A black 2021 Ford F-150 is shown driving on a dirt road.

Why Is the Ford F-150 a Perfect Option for Practical Drivers?

When was the last time you bought a vehicle? Was it a few years ago? A decade? If you’ve had the same vehicle for years and are just now looking to upgrade to something else, face it: you’re a practical driver. I see the importance of practical vehicles, and that’s because not everything has to be the eighth wonder of the world, and instead, it’s nice to have something that works. After all, that’s what practicality boils down to: you want the items you own to work, or at least work well enough for what you need them for.

However, practicality is quite a humble way to introduce the best-selling vehicle in the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the quintessential pickup truck for those who want something they can depend on for their day-to-day life. If you’re interested in a used Ford F-150 for sale as a practical option, you may be wondering: why is the Ford F-150 perfect for drivers prioritizing practicality? That’s the question I’m here to tackle today, and I’ve gotten to the bottom of it. Allow me to explain further.

A silver 2023 Ford F-150 is shown towing a boat.

What Makes the F-150 Unique?

The F-Series pickup trucks are the pinnacle of American automotive manufacturing. Why is that? The answer isn’t complex and doesn’t require much thinking to figure out: they work and have proven so year after year. You’re less likely to have a complaint about your vehicle if everything is up to snuff with your expectations. This is equally true if you’re in the market for a pickup truck; you’re likely buying a pickup truck because you may be towing in the future or prefer having the option. The F-150 is a special breed because it’s perfect for practical drivers, but it can also be pushed further than you may think.

As for the F-150 models you’re likely to find on the used market, you’ll never have trouble finding one; the F-150 is unique because it’s the best-selling vehicle in the United States. You aren’t going to be purchasing a nearly 80-year-old truck, but with the first F-Series pickup truck launching back in 1948, a pre-owned F-150 can be found in a broad range of model years and prices. The most recent F-150 generation was initiated with the 2021 model, but you can rest easy knowing that models from the last few model years and generations are undoubtedly reliable.

A popular used Ford F-150 for sale, a silver 2023 Ford F-150 Platinum, is shown parked near a log cabin.

From Point A to Point B With No Fuss

If there’s one thing people don’t complain about with the F-150, it’s performance. This is perfect for the practical driver because they can have peace of mind knowing they have reserved power whenever needed. On the average day when you need to get where you need to go, the F-150 won’t disappoint you, even if you buy an older model. If you buy the 2021 F-150, you’ll have the same lineup of powertrains as the newest model, with the added benefit of an optional turbo-diesel engine.

The turbo-diesel engine is favored among fans because newer models don’t include it, so if you’re mostly a practical driver but you also wouldn’t mind a diesel engine to improve your fuel efficiency, then you should look for one of the older F-150 models. It works out well for these drivers because they can save money by buying used and continue those savings at the gas pump.

Some drivers may not consider the diesel engine practical, at least for what they need it for. Many practical drivers likely aren’t looking for a diesel engine, and some may be disinterested in the higher cost of diesel over traditional fuel, and it’s sometimes simpler to stick with gasoline. Ultimately, it’s worth noting that preferring gasoline over diesel doesn’t mean you’re a practical or non-practical driver.

How do the gasoline engines perform, and how practical are they? As for 2021 through current models, the base 3.3L V6 engine in these models outputs 290 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, but you can achieve up to 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque at most if you buy the turbocharged hybrid model. A towing capacity of 14,000 lbs is also achievable on models with the turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine, giving you more than enough strength to tackle daily challenges at home and on the job site.

I understand if you don’t want to spend money on the latest generation of F-150s, so if you’re hoping to save some money but still want the full practicality of Ford’s best-seller, you should look into one of the previous generations. The 2015 F-150 marked another refresh with the truck, and if you buy this model, it’ll come with either a V6, a V8, or one of two twin-turbocharged V6 engines.

These older models have a different range of towing performance ranging from 7,500 lbs at the lower end to 12,200 lbs at the higher end with the twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine. If you’re buying a Ford F-150 for practical uses, you shouldn’t need any more than this, and if towing will be done once in a blue moon, then saving money on an older model is highly recommended if you need a strong vehicle to get from point A to point B.

A black 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is shown driving near a pond.

Up to Three Practical Bed Size Options

The F-150 is a great truck for practical drivers for other reasons besides optimal performance. Because a vehicle tows cargo, that doesn’t mean it’s a pickup truck, but a vehicle that tows cargo with a bed in the back; that’s a pickup truck. If you’re a practical driver who needs a truck, you likely want a versatile bed that isn’t too short or long, or you may need something in between, whatever gets the job done with no questions asked.

The three different bed sizes available to F-150 pickup trucks greatly differ in size and are even more evident when viewing them in person. If you need a truck bed and any bed size will do, then you can get the 5.5-ft long bed, which is long enough for the cargo you’re likely to store on an average day, and it isn’t too unwieldy with its 52.8 cu.ft. of space. Because you’re even less likely to run into issues, the bed size that I recommend is the 6.5-ft long bed with 62.3 cu.ft. of space. Some drivers know that a long bed is practical for them, maybe for their job, or some other reason; the 8-ft long bed and the 77.4 cu.ft. it has will always provide the adequate cargo volume you need.

Practicality Sells, but Who’s Buying?

“Ford Tough” isn’t just a marketing term invented by corporate big-wigs to be used in TV ads reverberating through American pop culture for decades; it’s a truthful statement that many Ford owners would agree is the best way to describe how they feel about their vehicle. If you’re buying a truck, you don’t want it to break down on you. You also don’t want it to give you grief anytime you need to do something, whether a normal occurrence or the occasional task like towing jet skis or helping a friend move. When a truck breaks, it says more about the quality of the truck, and if you’re a practical driver, you should buy one that is revered for its quality, and the F-150 is the perfect pickup truck for all types of practical drivers.