A red 2020 Ram 1500 is driving on an empty highway.

Why Buying a Used Truck Just Might Be Your Best Financial Decision Yet

We all like shiny, new things, but shiny and new doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a quality product. The quality of a product has more to do with how it was made, and this is especially true for vehicles. A solidly built truck that has reliable parts makes all the difference when it comes to its lifespan and how much wear and tear it can withstand. And if you are in the market for a truck, you want something tough and durable that is going to last. But along with quality can come a pretty steep price tag if you are buying brand new. Trucks nowadays come with all the features that luxury cars come equipped with, and this can drive the price up into luxury vehicle territory. But if you buy a used truck for sale from your local dealership, you can save a bundle.

Won’t Deprecate Like a Brand New Truck

If you’ve ever tried to trade in a car for a down payment on a new one, you remember the disappointment when they came back with the value for it. That’s because vehicles depreciate over time as they are used. However, if you buy a used model, the depreciation rate will be slower than it is on a new truck. This benefits you because when you buy a used truck, you can cut the price tag in half and potentially pay it off with years, or maybe even decades, of use left. So you are getting more for your money when you go with a used truck.

Like New With a Much Better Price Tag

Here’s the thing that most new car salespeople don’t want to share with you; a used truck can provide just as much value, if not more, than a brand new truck. You may spend $50,000 on a brand new truck to get all the bells and whistles along with the assurance of the factory warranty, but the fact of the matter is trucks are built to last. That means you can get a used truck for a fraction of the price of a new one and get years of value out of it. In fact, on average, a used truck is going to cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 less than that same new one. And this means a much smaller payment. Having a reliable truck is great, but what’s even better is having a small payment for that same reliable truck.

A black 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500, a popular used truck for sale, is driving on a dirt road.

Higher Insurance Rates for New Trucks

It’s usually all the little things that add up when it comes to how much a vehicle really costs you. One of those things is insurance, and it can really put a dent in your bank account if you aren’t careful. Buying a new fancy truck can be really expensive to insure. Insurance companies evaluate the value of your new vehicle, and thus how much it might cost them to replace it, and base their rates on that figure. But if you buy a used truck for a fraction of the cost, those rates are going to be much lower than buying new. Plus, you are more likely not as concerned about superficial damage and can go with minimum liability insurance. So when you are debating between that shiny new 4×4 and his older but sturdy cousin, remember what your insurance premiums could be each month.

Recent Models Have Few Changes From Previous Models

When it’s time to get a new truck, you may wonder if you need to upgrade to the most current model on the market. The logic is sound because the most recent model will have the most recent technology, features, bells, and whistles, right? Not necessarily. One thing that most people in the market for a new truck don’t know is that most models have little to no changes from the previous year’s models unless they are undergoing a generational upgrade. This means if you buy a ‘new’ 2020 model, you are probably going to pay more for the same trucks that were put out in 2019 and maybe even 2018. There are a few tweaks with frames and often interior upgrades like seats and colors, but for the most part, you’ll be looking at the same truck. Shop around, and if there aren’t any major upgrades, buying a used truck could save you thousands of dollars.

You’ll Get All the Fancy Features You’ve Always Wanted

Next to a fantastic price, I’d say one of the best advantages of buying a used truck is all the extras you will be able to afford. Often when we buy new, we buy a model without all the extras that drive the price way out of our budget. But if you find a good truck with a few miles on it, you can have all the extras. Leather seats, seat warmers, wifi, all the good stuff that makes your ride more convenient and comfortable. Sure, a brand new truck is going to have the latest possible features and tech. But if new tech is what you are looking for, a used truck built within the last five years isn’t going to be far behind. Bluetooth compatibility has been in cars and trucks alike for a while now, and there haven’t been many upgrades overall. So you can still get a truck that has the connectivity you want at a much lower price.

A white 2017 Ford F-150 is towing a camper on a city street.

Less Buyers Remorse, More Fun

When it comes to buying a new automobile, you also want something that’s fun to drive. This goes doubly for truck buyers. Trucks are utility vehicles that not only can be used for work but also for play. When driving across rugged terrain, hauling, and towing, a truck is definitely what you need to do the job. With a new truck, you have unknown variables like will it really hold up under extreme conditions, does the transmission get rough when you are hauling a trailer or load, and will you scratch the paint if you take it out in the woods for the weekend? But with a used truck that has been thoroughly inspected, you have a history of its performance to rely on. Plus, let’s face it, if you are headed out mudding or driving through the backcountry, you’re going to have a lot more fun if you don’t have to worry about a few dings or chips here and there.

It’s Time to Consider Buying Used

Deciding whether to buy a new or used truck is a big decision, but it shouldn’t be a hard one. Take the time to do your research, and don’t feel rushed into the process. If you go through all the pros and cons and evaluate what you want, you’ll definitely be able to find a model with all of the features and capability to fit your preferences. Buying a used truck no longer has a stigma associated with it, as most used trucks are as durable and in as good of shape as some brand new trucks. So consider the benefits of buying used and see why it’s just as good, if not better, than shelling out the money for something new.