A silver 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E is shown off-roading on a muddy trail.

Why Honda Is a Great Pre-Owned Vehicle Option

Many people hesitate to buy a used vehicle because some believe that more miles and wear and tear on a vehicle usually means less reliability and a higher potential for things to go wrong. When it comes to Honda, the brand seems almost immune to the used-car worries that often plague buyers. Why? Because as one of the world’s best-engineered vehicles, drivers that know Honda and its reputation feel more confident buying used because they know they’re getting a vehicle designed to go farther and last longer than most of its competition.

Stop into your local used Honda dealer, look at any pre-owned Honda, and see what we’re talking about. Honda has remained a steady choice for drivers who want a reliable used vehicle that will last them for many years to come. So, what makes used Hondas so great? We’ve taken a closer look at some of the top reasons buyers of used vehicles choose the Honda brand. If you’re in the market or thinking about buying a pre-owned car, it’s tough to overlook the reputation Honda has cemented for itself since its humble beginnings in post-war Japan over seventy years ago.

First-Class Mechanics

Honda is known as a first-class global powerhouse when it comes to engines and mechanics, with a reputation as one of the best automotive makers in the world. Today they are also the globe’s largest manufacturer of engines which can be found in vehicles, motorcycles, lawn equipment, airplanes, and many other machines.

Honda boasts that its engines, whether in a car or other product with a Honda engine, are designed to last not just for today or tomorrow but long into the future. This kind of statement is gold to the potential buyer of a used vehicle. When they get behind the wheel of a pre-owned Honda, they know they’re getting a vehicle they can rely on to deliver miles and miles of trouble-free driving.

It’s safe to say that Honda has the experience when it comes to engine design. Over the years, they have fine-tuned their mechanics to create not just a high-output engine but a fuel-efficient one as well. Their vehicles are often recognized as having best-in-class engineering, technology, and fuel efficiency. This is thanks to their compact 4-stroke engines combined with the power of their GXi series.

To build a high-quality, long-lasting engine, one does not just need experience but quality. Honda doesn’t cut corners when it comes to materials, building every system with the best parts to create unbeatable final products you won’t find just anywhere. If anything does go wrong with a Honda vehicle, the ease and low cost of parts and repair mean that it won’t cost drivers a small fortune to get their vehicle fixed. In the USA alone, Honda has a support network of over 14,000 dealers to help keep your Honda roadworthy.

A 2021 Honda Accord is shown from the front after leaving a used Honda dealer.

Long Lasting Value

Thanks to Honda’s reputation for great mechanics, drivers are more inclined to consider a used Honda when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. Because of this, Honda vehicles hold their value more than other brands, making them a prime investment for drivers. Honda is a brand that has the power to keep its customers returning year after year. They say once you drive a Honda, you’re a customer for life. High owner satisfaction ratings and low repair costs help keep Honda at the top of used car lists. This also means drivers who buy Hondas tend to keep them for a long time, so the market isn’t overflowing with used models.

That doesn’t mean used Honda models are scarce, but the low numbers compared to similar vehicles from other brands tend to help keep Honda resale values reasonably high yet still affordable for drivers from various financial backgrounds. Drivers who want a car that runs like new with a high-reliability rating know they can get real value when they pick up a used Honda. The highly desirable used vehicle offers drivers the peace of mind of a dependable vehicle at a lower price tag, often giving them a whole lot more for their dollar.

The Perfect Blend of Form and Function

Honda starts with quality materials built by highly-trained professionals who love what they do and creates a first-class, unbeatable product. But great performance doesn’t mean that the company sacrifices style either. Honda’s are famous for their high-end feel and minimalist design that makes driving feel like second nature. Honda creates their vehicles to ensure they deliver a user-friendly and comfortable driving experience that extends from the driver to their passengers. Even compact vehicles like the Honda Civic still deliver a roomy cabin with ample head and leg room that lets passengers relax and enjoy the ride.

Wide windows are another thing Honda is famous for. You can always recognize one of their sedans thanks to its wide windows that let in the sunshine while delivering optimum viewing for easy, stress-free driving. Whether you’re buying a high-end Honda or a more economically priced one, all Hondas are designed with quality materials that are durable enough to stand up to everyday use and look great even years or decades later.

User-friendly technology lets drivers simply get in and go. Easy-to-read gauges and touchscreens are designed to be within reach or clear viewing, making it simple to keep your attention on the road while also keeping an eye on vehicle levels or going hands-free to receive a call. From the beginning phases of design and layout to choosing colors and, finally, promotion, Honda doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to creating great-looking yet functional vehicles that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of lifestyles.

A white 2022 Honda Pilot is shown parked outside of a flower shop.

Honda’s Approach to Safety

Along with first-class design and engineering, Honda believes in creating vehicles to keep drivers and those they share the road with safe. Over the years, the company has developed an award-winning array of safety features that make their vehicles some of the best on the road. Honda demonstrated their commitment to safety with their “Safety For Everyone” campaign, which kicked off in 2019 with a series of commercials and ads detailing its values and commitment to creating vehicles that keep not just drivers or passengers safe but also motorcyclists and pedestrians. The campaign ads feature people involved in auto-related accidents and how Honda saved their lives.

Honda takes safety seriously, not just by designing safe vehicles but by promoting safe driving habits, skills, and education among their customers and communities. Because of their strong commitment to safety, Honda was the first automaker in Japan to introduce some of today’s most advanced safety systems like three-point safety belts, anti-lock brakes, plus a variety of intelligent systems that make up Honda’s driver assist and safety package, the Honda Sensing Suite. It’s simple to sum up Honda’s approach to safety; it includes everyone from those behind the wheel to those they share the roads with. Honda has designed its technology to meet the needs of drivers and their communities to make roads safer for everyone.

Going Used? Go Honda

Take some of the stress and worry out of buying used by buying a Honda vehicle. These cars have a solid reputation for a reason. Built from the ground up by qualified professionals with drivers’ needs in mind creates a top-notch vehicle that not only lasts but delivers on every other level, including comfort and safety. If you want a vehicle that doesn’t believe in compromise, a Honda is what you’ve been searching for.

The brand’s compact sedans, like the Civic and Accord, are some of the most sought-after used vehicles across the globe. If you need a little more power or space, Honda is ready to meet your needs with its best-selling CR-V or any number of their compact or midsize SUVs designed to accommodate growing families or those with active lifestyles. There’s no doubt about it; drivers love Honda because they know when they pick up a used model, they are getting a quality vehicle designed to give them unbeatable performance and reliability inside and out. If a used vehicle is in your future, trust Honda to deliver when it matters the most.