A white 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale is shown parked on a driveway.

What Can Jeep Connect Give You in the Grand Cherokee?

Have you ever been excited about your new ride only to find you’re not certain what half the advertised features do? You’re happy with your new purchase, but there’s a nagging sense you’re missing out. Do you ever have the feeling you’re not using your vehicle’s full potential? You know you have tech at your fingertips but cannot figure out how to access it. Or maybe you sometimes discover your car has a capability you didn’t know about? You see a friend do something in their vehicle, and all of a sudden, you’re wondering if you’ve been able to do the same in yours all along.

You’re probably answering yes to one or more of these questions. Today, automobiles come with a slew of features, which can be fun, yes, but also a bit overwhelming, especially if you are upgrading from a bare-bones vehicle. If you see a Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale, you might like what it has to offer, but if you’re wondering how you can integrate its Jeep Connect system into your driving life, then stick around. We’re going to take a look at how the system works and how it can make your driving life more of a blast. And who doesn’t want that?

What’s Up With the Jeep Connect System?

Jeep Connect is a specialized service that’s not available on all Jeeps, but you’ll have access to it if you purchase the Grand Cherokee and sign up for the subscription. You will want to take advantage of the system if you have it, as it’s quite intuitive and can make driving more pleasurable and a lot less stressful. While connected services are increasingly popular these days, they are still not universal on all new models.

Jeep Connect can be accessed via an app on your phone. Downloading the app is both easy and quick. You just go to the app store of your choice and download Jeep Connect. Once you do so, you have a lot of control of your Jeep from your smartphone, making you feel empowered and informed. With the app, you can control vehicle settings, observe its status, access navigation information, adjust infotainment, and call for assistance if you run into trouble.

Seeing it all laid out in a list might make it sound overwhelming or too good to be true. Neither is the case. Let’s take each part individually to see what it means and how to get the most out of your Jeep Connect app.

A person is shown using the Jeep Connect app on a phone.

Remote Vehicle Operations

If you think you’ve forgotten to lock your Jeep’s doors, a quick tap on the Jeep Connect app will lock them. This might sound similar to what you can do with a key fob, but it’s not; Jeep Connect uses an internet connection with your Grand Cherokee, so you don’t have to be anywhere near your Jeep to be able to lock or unlock the doors. This gives you a sense of control even when you’re far away from your vehicle.

Better yet, you can also turn your vehicle on using Jeep Connect and manipulate the climate inside. We really like that bit of tech. Too often, folks have to go out into the cold, turn their car on, blast the heat, and rush back inside their house while they wait for their vehicle to warm up. Doing it all from Jeep Connect makes it far simpler and far more comfortable. The morning commute becomes a bit gentler.

Jeep Connect also acts as a locator for your Grand Cherokee. If you’re at the mall and cannot recall which lot you parked your car in, you can use Jeep Connect to find it, even having it flash its headlights or beep its horn. Since it beats out the distance key fobs provide, Jeep Connect gives you an advantage compared to your past cars’ tech.

Drive Alerts to Keep an Eye on New Drivers

For anyone with kids who have reached driving age, Jeep Connect comes as a real blessing because it allows you to monitor the speed of your Grand Cherokee and track it in real time, so you know where your Jeep is night and day. You can use the app to set speed and boundary alerts, which will make you aware when the Grand Cherokee goes past a certain distance from your home. If your model is equipped with the available built-in navigation, you can even set speed limits.

The peace of mind this brings to parents of teenage drivers is considerable. Jeep Connect can lessen some of the worries of parenting and make driving safer for your loved ones. With the Vehicle Health Alert and monthly Vehicle Health Reports, you can also be certain that your Grand Cherokee is in great condition when a loved one is driving, with all inspections up to date.

You can also send an address or directions directly to your Grand Cherokee’s navigation system. This works well if the driver needs directions or if you want to set a navigation plan for a future trip and have it stored in your vehicle’s navigation system. You’ll be able to save routes so you or another driver can have a plan of action each time you take a seat behind your Jeep’s wheel. This can be a huge assistance for a new driver who is still getting used to navigating.

Jeep Connect Provides a Security Blanket

If you have safety concerns, ranging from theft to breakdowns, Jeep Connect can be a lifesaver. It has several features designed to put you in contact with the help you need in any sort of emergency. You can use the SOS Call option to contact customer care if you are in danger, from an accident to a medical emergency. The customer care line will be standing by to help you with whatever crisis you’re dealing with so that you can get the assistance or advice you need.

You can set an Automatic SOS Call, too. If your airbags deploy, you can make sure the Jeep Connect app immediately kicks in and contacts customer care for you. This is a huge benefit if you are driving alone and are injured. Similarly, Roadside Assistance is an option. If you get a flat tire or unexpectedly run out of gas, you can call for help with just a tap of a button. You won’t feel like you’re traveling alone, even if it’s just you and the road ahead.

If your Grand Cherokee is stolen, Jeep Connect will make it more likely that the police can locate it. Often, folks assume a stolen car will be nearly impossible to retrieve; that’s not the case here. You will receive an alert on your phone if your Jeep’s theft alarm is triggered so you know to take action right away. Thanks to GPS technology, you and the police will be able to track where the automobile is, making it much easier to retrieve. You can even get in contact with the proper authorities by using your Jeep Connect Agent, who can help guide you through the process of precisely who should be contacted.

The black and brown interior and dash of a 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee is shown.

Knowing When It’s Time for Service

Jeep Connect’s Vehicle Health Alert lets you know if your Jeep is in great shape, but your app can go even further and let you know when it’s time for it to be serviced. This way, you never forget an oil change, a tire rotation, or a brake fluid check. You can set reminders right on your app so you never feel concerned about whether there’s an inspection you’ve missed. If you have questions about your vehicle’s operation, you can access the driver’s manual through the Jeep Connect app.

You can schedule service on the app and take advantage of deals your local dealership might be running. This financial advantage is a key feature, yet one we feel has been under-discussed. Anything that makes maintenance less expensive is a huge boon in our book.

Jeep Connect Shows We’re Living in the Future

We’ve come a long way from the days when a keyfob that could remotely unlock the doors from a few feet away was considered high-tech. However, we’d bet good money that manufacturers like Jeep will only continue upping their game when it comes to what you can control from your smartphone. By having so much available at your fingertips, owning a Grand Cherokee has never been more convenient, and we encourage you to take full advantage of the many benefits of Jeep Connect.