A black Nissan Murano from a local used car dealership

Which Used SUV Should You Buy From Your Local Used Car Dealer?

When you’re shopping around at used car dealers, what are you specifically looking for? For starters, many customers are naturally seeking some type of monetary incentive, as pre-owned cars are much more affordable than their newer counterparts. They’re also seeking some kind of reliability and dependability, as no one wants to purchase a used vehicle and find it breaking down shortly thereafter. Finally, if possible, they want many of the features and attributes that are included in newer vehicles, but only for a fraction of the price.

When accounting for all of these factors, you may think your options are few and far between. However, by pursuing a used SUV, there’s a good chance that you can appreciate all of these advantages, including the monetary incentives!

Used SUVs predictably provide customers with reliability and modern technologies, but many customers may assume they’re a bit too pricey. That isn’t always the case, as those shopping at used car dealers can still come across used SUVs for a great price! This not only provides a logical option for those seeking used cars, but it also provides an option for those looking for an alternative to new SUVs.

To accentuate that point, we’ve explored a number of desirable, affordable, and technology-filled SUVs below. Take a look at your potential options, and you’ll understand why you may want to start changing your car search…

Early-2010s Nissan Murano

Nissan is renowned for its reliability, and that’s a big reason why this nameplate is towards the top of our list. The Nissan Murano has established itself as one of the most dependable SUVs on the road, meaning you won’t have to worry about compromised performance in a used variation. Plus, thanks to the array of features that were included in early-2010 versions of the nameplate, you might forget that you’re even driving around in a used ride.

When new, the vehicle was lauded for its power and drivability, as the nameplate provided owners with an exciting, enjoyable driving experience. While drivers will appreciate the performance, they’ll also come to enjoy the incredible efficiency specs. Thanks to the smaller stature of the SUV, drivers will have the ability to save some extra money at the gas pump.

The vehicle is also plenty roomy, providing more than enough space for your entire family. Finally, to put it over the top, the vehicle also includes a number of luxurious amenities, and the technological inclusions shouldn’t be all that dated. As we previously mentioned, the features may play a role in you forgetting that you’re driving around in a used SUV.

Best of all is the price tag. The 2011 Nissan Murano generally comes in at less than $10,000, providing customers with a logical choice if they’re on a budget.

Late-2000s Ford Edge

The Ford Edge may not be your cup of tea cosmetically, but that doesn’t make the nameplate any less of a logical used target. Rather, the SUV has established itself as a perfect pre-owned option thanks to a variety of features and functions.

The vehicle has been commended for providing a nimble, versatile driving experience. Drivers can naturally expect a whole lot of power, but the vehicle separates itself due to responsive controls and steering. Plus, some variations of the nameplate have proven to be relatively fuel efficient, meaning you’ll experience even more savings at the gas pump.

The interior is plenty spacious, providing more than enough room for your entire crew. While the interior technology and upholsteries leave a bit to be desired, it’s not enough to discount this affordable used SUV. The savings automatically make the nameplate a logical target, and any positive attributes are truly cherries on top.

A 2009 Ford Edge generally comes in at less than $8,000, but even $10,000 would be a bargain for this dependable nameplate.

Late-2000s BMW X3

You probably didn’t think you’d ever have the opportunity to cruise around town in a BMW… well, surprise! By opting for a used variation of one of the BMW’s renowned SUVs, you can appreciate everything the brand has to offer without breaking the bank.

Focusing specifically on the BMW X3, the SUV has proven to be among the most elegant SUVs on the market thanks to an array of luxurious features. The interior is predictably adorned in high-quality materials, and the technology was rather innovative during the late-2000s (and it’s likely to be relatively on-par with today’s newer SUVs). The vehicle has also earned top marks for its safety and reliability, a pair of attributes that surely won’t diminish due to age.

Of course, the vehicle includes the other attributes you’d expect from a BMW SUV: an abundance of cargo space, a powerful engine, and a number of comfort amenities. You’d be hard pressed to find a more appealing used SUV out there.

Incredibly, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get your hands on a used BMW X3. The vehicle generally sells for around $8,000, making it one of the best bangs for your buck on the used SUV market.

Early-2010s Acura RDX

While we’re on the subject of used luxury SUVs, we’d be remiss to not to mention this opulent nameplate. The Acura RDX has established as one of the premier options for those seeking luxury SUVs, and you can get your hands on a used version of the nameplate without having to blast past your pre-set budget.

The vehicle’s “luxury” doesn’t really come via the interior materials or technologies (although these are still plenty impressive, as the vehicle includes amenities like a luxurious sunroof). Rather, the vehicle makes a name for itself via its safety and reliability scores, factors that will be especially important if you’re hunting for a used ride. The vehicle has also been lauded for its power and surprising efficiency, with that latter attribute allowing you to save some additional money at the gas station.

A $12,000 price tag seems to be pretty standard for a used Acura RDX, especially if you’re seeking one from around 2010.

A blue RAV4 from a local used car dealer outside a concrete and glass home

Early-2010s Toyota RAV4

Of course, we couldn’t make a list of the most alluring used SUVs without mentioning one of the premier options on the “new” market. The Toyota RAV4 is generally considered to be one of the most well-versed vehicles in the entire segment, and this sentiment has been around for some time. In other words, you can still expect the nameplate’s incredible driving experience even if you opt for a used version of the RAV4.

The vehicle continually earned awards for its safety functions, and Toyota has established a name for itself via their reliability. Early-2010 models were especially praised for their enjoyable driving experience, and many customers learned to appreciate the abundance of passenger and cargo space. In fact, considering all of this space, some variations of the nameplate included a third row. Therefore, there’s a chance that you’ll come across this specific version of the vehicle without having to pay extra.

Similar to the other SUVs on the list, you shouldn’t expect to pay a whole lot more than $10,000 to $12,000 for this particular nameplate. That’s a significant savings when compared to the nameplate’s newer counterparts, and that should be good news to those looking to save some dough.

Overall, if you’re jumping around to different used car dealers be sure to keep an eye out for any of these SUVs as they’re sure to provide a decent amount of features without the hefty price tag.