A silver 2021 Honda Odyssey Elite is shown driving on a road after looking at the best used cars for sale.

Why Families Are Drawn to These Used Models

Have you ever noticed that you can tell what type of driver is operating a particular vehicle the moment that vehicle pulls up to you on the streets? For example, when you see a minivan approaching you, there is a fair chance that kids are on board. Likewise, if you see a dirty pickup truck rumbling towards you, you will probably find a tired construction worker on his way home from a tough day on the job site. There are vehicles for every type of driver, but when it comes to families, it seems any car will work for their needs.

Although many families tend to gravitate toward SUVs and minivans, there are plenty of compact options to suit their needs. Many families are on the go; however, many of them choose to shop used since they can get the features and space required to transport their brood around town, all for an affordable price. There are many used cars for sale on dealership lots across the country, but when it comes to families with young children, these used models tend to be the absolute favorites.

Minivan Accommodation

Minivans have come a long way from their outdated roots. Nowadays, minivans are stylish, spacious, and loaded with features to keep the kiddos at bay during any road trip. With plenty of seating and room for all of the things accompanying the kids daily, minivans know how to maximize family time on the road, and here are a few of the industry favorites:

Honda Odyssey

As one of the best-suited minivans on the market, the Honda Odyssey takes practicality very seriously. From a gargantuan cargo hold to room for up to eight, handling anything on board, the Odyssey is easy. More recent models will showcase more desirable features for families, including second-row Magic Slide seats, which make accessing the rear of the vehicle a breeze, as well as CabinTalk, an in-vehicle PA system. This allows drivers to communicate with their passengers without turning around and shouting to rear-seated occupants. It also offers a built-in vacuum to help parents keep their family vehicle as clean as possible and free from cookie crumbs, rogue gummy bears, and anything else the kiddos are sneaking on board.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota is known for providing drivers with reliable and safe vehicles, and the Sienna is no exception. Families who want to take advantage of an all-around better ride will want to focus on models from 2021 and newer since these models feature a hybrid powertrain to elevate efficiency, able to get up to 36 mpg on packed city streets and wide-open highways. These models have also been enhanced regarding interior and exterior styling, offering a more modern approach to family time on the road. The Sienna offers a contemporary design that resonates with drivers and showcases plenty of room on board for passengers and gear, offering up to 101 cu. ft. in its cargo hold.

Chrysler Pacifica

Replacing the iconic Town & Country back in 2017, the Pacifica has proven to be a family favorite, with its cavernous interior and ingenious Stow ‘n Go seating system. This feature allows drivers to accommodate passengers when needed and then stow the seats under the floor when loading up with more gear, making the interior of the Pacifica one of the most versatile around. Like the Odyssey and Sienna, the Pacifica can also be equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner to help maintain organization on board, and when it comes to convenience, rest assured that this model has the ride covered. From multiple USB ports to keep tablets and devices charged up to hands-free power-sliding doors for easy access, the Pacifica makes it easy to get up and go with the kiddos in tow.

A silver 2010 Subaru Forester is shown parked near the woods with trees in the background.

SUV Versatility

SUVs have long been the alternatives to minivans, and with so many options available, there is an SUV out there for any size family. From compact models that are easy to drive to midsize and full-size models that offer more space and are geared toward today’s busy families, SUVs are quickly taking over the roadways. Here are some of the top models that families turn to when the quality of their ride matters:

Chevy Suburban

The Suburban is the granddaddy of Chevy’s inventory, recognized as the longest-running nameplate in industry history, and for families who require ample space, this beast will not disappoint. The Suburban is so popular with families these days because it is large, accommodating, and utterly dependable. It seats up to nine; it offers up to 144.7 cu. Ft. of cargo space in more recent models, and it is strong enough to tow over 8,000 lbs, perfect for families who like to get off the beaten path and head to the campsite. Models from 2021 showcase its latest redesign, which features a longer build, an air suspension system, and more tech to keep rambunctious travelers occupied during the journey.

Ford Explorer

Only some families require a large SUV, and for those who desire space and convenience, the midsize Explorer is suitable. An easy-access third row, multiple powertrains in its lineup, and advanced safety features, especially when driving newer models, help make the Explorer a tried-and-true favorite for families. Models from 2020 feature plenty of options for families, including a rear-seat entertainment system to keep the kids entertained, especially when stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way home from school.

Subaru Forester

Finally, there are families out there who do not need a large vehicle, which leads them to compact options, and there is no better model than the dependable Forester. Rugged and reliable, the Forester is armed with some of the best safety equipment on the market to keep precious cargo safe on the road. Plus, with standard all-wheel drive capabilities, handling any driving condition is no sweat for this family favorite. Subaru has a reputation for having the highest resale values in the industry, with over 96% of Subaru models still on the road after ten years.

A grey 2023 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid is shown driving down a street with trees in the background.

Affordably Efficient Sedans

Sedans are still great for families, especially since they are extremely fuel efficient and tend to come with more affordable sticker prices than their larger rivals. Many sedans showcase large trunk spaces, perfect for diaper bags, strollers, and other necessities, and comfortable cabin spaces equipped to handle car seats. Let’s take a look at some of the most highly sought-after family sedans on the market.

Honda Accord

The Accord is reliable, safe, and has a spacious inside, perfect for those traveling with young children. Its trunk space provides enough room to handle gear, groceries, and more. In contrast, its durable build and outstanding safety features in newer models offer the level of assurance parents seek while traveling with their little ones. With incredible Honda engineering coursing through it, the Accord provides a comfortable and controlled ride, with dependability being a top priority.

Nissan Altima

Another family favorite is the Nissan Altima, which showcases a roomy interior, optional all-wheel drive capabilities in newer models, and plenty of safety features designed to keep families undeniably secure, no matter where they are traveling. One of its latest redesigns was in 2019, offering models with a re-tuned powertrain to enhance performance and efficiency on the road and modern design elements to heighten comfort on board.

Families are drawn to many types of vehicles, from minivans to SUVs to sedans, depending on their individual needs. A minivan or full-size SUV may be required for those with multiple children, but for those with a newborn, a sedan or compact SUV may work fine for their needs. A common theme with all of these vehicles, however, is practicality. From the features and space offered inside to ride quality, safety, and more, there is a reason why families choose these particular models when they want to make the most out of their time behind the wheel with their little ones.