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The 10 Craziest Gifts for Your Favorite Jeep Enthusiast

There are tons of crazy awesome gifts out there for the Jeep lover in your life. Help them find new ways to rock their Jeep pride on a daily basis. Here’s a list of some our favorite items.

Now these aren’t for any casual fan; these are for the true enthusiast. So if you know someone who impeccably upholds the Jeep Wave, goes on Jeep Club adventures, and spends the weekends working on Jeep mods, one of these gifts should be just right.

Pedal Go Kart

Jeep Pedal Go Kart

If the Jeeper you love has been pining after a new off-roader but just doesn’t have the dough to buy it yet, we have the perfect solution.

The wait is over because you can run right out and pick up the Jeep Pedal Go Kart. It comes in a variety of configurations, including the Wrangler setup, and prices start around $350.

So wipe that sad look off your friend’s face and give them the Jeep of their dreams (well at least one to tide them over). With a Jeep Pedal Go Kart, they’ll be able to hit the trails, the beach, or at least the backyard.

Anyway, it’s sure to keep them occupied until they’re finally ready to test drive the real thing at one of the Jeep dealers in Miami.

Dog Collar

Jeep Dog Collar

Come on, we all know that dogs enjoy riding in Jeeps just as much as we do. The open air, the sights whizzing by, and the smell of freedom…it’s all part of the experience.

If the Jeeper in your life usually has a furry friend riding shotgun, a dog collar with the brand name on it is a thoughtful, fun gift.

You can get one in classic army green, or you can go for the “Big Wolf” Jeep collar in red. And don’t forget to pick up a matching leash. Don’t leave dogs out when it comes to sporting Jeep fashion.

Beer Glasses

For the Jeep enthusiast who doubles as a wine or beer connoisseur, get glasses printed with iconic Jeeps or the brand’s logo.

Jeepers are already pretty good at taking it easy, so specialty glasses are just a nice added reason to sit back, unwind, and have a beer (not while driving of course).

His and Hers Key Rings

Jeep Key Rings

Don’t forget the Jeep lovebirds. You know, the couple who found it was love at first sight as soon as they laid eyes on each other’s 4x4s.

There’s a sweet gift for them too: matching Jeep key rings. They can think of each other when they start up their engines every morning.

And if things continue to go well, they might even upgrade from key rings to wedding rings. Yes, there are Jeep betrothal bands, invitations, and cake toppers,  should the couple decide they want to off-road together for always.


Red Lego Jeep

You’re never to old to make something awesome out of Legos. It doesn’t matter if the Jeep enthusiast you know is an actual kid or an adult-sized one, a Jeep Lego kit will do the trick.

They can put together a fully outfitted modern Wrangler or an old school Willy, gaining a new sense of accomplishment and a new toy to show off.

Kiddo Gear

Jeep families like to start their kids early so they understand what makes their way of life so special. You can demonstrate your support by showing up to your friend’s baby shower with a Jeep brand stroller, onesie, or rocker.

Or encourage young learning with storybooks like “Tugger the Jeep 4×4 Who Wanted to Fly” and “CJ the Little Blue Jeep.”

One book that children tend to love is called “Follow Me to the Beach.” It’s about two Wranglers who have an adventurous day on their way to the seashore.

It’s packed with important vocabulary like “winch,” “Hi-Lift Jack,” and “shift knob” so children can begin learning the ins and outs of Jeeping even as toddlers.

So shop away. Whatever Jeep gifts you choose for the parents-to-be, they’ll be absolutely thrilled.

A Floral Arrangement

Jeep Flowers

Often, when people want to send their love, they send it with flowers. But what kind of flowers make sense for a guy or a gal whose main hobby is getting muddy?

Not to fret. In fact, there is a bouquet specifically for just such an occasion. What you need is the Wrangler King of the Road floral arrangement offered by Teleflora.

Have it delivered as a surprise and make someone’s day. The ceramic Jeep base is of course topless because it has a whole array of flowers busting out of it.

And once the flowers are gone, they can turn it into a catch-all for keys and other small items.

Picture Frame

When it comes to Jeep fanatics, if you love them, you’ve gotta love their 4x4s too. Their vehicles are like a part of the family.

So to show how much your care, why not showcase your favorite family photo inside a Jeep-shaped picture frame?

Capture the moments that matter and lovingly put them on display in a unique way that may even bring a tear to your Jeep lover’s eye.

Laughable T-Shirts

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching someone have a good chuckle. Jeep enthusiasts obviously know that well because their vehicles are typically smattered with entertaining bumper stickers.

So why not get your Jeep buddy a humorous t-shirt that will make for lots of laughs. Take advantage of the many Jeep mantras out there, and find a tee that sends the perfect message.

For the ladies, you can find tanks and tops with sayings like:

  • Jeep Hair, Don’t Care
  • Keep Calm and Jeep On
  • Jeep Chicks Like to Go Topless
  • This Girl Loves to Drive Her Jeep
  • It’s a Jeep Thang
  • Buckle Up. I Want to Try Something.
  • Silly Boys, Jeeps are for Chicks

And for the gentlemen, look for something along the lines of:

  • A 4×4 Makes a Man 100x Sexier
  • Don’t Follow Me. You Won’t Make It.
  • I’d Rather Be Jeepin’
  • Gotta Get Dirty. Nothing Else Matters.
  • Don’t Worry, I Welded it Myself
  • Got Mud?
  • Life is Simple. Eat, Sleep, Jeep.

All of those gems are available on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods. Any of the unique Jeep tees being sold by the site’s talented crafters would make a great fashion statement for your Jeep freak.

A Jeep Bed

Jeep Wrangler Bed

Why should all of the fun stop just because the sun went down? If you know someone who would rather be out on the trails than just about anywhere else, investing in a Jeep bed is a great way to bring the fun home.

Even when the true Wrangler is parked in the garage, you can have a backup ready in the bedroom. Make sure every night is filled with sweet dreams.

That’s right, with the doors and top off, your 4×4 addict will fall into a deep, relaxing sleep while visions of lift kits dance in his head.

Yes these are intended for kids, but who’s going to turn down a good night’s sleep in a car bed? That’s right…nobody.

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