A blue 2024 Buick Encore GX Avenir is shown from the side parked on a driveway.

Where Luxury and Cost-Effectiveness Coexist: Meet the 2024 Buick Encore GX

Here’s the situation–you’re in the market for a new vehicle but have no interest in purchasing something used or part of a manufacturer’s CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program. You’re someone who has their eye on something that’s bold, new, and exciting yet still has their eye on cost-effectiveness. You want something that possesses a discernible level of luxury and sophistication yet can be purchased without breaking the bank.

Perhaps this seems like a tall order, but you’re someone who knows what they want, and now, you know how to get it. The 2024 Buick Encore GX is just such a vehicle. Offering the same refined comfort as its counterparts from across the Atlantic Ocean with the practical benefits that GM has long been known for, it’s the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and luxury many have long been searching for.

A Lower Up-Front Cost for High Rolling

Normally any vehicle that has the term luxury attached to it is also attached to something else–a high price tag. The 2024 Buick Encore completely breaks away from this conception with its low starting MSRP of only $25,900. Not only is this cheaper than its European counterparts from brands like BMW and Volvo, but it also underbids other economy vehicles such as the Kia Niro. With its infotainment screen that spans 11 inches and posh interior styling, Buick once again offers drivers much more for less.

Practical Performance

For many consumers, especially those with an eye on lower costs, having a powertrain that won’t necessitate multiple trips to the pump is important. Luckily, Buick focuses on two unique powertrains that are conservative on fuel consumption but capable of acceleration and excellent handling when the situation warrants it. The base offering for the Encore GX consists of a 1.2L three-cylinder engine. Propelling the Encore forward with 137 hp, there’s an available upgrade in the form of a 1.3L that raises the horsepower up to 155 hp. Both engines are turbocharged, and FWD models are equipped with a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission), perfectly suited for the stop-and-go patterns that are part and parcel of city driving.

Both FWD versions are adept at fuel economy, having a combined fuel economy of 30 MPG and achieving 31 MPG while on the highway. The only difference between the two is their individual rating in the city limits, with the 1.2L achieving 30 MPG and 29 MPG for the 1.3L. An AWD version of the Encore is available for those who have to navigate the winter weather and equips either engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission. This version of the Encore is still effective at going farther for less, as it gets 26 MPG in the city, which expands to 28 MPG when it takes to the highway. No matter what engine or drivetrain you choose, you’ll have capability and cost-effectiveness at your disposal.

A close up shows the passenger side headlight on a maroon 2024 Buick Encore GX ST.

A Look at Maintenance Costs

The amount of money you pay upfront for a vehicle, and the cash you spend to fill up the gas tank are two costs that many people consider during the selection and purchasing process of a new vehicle. Of course, this is only part of the expenses that come with vehicle ownership. Routine maintenance is how you recoup a return on your investment and keep your vehicle on the road.

The Buick Encore GX has favorable intervals regarding how often repairs are necessary, and annual costs stay remarkably low in the first years of ownership. It’s estimated that annual repair costs stay below the threshold of $800 during the first six years it’s on the road. In this same amount of time, the chances for a considerable repair are relatively low, as it averages at a chance of less than 14%.

The intervals at which routine service is needed are certainly above average. Depending on your driving habits, it’s recommended that you have the oil changed, and your tires rotated every 7,500 miles. The air filter only has to be changed every 25,000 miles, and the transmission can last for up to 100,000 miles before it has to be serviced. With fuel and repair costs, the Encore GX can go much further for less. This is certainly good news for consumers with a keen eye for cost.

Depreciation and the Encore GX

There’s a probability that you’ll be selling your Encore GX at some point in the future. And for this, it’s important that you have a firm grasp on the vehicle’s depreciation. This is a process that occurs to every vehicle once it’s driven from the lot to your driveway and continues to increase each year. Each vehicle is different, so let’s take a closer look at how depreciation affects the Encore GX.

The Encore GX retains more than 80% of its resale value for its first three years, then drops to just below 75% the following year. If you plan on upgrading after this period, then it is the time period in which selling is most favorable. Depreciation increases steadily from this point forward, but the vehicle manages to stay above the threshold of 50% for eight years. If you’re unsure of what the current resale vehicle of your Encore GX is at any given time, sources like Kelley Blue Book update this information every year.

Insurance Costs

Now that we’ve covered the starting MSRP, fuel costs, repairs, and depreciation, it’s time to conclude our examination of the cost-effectiveness of the 2024 Buick Encore GX; insurance. This is somewhat of a difficult topic to report, as a variety of determining factors contribute to how much someone pays. Age, driving record, the state in which you live, and the provider you choose to go with will all determine how much your monthly premium is.

However, according to the average median, the cost of insuring a Buick Encore GX is approximately $1,466 per year. Once again, this rate can vary depending on which carrier you choose, so it’s advised that you do a fair amount of shopping around. Be that as it may, this rate is much less than the average when it comes to SUVs, so it’s another way to save money on cost and experience luxury at the same time.

A close up shows the white leather seat in a 2024 Buick Encore GX.

In the Lap of Luxury

The fact that you no longer have to sacrifice needs such as luxury and quality when you choose a vehicle like the Encore GX certainly speaks to the long-awaited unification of cost-effectiveness and sophistication. With a posh interior, intuitive user interface, and available features such as adaptive cruise control, Buick once again gives drivers more for their money.

And, as we’ve seen here today, you not only save on the upfront cost of the vehicle but on fuel costs, repairs, depreciation, and insurance as well. Every box is checked, and for those who want a brand-new vehicle that can deliver on all fronts, the wait is finally over. Forget about breaking the bank and buying an overpriced model from Europe; you can have all of the desired attributes at a fraction of the cost, thanks to the folks at Buick and the stunning Encore GX.