A person is shown plugging a plug into an outlet on a 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning.

19 Surprising Things You Can Power With The Ford F-150’s Onboard Power Generator

The Ford F-150 has always been powerful in the conventional sense. It can tow large vessels and carry heavy loads. It’s tough and durable and a staple of most job sites across America. Drivers can choose from an array of serious engines beneath the hood, including V8s and Diesel engines. But in 2021, Ford revolutionized the meaning of a “powerful pickup” by introducing an onboard generator. The generator, called the Pro Power Onboard, is available in a variety of power levels, depending on your engine. An EcoBoost V6 or a 5.0-liter V8 will get you a 2.0-kilowatt output. All post-2021 F-150s outfitted with the PowerBoost engine—Ford’s hybrid powertrain for the F-150—get a standard 2.4-kilowatt output or an optional 7.2-kilowatt one.

When Ford first introduced the onboard generator, its MSRP might have been a little high for some shoppers. Now that it’s been around for a handful of years, you can find some good deals on used Ford trucks with this feature. And if you aren’t sure you’d need it, well, get to know what this generator is capable of, and you won’t want to live without it. Here’s a look at some of the things you have the power to do with the different levels of onboard generators in the F-150.

A person is working near a red 2023 Ford F-150.

The 2.0-kilowatt Output Can Power Small Household Appliances

With the starting level generator, you can power a variety of small household appliances and tools. That makes this generator perfect for occasional campers and DIYers who don’t have to tackle heavy-duty projects. Here are some of the things you can power with this generator:

A minifridge. Power a minifridge at a job site where you need to keep just enough refreshments around for a small team to get through a workday. Alternatively, this will come in handy for couples who go camping for a weekend. It should keep 48 hours’ worth of sustenance fresh for two.

Coffee maker. Keep everyone caffeinated at a work site all day long with fresh coffee on hand. You can power a coffee maker with this generator. If you can’t kick off a long day of hiking or kayaking at a campsite without your morning cup, you’ll appreciate having this around.

Blender. Who says you can only bring ready-made beverages camping? Bring your ingredients for your favorite blended cocktail and whip up a batch of blended margaritas for your camping crew. Alternatively, make a high-protein smoothie before climbing a cliff face.

Toaster oven. After you’ve made beans in a pot over the fire, pair it with some crispy hot toast. Bring your camping cuisine to the next level.

Space heater or box fan. If you’re hitting the road with a camper or trailer attached to your F-150, warm it up or cool it down with a little space heater or box fan. Just power it through the truck’s generator, and you can create the perfect climate in your camper.

Portable speakers. Keep energy high on a job site with the perfect tunes. You can easily power portable speakers with your onboard generator. Alternatively, get the dance party started after a long day of hiking at your campsite.

TV. Want to watch the big game deep out in the wilderness? You can power a television with your generator, so you don’t have to be anywhere near the crowds or traffic.

The 2.4-kilowatt Output Can Power Mid-Size Appliances

As you move up to the second-level generator, the power possibilities increase for more fun and more possibilities. With this generator, you can power the following.

Movie projector. Enjoy a movie night under the stars when you have a movie projector. Load up the bed with pillows and sleeping bags and get cozy for your outdoor cinematic experience.

Popcorn machine. Complete the movie night experience and use your generator to power a popcorn machine.

Loudspeakers. Throwing a wedding or similar party deep in the woods? Need the audio power of loudspeakers to create a concert feel? You can power loudspeakers with this generator.

Standard fridge/freezer. You can power most standard-size refrigerators or freezers with this level of generator. So, if you face a power outage and don’t want all of your perishable food to go to waste, run a cord to your F-150 and keep these critical appliances active.

Small AC unit. If you’ll be spending extended time sleeping in a camper that has no power, in the summer, you can use this generator to power a small floor AC unit. When a box fan won’t do, you’ll want to upgrade from the 2.0-kilowatt to 2.4-kilowatt generator.

A white 2023 Ford F-150 is shown parked on a campsite.

The 7.2-Kilowatt Output Can Power A House

There have been stories of people powering most of their home appliances during power outages using this top-level generator. In fact, with a full tank of gas, this generator can run for 32 hours straight. So, while the neighbors are eating canned foods by candlelight until the city fixes the outage, you can continue to use your home per usual thanks to your 7.2-kilowatt generator.

Ideally, F-150 owners would run a cable from the outlet in the bed to a transfer switch. This would allow you to power specific circuits without the need for extension cords. However, if you don’t have such a cable, you can use an extension cord.

This generator can also power the following items.

Area flood lights. If you need to brightly illuminate a massive area at night, like an entire job site that remains active after sunset, you can do so with this generator. You can also create a fully lit area for your campsite after it gets dark out.

Electric dirt bikes. When you use your F-150 to explore the best dirt bike paths, you need a way to power up your electric bikes. This level of generator can actually power two at once.

Electric griddle. Rally the troops on a job site with fresh pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches. Wake everyone at the campsite up with the smell of bacon. This generator can power an electric griddle.

Internet modem and router. Never be without precious Wi-Fi during a power outage. You can power your modem and router with this generator, so you don’t have to miss a beat with work, school, social media, streaming, or other online activities.

Tankless hot water heater. You don’t even have to go without hot water during a power outage because this generator can power your tankless water heater. (Unless you want neighbors lined up at your door to take a shower during a power outage, you might want to keep this one to yourself).

Vacuum cleaner. Have you ever wondered how to keep a camper clean during multi-week-long trips? Just plug a vacuum into your trailering F-150’s onboard outlets, and you can vacuum your camper floor.

Your other car. This one might be the most shocking of all: you can charge a Tesla with the Pro Power Onboard 7.2-kilowatt generator. If, for some reason, your regular home charger isn’t working or your friend with a Tesla stops by and is low on charge, just plug in the EV to your F-150. Surely, a vehicle that powers other vehicles is the Alpha of all vehicles.