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Why Leasing is The New Buying at Ford


Do you find yourself drowning in car payments? Do you feel the unshakeable desire to get a new car every year or so? Do you have trouble making up your mind about whether you like something or not until you have experienced it first hand? If so you may just benefit from looking into a Ford lease deal.

How Leasing Works

Leasing is actually a simple process when you break it down. To lease a Ford vehicle, you start by making a small down payment. Buying a car generally requires a down payment of about 20% of the value of the car, but in the case of leasing, this is a lot more flexible. Some say the larger the down payment, the less the monthly payments will be, but anyone who understands leasing will advise against hefty down payments for a leased vehicle since the payment per month will already below, especially with a Ford lease deal, and it’s not like it’s to own anyway.

Once you finally decided on a down payment, you can thankfully move on to getting the vehicle and just paying the low monthly payments until the lease agreement is up and you return it. You can choose to start all over again, buy out the difference to own it, or find even find another vehicle you want to own. It’s essentially like renting, except at the end you get the chance to buy what you rented.

Lease contracts can be broken though if you fail to keep the physical features of the car is good condition due to excessive wear and tear, or if you try to return it early. A common lease deal now last on average for 24 or 36 months.

When to Consider Leasing

  • The vehicle you desire is beyond your budget
  • Cash is temporarily tight
  • You are a low mileage driver (10,000 and 15,000 miles per year)
  • You pride yourself on taking good care of your vehicles
  • You have a habit of always wanting a something new

Why You Should Lease

Lower Monthly Payment

Clearly, the biggest advantage to leasing is how low the monthly payments will be. If you are struggling for money but need a way to get around it is the best option out there, and even if you have the money to buy a vehicle you can lease and even better one for the same cash.

Small Down Payment

As mentioned before the down payment for a leased car is extremely low if even existent. In fact, putting too much of a down payment is actually a bad thing for a leased car considering if something were to happen to it, like getting stolen, you will be the one eating that cost. There is also a lot of tax stuff involved with leasing that could make a bigger down payment a bigger hit, but that varies from state to state.

You’re Covered Under Warranty

Did you know most car warranties only last as long as the average leasing contract? Well considering leased cars are covered under warranty during the time of the contract you essentially don’t have to worry about anything but the insurance and fuel, and even if you are goodness forbid a crash, you at least won’t have to freak out as much. If you are lucky, you may even find a lease contract that pays for the maintenance as well.

You Get All The Fun Toys

Since leased cars are generally newer, you are bound to get all the latest technology in your vehicle. Cars are evolving so fast these days that it is just a shame to miss out on the latest and greatest innovations as they come.

No Need to Wonder What to Do With it Afterwards

Usually, when you buy and own a vehicle, you have to consider what you should do with it after you ran it into the ground with years of wear and tear. You either have to negotiate to get the best trade-in price, which prolongs the already time-consuming car buying process, or you have to hope someone off the street is interested in it for a fair deal.

With a leased car though, you are free of all that burden because the dealership just takes it back no strings attached, clean and easy.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy

More Expensive

I mean this is one is a pretty obvious considering you will have to not only pay a larger down payment, but you will also have a larger monthly payment as well in comparison to a leased vehicle. You technically are getting the same vehicle you could have gotten cheaper if you leased it, and the only advantage is you get to keep it at the end and watch all the newer models come and go, and you raise a future junker unless you can manage to sell or trade it in.

Unpredictable Depreciation

The literal second you drive off of dealership land your vehicle will plummet in value. New car depreciates faster than dairy products expires. A leased car isn’t even technically yours so if it depreciates that’s not your problem now or in the long run, but if you bought it, then that depreciation is all on you. Buying a car is meant to be so that you can own a tangible assist in your life, but with the way new cars decrease in value, it can be difficult at times to judge their full worth.

Why Lease With Ford?

Ford lease deals are a chance to drive the car of your dreams at a low monthly cost. Lease deals are like incentive programs that will require even less money for signing a lease. Ford also has one of the strongest selection of vehicles in the nation from your to choose from. Whether it’s an SUV like the Ford Escape or the legendary top of its and any other class truck the Ford F-150, you will be getting an amazing Ford lease deal that is sure to satisfy and get you on the road in style and will a happy wallet.