A green 2023 GMC Acadia Denali is shown driving on highway to visit a GMC Acadia dealer.

What Makes The GMC Acadia The Perfect Three-Row SUV Commuter Vehicle?

Whether you drop your kids off at the neighborhood school before commuting to another city for work or you run a business that requires significant cargo space, you might need a three-row SUV, even if you spend a good deal of time in the vehicle alone. The GMC Acadia has raked in awards from several organizations and in various categories. It won a Vehicle Satisfaction Award in 2020 from AutoPacific and a Total Quality Award in 2022 from Strategic Vision. Drivers love every inch of the Acadia, from its comfortable cabin to its great powertrain options to its impressive tech.

If your days involve long drives and you need a three-row SUV, the Acadia is definitely worth a look. The GMC Acadia might just surprise you with how right it is for the solo commuter. GMC vehicles are known for their ultra-comfortable interiors and inspired technology, and the 2023 GMC Acadia continues that legacy. Here are some reasons the 2023 Acadia is a great three-row SUV for commuters and why you should visit your GMC Acadia dealer.

Competitive Fuel Economy for Its Vehicle Class

Most drivers don’t necessarily think of large SUVs when they think of fuel economy. In fact, the average large SUV gets between 21 and 22 combined MPGs, which can turn some people away from this vehicle class if they have long commutes. But the Acadia tops the competition in fuel economy. It boasts a combined fuel economy of 25 MPGs, and its front-wheel drive trims with a 2.0-L four-cylinder engine can get up to 29 MPGs on the freeway. That nearly rivals famously fuel-efficient sedans in terms of freeway fuel economy. If your daily drive includes long stretches of highway, you’ll be impressed by how long you can go before you have to pull over for gas in the Acadia. When it is time to visit the gas station, there is a handy low-fuel indicator to let you know you have to refuel.

Another feature of the Acadia that promotes good fuel economy is its Traction Select System. Standard on all trims, it lets you toggle between different driving modes, including two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. You can switch to 2WD for better fuel economy when it’s appropriate and AWD when you need better traction on slippery roads.

A black 2023 GMC Acadia Denali is shown parked near a restaurant.


If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle each day, you simply need solid comfort and convenience features. The Acadia has them. There are available heated and ventilated driver and front passenger seats. So, in addition to using the vehicle’s climate control, you can turn your seat into your personal body heater on cold days or make sure you’re getting a refreshing breeze coming off the cushions on hot days. There is also an available heated steering wheel that can keep your fingers warm and nimble on winter days. Heated and power-adjustable exterior mirrors are also an option. These are great for quickly melting away morning ice that’s blocking your view so you can hit the road right away. An available eight-way power driver’s seat lets you set your seat angle, height, and proximity to the steering wheel just right for your needs. This can help you be a better driver and fight body fatigue on long drives. There is even available power driver lumbar control to keep your lower back comfortable.

Technology And Infotainment

You shouldn’t feel too bored or lonely on long solo drives in the Acadia, thanks to the great infotainment features. With hands-free calling capabilities, you can reach out to friends and catch up on the road. The available Bose eight-speaker premium sound system allows audiophiles to turn their commute into a personal concert experience. Alternatively, enjoy a favorite podcast or audiobook on your drive with this excellent sound system. Voices and instruments will come through crystal clear. When you don’t have someone riding shotgun to give you directions, you’ll appreciate the built-in navigation. It will show up on the large touchscreen and the available head-up display, putting turn-by-turn directions right in your line of sight.

The Acadia has your back with the rear seat reminder, too. It alerts you to check the back seat for valuables before hopping out of the vehicle. This comes in handy when you’re driving solo and don’t have a passenger to remind you to grab your laptop bag from the back.

The Acadia has a handful of driver-assist features that are great for long and solo commutes. It has front and rear park assist, which uses sensors to alert you of objects in front of or behind your vehicle when getting into tight spots. When you don’t have a passenger to hop out and guide you into spots, this is a very useful feature. The adaptive cruise control is also an excellent feature for long commutes. It works to maintain your desired speed as well as your desired distance from other vehicles, slowing down and accelerating when necessary. If hitting the brakes and gas constantly on long drives tires you out, take advantage of the adaptive cruise control.

A person is shown sitting in the cargo area of a 2023 GMC Acadia.

An Ultra-Luxury Trim That Will Spoil You

Treat yourself to one of the most luxurious trims available from any model or manufacturer. The Denali has been called out by top vehicle authorities for being one of the most premium trims on the market, and if you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, why not get a trim that’s as stunning and comfortable as a living room? The Denali trim gives you perforated leather-appointed seats and real wood accents for a warm and inviting aesthetic. Its dual-panel sky roof allows you to let in sunlight for some vitamin D or simply take in the views around you.

The Denali is also loaded with configurable and useful cargo spaces. A second-row storage drawer in the back of the center console gives you extra space to stash important belongings. A covered under-floor cargo area gives you another place to store valuables when you can’t monitor your vehicle. With the two rear rows down, you get 79 cu.ft. of storage space, which is ideal for those who need to transport bulky supplies for their business.

The GMC Acadia Will Surprise Commuters With Its Generous Features

While many drivers might not think of a three-row SUV as a commuter vehicle, once you get to know the GMC Acadia, you can see why it’s actually packed with commuter-friendly features. It exceeds fuel economy expectations for its vehicle class. It has a particularly impressive EPA rating of 29 MPGs on the highway. It’s well-suited to commuters who spend a lot of time on the highway.

Inside the Acadia, you’ll find thoughtful features that will make a long drive comfortable and more entertaining. Thanks to adaptive cruise control and other driver-assist features, drivers can also enjoy a little break from braking and accelerating during the commute.

When you spend long stretches of time in your vehicle alone each day, you need a model that’s packed with convenience and comfort features. The GMC Acadia hasn’t won owner satisfaction awards for nothing. Once you drive the Acadia, you’ll start to see that you would vote for it, too.