malibu has been updated to perhaps even surpass Ford’s popular sedan as a great choice for buyers at an even better price.

We’ll be comparing these two sedans in order to help you decide which of these models will be the best one for you. We’ll also be comparing factors to determine how the Fusion and the Malibu measure up against each other when it comes to all their new offerings for 2016.

So here’s what happens when the 2016 Malibu takes on the 2016 Fusion!

Chevy Has Ford Beat for Fuel Economy

There’s no sugarcoating it—the 2016 Malibu has effectively beat out the Fusion when it comes to fuel economy. When it comes to standard models, the 2016 Malibu offers drivers 37 MPG while its hybrid version offers 48 MPG. The Fusion falls behind as its traditional model offers 34 MPG and the hybrid version offers up to 44 MPG. While these numbers aren’t huge differences, you can bet that they’ll add up over time. The winner here is the Chevy Malibu, which offers a great fuel economy with its traditional model, let alone its hybrid twin!

Malibu and Malibu Hybrid MPG Ratings

So whether you’re looking to have simply a gas-powered car or if you’d like to go for the hybrid model, you’ll be getting great fuel mileage with the Chevy Malibu regardless of your choice.

Horsepower and Engines

The Ford Fusion offers its EcoBoost engine while Chevy offers its version, called the EcoTec engine. The Chevy’s EcoTec technology uses direct injection and variable valve timing in order to create the best fuel efficiency possible with your Malibu. The Chevy Malibu also offers 250 horsepower with 2.0L engine. The Fusion falls behind at up to 231 horsepower. Both vehicles are designed to be aerodynamic in order to create the best possible wind resistance as well as fuel economy. Both vehicles offer automatic start and stop.

2016 Ford Fusion Engine

2016 Chevy Malibu Engine and Driveshaft

These vehicles are about matched when it comes to torque as well—up to 270 lb.-ft. for the Fusion and 260 for the Malibu. If you’re looking for a little more horsepower along with your great fuel economy, the Malibu is your car!

Technology and Safety

When it comes to technology, the Malibu is the only sedan to offer 4G LTE Wi-Fi. This means your car, among doing all the other great things it does, functions as a hotspot for you. This is ideal for times when you’re on family road trips and Wi-Fi may not always be available. The best part is that it lets you connect up to seven devices! This way you know that your Malibu will deliver on the fast Internet you need in today’s fast-paced society.

While the Fusion doesn’t offer the built-in Wi-Fi capability, it does offer some other great technology. Of course SYNC with MyFord is available as well as voice controlled climate in addition to radio function, active park assist, a rear camera, and intelligent all-wheel drive. The 2016 Malibu offers automatic park assist in addition to rear park assist as well as a rearview camera. The Malibu also offers front pedestrian braking, adaptive cruise control (the Fusion offers this as well), and lane keep assist in addition to rear cross traffic alert and forward collision alert. The 2016 Fusion offers BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) in addition to electric power-assisted steering.

For technology, the 2016 Malibu also offers a Teen Driver safety system. This system is truly unique as it allows parents to set up certain restrictions within the car via the 8-inch touchscreen. These restrictions include a volume max when it comes to music, a warning and alert to your smartphone when your teen does over the speed limit, and set mile restrictions. This means your Malibu will alert you when your teen has driven outside of set boundaries.

The Malibu also lets you set safety features for your teen, such as making noises when the seatbelts aren’t buckled in addition to other features. If you’re a parent who’s concerned about your teen’s driving or just want the safest vehicle out there for your teenager, the 2016 Malibu is for you. The Chevy Malibu also made the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s list for best sedan for first cars for teenagers as well.

While Ford offers inflatable rear safety belts for its passengers in the Fusion, the Fusion only comes with eight airbags while the Chevy Malibu comes with ten.


Both of these sedans offer sleek exteriors. The 2016 Malibu in particular has a smooth design with some muscle but is not overdone in its modernity or style. The 2016 Ford Fusion has a little more muscle to its body than the Malibu and doesn’t quite capture the silky look of Chevy’s full-size sedan.

2016 Ford Fusion Interior

The Ford Fusion is, however, offered in eight different trim levels, so you’ve got tons of options when it comes to the Fusion. The Fusion offers an 8-inch screen display just as the Malibu does. The leather-trimmed interior that’s available on the Fusion is also available on the Premier trim level of the Malibu. The Fusion also offers ambient lighting as well as heated and cooled front seats in addition to a heated steering wheel.

2016 Chevy Malibu Interior Dash View from Back Seat

The Malibu offers USB ports for all your charging needs in addition to wireless phone charging, which is a new and innovative feature that many buyers are excited about. Both vehicles give you the option of getting up to 19-inch wheels on your sedan. The Malibu also has a dual exhaust with various interior options for color as well as a sport pedal kit. The Chevy Malibu also features OnStar, which provides things like emergency calling to keep you safe and in touch in case of an emergency.


With a very similar starting price, the Chevy Malibu and the Ford Fusion certainly have some similarities for their 2016 models. However, when it comes down to it, the 2016 Malibu is the winner here.

In addition to getting better fuel mileage and offering many safety options, the Malibu has the Fusion beat when it comes to technology. With its Teen Driver system to help parents stay in-the-know and set reasonable boundaries and safety limits for their child, the Chevy Malibu offers what few other sedans do. The Chevy Malibu also gives you the option of having 4G LTE Wi-Fi, which keeps you connected no matter where you are. The 2016 Ford Fusion doesn’t offer either of these things.

If you’re looking for your next new sedan, the 2016 Chevy Malibu could be for you. With all that it has to offer, the starting price is very reasonable, and you get the same optional luxury accents in the interior as the Fusion. Don’t wait—check out the 2016 Malibu today!

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