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10 Things You Need to Know about the New Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey has stood out as a unique offering in the midsize crossover segment ever since it first rolled off the assembly line back in 2008. The long body frame, its distinct Dodge brand appearance, and plenty of interior upgrades, made the Journey stand out for the past eight years. The crossover received a refresh for the 2011 model year, but for 2016, the Dodge Journey is being treated to a complete and total redesign. Simply put, we are excited. The 2016 Journey is available at Dodge dealerships in Miami and across the United States, and its new looks and enhanced performance has everyone talking.

A Lot to Love

2015 Dodge Journey Brake Light

The new Journey is unmistakably loveable. Everything that Dodge engineers and designers put into the 2016 crossover was purposefully planned and executed. For that reason, the 2016 Journey is one of the most versatile, unique, and intriguing crossovers on the market. From the extra long wheelbase, interior configurations, fuel efficiency, and exceptional price – the Journey has consumers in this segment second guessing their commitment to other manufacturers. Simply put – there is nothing else quite like the Dodge Journey available on the road today. Other auto manufacturers haven’t been able to replicate it, and that is just one reason why we love it.

10 Reasons to Really Love the new Journey

2015 Dodge Journey Interior Drivers View

Not everyone is as convinced as we are that the latest rendition of the Journey is the best yet. On a normal day, we would accept this and move on – but today is anything but normal. Today, we feel a little like stirring the pot, and getting you to consider a vehicle that may be out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are already an avid Dodge enthusiast, and have been waiting to check out the completely redesigned Journey. Or, maybe you are one who is stuck committed to another brand for a reason you really can’t justify anymore. The new Journey has sparked an interest for you, and you are here to discover what exactly it offers. Wherever you happen to fall on this spectrum, let’s take an in depth look at what makes the newly redesigned Journey a true contender in its segment.

It was difficult, but we managed to narrow down our ten favorite aspects of the 2016 Dodge Journey to share with you today. Discover each of these ten attributes by exploring below:

  1. Price: Let’s be completely honest. The price of a vehicle matters. We can go on all day long about how impressive and versatile the new Journey is, but if the MSRP is inflated and out of reach none of it matters. Not only do we feel that the 2016 Journey is affordable, but we also feel that its price point is completely reasonable for all of the included features. The base 2016 Journey SE starts out at just $20,995, a price tag that hopefully has you excited enough to continue exploring what else the new Journey has in store.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: Right along with price is fuel efficiency. Getting a great deal on a crossover means nothing if you are forced to spend your life savings just to keep gas in the tank. The 2016 Journey gets up to 26 miles per gallon on the highway, and can travel up to 500 miles on a single tank of gas. How’s that for convenience on the go?
  3. Unique Storage Solutions: One of the main reasons why drivers opt to purchase a crossover, is for the added interior room that this segment offers. The Journey does not short change drivers in this area, and even incorporates some of Dodge’s most impressive storage solutions as an added benefit. With 67 cubic feet of cargo space, and a standard in-floor rear storage bin, the 2016 Journey has storage options other crossovers leave out completely. The optional Flip N’ Stow storage area under the passenger seat, adds another element of hidden storage that is invaluable for drivers who need to utilize every square inch of space.
  4. Enough Room for Everyone: The 2016 Dodge Journey offers interior seating for up to seven passengers to ride comfortably. Forget the sliding side doors and the stigma that accompanies them, because the new Journey gives you all the room of a minivan, without any of the negative vibes.
  5. Keeps You Connected: It is no secret that connectivity is one of the most important convenience features added to newer vehicles. Dodge did not short change the redesigned Journey in this area, and allows drivers to customize their crossover with as little, or as much technology as they need. With available built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth streaming audio, a standard USB port, and a 115-volt power outlet, the 2016 Journey will keep you charged up, connected, and ready for anything.
  6. Safety All Around: The new Journey offers an exceptional suite of standard safety features and goes above and beyond with optional technology to keep you safe. Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Control, and a rear view camera, all work together to keep you and your most precious cargo safe on all of your adventures.
  7. Engine Options: Dodge understands that not every driver has the same agenda. While one driver may require a powerful engine with all wheel drive, the next may only be interested in having enough power to make driving around town possible. With that in mind, the brand is offering the Journey with two different engine options. A powerful 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, or a highly capable 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. Drivers can also opt for Dodge’s responsive All Wheel Drive system, which is great for those who live in a part of the country with changing seasons.
  8. Interior Comfort: It is great that Dodge offers the newest Journey model with plenty of interior space for cargo and passengers, but none of that matters if the cabin is stuffy and uncomfortable. Dodge incorporated soft touch materials, optional plush leather upholstery, and plenty of convenience features to keep all seven passengers comfortable and content.
  9. Standard Amenities: Even the base 2016 Journey comes packed with great standard features. Dodge recognizes that just because buyers purchase a base model, does not mean they want basic features. That is why the base Journey comes with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, and a dual zone temperature control system. The upper-end Crossroad Plus model comes standard with an 8.4-inch touchscreen display, and standard Sirius Satellite Radio. That means, whether you come in at the entry level, or all the way at the top, Dodge has you taken care of.
  10. Something for Everyone: The 2016 Dodge Journey is offered in five different trim levels, with price points and standard features to make all drivers happy. With the base price starting just above $20,000, the high-end Journey R/T comes in at a still affordable $31,795. No matter where your budget may fall, Dodge has you covered with the versatile, and affordable Journey crossover.

Don’t Settle

2015 Dodge Journey In Snow

The newest Dodge Journey model proves that you really can have it all. Even with a smaller budget, the new Journey allows drivers to own a piece of the crossover segment, all while getting a great list of standard features and amenities. Keep the extra money in your wallet, and enjoy plenty of future adventures on the open road.

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