A black 2018 GMC Yukon Denali is shown parked on snow after looking at used GMC SUVs for sale.

Why a Pre-Owned GMC Yukon Is a Fantastic Budget-Friendly Option for Families

When browsing used GMC SUVs for sale, you might be at a loss trying to decide which SUV will fit your family’s long-term needs. It makes sense; a new SUV is a big investment of time and money, and you want to ensure you get it right. While we think it’s impossible to go wrong with any GMC SUV, it is important that you find the perfect fit for your family. For large families on the go, it’s hard to go wrong with the Yukon. This full-size SUV from GMC has much to offer families in terms of comfort, convenience, and performance, making it the perfect companion for your growing tribe.

The GMC Yukon has been on the road since the early 1990s, so if you’re looking for a pre-owned model, there is a lot to pick from, making it great for a variety of budgets. Picking up a pre-owned Yukon only a few years old gives you the latest updated tech without the big price tag. The Yukon was designed to go big or go home. With seating for seven to eight passengers, ample cargo space, and the power to back it up, it’s possible to bring along everyone, everything, and more, without compromise. Is your family ready for the next big thing? The Yukon is ready to go when you are. Read on to learn how a pre-owned GMC Yukon can make every family outing unforgettable.

Room for Everyone and Everything!

The Yukon is a social vehicle designed to carry up to eight people across three rows, depending on the seating options and trim level you choose. So whether you have a large family, out-of-town relatives stopping by, or a surprise passenger, the Yukon is a welcoming SUV that is always happy when company comes by.

The airy cabin gives every passenger plenty of head and legroom, so whether you are in the first, second, or third row, you can relax and enjoy all the Yukon has to offer. The expanded interior also makes getting in and out and accessing the third row easy for kids and adults alike. No squishing or straining, but get in and go. This is excellent news because anyone who has ever checked out a three-row SUV knows that adults can’t always fit in the third row without feeling cramped, but the Yukon was designed to fit your needs, big or small.

When it comes to storage, the Yukon has plenty to go around. Whether you simply need to add a few bags of groceries to the cargo hold behind the third row or you need to fold all the seats flat to haul work materials or extra camping gear, the Yukon offers flexible seating and storage so that whatever the mission entails, this full-size SUV is there to help. It’s safe to say the Yukon is roomy, and even with every seat taken, you’ll find the back cargo hold large enough for luggage, backpacks, and daily essentials. For example, the 2022 model offers 25.5 cu.ft. of cargo volume behind the third row.

Parents of families with small children will appreciate how easy it is to access the back seats and get everyone and everything loaded up. The Yukon was designed to fit your life, not the other way around. If you want a family SUV that makes your day a little easier, toss the bags in the back, buckle in, and start your day with the Yukon.

A close up shows the AT4 badge is shown on a white 2021 GMC Yukon AT4.

Lots of Power and Performance

Are you a family on the go? Do you spend weekdays running kids to soccer practice and the weekends camping out under the stars? If so, you need an SUV that can keep up with you. Meet the Yukon. On the inside, the Yukon offers plenty of comfort and convenience for families with children of all ages, but when it comes to power and performance, the Yukon is tough and is capable of towing, hauling, and bringing along all the mission entails.

When you’re loading up gear and getting ready to hit the campground, the Yukon is ready when you are. Strap bikes to the back, haul your boat, and bring along a small trailer with additional gear; the Yukon doesn’t mind. Whatever your family and adventure require, the Yukon is more than capable of handling. The smooth driving of the Yukon, combined with its tough performance, makes it a well-balanced machine that is perfect for road trips and running errands. Great acceleration of tough GMC engine choices that being with a base V8 engine lets you pick the level of power you want to get out of your SUV.

The Yukon has earned a reputation as a long-lasting, high-performance SUV that offers driver unbeatable performance and a high-end interior that makes it the perfect weekend getaway car for you and your family. Thanks to its powerful engine and smooth engineering, it’s an SUV that can grow with your family’s interests. From boating to bike riding, the diversity the Yukon offers is endless. Investing in a Yukon for your family means you get a great SUV that will deliver miles of trouble-free driving. No matter where the road takes you, the Yukon makes it simple to bring along anything your next journey calls for. From snacks to a trailer, the Yukon is more than capable.

Safety Is Top Priority

GMC has prioritized safety for all of its vehicles, including the Yukon. J.D. Power named the Yukon its “Best Large SUV of 2022” title, while the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concluded that the Yukon had the lowest number of deaths between 2015 to 2018. This is partly because of the Yukon’s top safety features and smart design. The mass and size of the full-size SUV help keep passengers safe in case of collision.

The Yukon comes standard with GMC’s advanced safety and driver assist features that help keep you and your family safe from every side. To get some of the best-updated safety technology the GMC offers without breaking your budget, keep an eye out for a 2021 Yukon. The Yukon was given a redesign and update in 2021 and comes standard with GMC’s Pro Safety Package and Pro Safety Plus Package, depending on the trim. 2021 was the first year this Pro Package was offered, making the Yukon a value machine for your family.

When you want peace of mind behind the wheel, the GMC Yukon is there for you. From the latest tech and safety features, the Yukon was made to keep families safe as well as those we share the road with. Keep an eye out for recent model years of the Yukon to fully take advantage of its innovative safety and driver assistance suite.

A grey 2021 GMC Yukon is shown driving on a tree-lined road.

Go Big, Go Yukon

The GMC Yukon was designed to fit and improve every aspect of your life. From traveling to errands and commuting, the Yukon offers GMC’s expert and unbeatable engineering plus first-class interior materials and design for a well-rounded full-size SUV capable of great things. The supportive seats and roomy interior were designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Adults will enjoy the leg room the third row provides, while kids will like the ease of getting in and out and having plenty of space to put their backpacks. Whether you have a surprise passenger or you’re moving house and need room for boxes, the Yukon’s interior is flexible and made to make your day easier.

Thanks to great design, high safety ratings, and unbeatable performance, the Yukon is an SUV for families on the go. Whether your family is still growing or not, the Yukon was designed to deliver years of trouble-free driving. In or out of town, the Yukon gives a lot without asking for a lot. A pre-owned Yukon is a fantastic investment to make your dollar go further. Get the most out of your SUV with a pre-owned Yukon from your local GMC dealer. If you’re going to go big, you have to go Yukon.