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What Are the Best Off-Road Trails in Kentucky for Your Used Jeep?

There are a wide variety of used Jeeps on the market for your consideration at used car dealerships across the state of Kentucky. Once you have chosen the perfect used Jeep, how will you use it? Are you looking for fellow Jeep owners to hang out with? Perhaps you want to give your Jeep a challenge along some of Kentucky’s trails. While Kentucky has received a well-deserved reputation for horse racing and bourbon, it is also a haven of enthusiastic Jeep dealers who have formed active clubs. These groups have tapped into some of the most beautiful areas around Kentucky and the adjoining states. Off-roaders will be enticed by the steep mountains, lush forest, and enticing wilderness areas within the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky Lake Jeep Club

You’ll find an enthusiastic group of Jeep owners at the Kentucky Lake Jeep Club. This organization will help to grow your knowledge about your used Jeep, how to make modifications to it, provide aid to the community, and organize fun off-road trips.

Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area

One of the most popular trips within the state of Kentucky is to visit the Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area. Established in 2005, it has been drawing many happy Jeep owners to this slice of southeastern Kentucky in Evarts. It offers 150 miles of off-road trails through 8,000 acres of mountainous terrain. Jeep owners will learn all about the trails, which used to be old strip mining and logger roads. All skill levels are invited to drive through these picturesque mountains. Or, if you don’t want to take your Jeep along the paths, choose a two or four-hour guided tour.

A silver 2020 Jeep Gladiator is driving down a two lane road.

Hollerwood Park

If you want to test your new Jeep and your own nerves, try Hollerwood Park. It is one of the many off-road trail sites to visit in the Red River Gorge area of eastern Kentucky, which serves as a landing spot for amazing off-road opportunities of various terrains, intense climbs, and tricky trails within the Red River Gorge Geological area. At Hollerwood, you’ll find breathtaking scenery within its 2,500 acres of valleys and ridges. For a different atmosphere, try night riding along the off-road trails. If you get stuck in a mud pit, don’t worry. Hollerwood has on-site showers. Riders enjoy returning to this beautiful park, so it might be reasonable to purchase an annual pass or a 30-day pass.

Pine Mountain and Cumberland

If you’re seeking great off-road riding for your Jeep along with stunning views of the Pine Mountain and Cumberland ranges, take a trip to the Wilderness Trail in the Cumberland Gap area in Pineville, KY. Here in the southeast part of the state, you’ll encounter 120 miles of rocky trails across its 9,000 acres, perfect for hiking. The park welcomes Jeep owners of all skill levels from beginner to more advanced on its 38-mile blacktop road.

Dirty Turtle

One of the most popular off-road racetracks is the Dirty Turtle in Bedford, a part of Trimble County, Kentucky. Its 286 acres of prime off-roading has challenged members of the Derby City Jeep Club, Muddy Buddies, SIN-JM, KY Rebel Wranglers, Hoosier Wranglers, and Suds N Mud. You’ll enjoy the wide array of easy to extreme trails with a great mix of mud, gravel, and limestone ledges and rocks. Drivers come far and nearby to ride the trails at Dirty Turtle. They enjoy the mud holes and hills for those who want to be challenged or just drive your Jeep along the easier trails for a quiet cruise through the woods. Trails are well maintained, and there’s good signage to keep you moving. If you choose, you can even compete in its premiere track competition called the King of the Shell or watch national competitions between Northern and Southern Rock Racing.

Rush Off-Road

With more than 100 miles of trails along its 7,000-acre park, Rush Off-Road in northeastern Kentucky is a nice choice, especially if you are a novice Jeep driver. But the area also offers more technical off-road trails for the experienced driver. At this particular location, you’ll find that many of the trails would be more fun in an ATV. Hook up your ATV trailer to your Wrangler or Gladiator and bring it to Rush Off-Road for a great adventure!

Midsouth Jeep Club

Don’t let the confines of Kentucky keep you away from nearby southeastern states. Jeep owners can find many scenic off-road trails that challenge their vehicles.

Some Jeep clubs like the Midsouth Jeep organization plan trips to cities. They’ve held a Jeep rally along famous Beale Street in Memphis, which has enticed nearly 200 Jeep owners. It’s been in existence since 2006 and is the largest in the region. The group enjoys wheeling together and organizing cross-country trips.

Adventure Off-Road Park

Book a trip to visit the mountains of south-central Tennessee to challenge yourself at Adventure Off-Road Park, a private 500-acre tract. Over 600 off-road trails from stock to extreme builds will take you along land that was once a farm for 100 years. No matter your skill level, you’ll find it easy to navigate your Jeep because the off-road trails are marked with black (difficult), blue (intermediate), and green (easy) markers.

Choccolocco Mountain

Nearby Alabama offers a number of thrilling Jeep trails. Take, for example, Choccolocco Mountain, located in Jacksonville, Alabama. It has a variety of trails for any type of driver. Its 450 acres of forest offers easy trails throughout the entire park as well as moderate to extreme trails for extra challenges.

Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad

In northwest Alabama, Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad is another park to consider. But take precautions: the park is privately owned, and you must make a reservation before you visit. One of its rules is that your Jeep must be fully enclosed with roll-over protection as well as functioning seat belts. Its variety of off-road trails are spread over 1,000 acres with inviting rock crawling trails that are total natural rock formations and mud riding areas. The park prides itself on adding dozens of new trails each year.

A blue 2020 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is off-roading in the mountains.

Little River Backcountry Road

Another Alabama consideration is the 7.3 mile Little River Backcountry Road near Ft. Payne, AL. These 4 x 4 trails offer awesome views with rocks, ruts, and water crossing to make a memorable drive. Along the way, enjoy the waterfalls and river.


If you’re taking your entire family on a Jeep off-road expedition, Gulches should be at the top of your list. It has a friendly atmosphere among children as young as four to senior citizens. Open year-round; Gulches has mapped out its trails so that easy paths bypass the more advanced trails but allow you to stop, if you want, to watch the more advanced vehicles ply through the treacherous trails. The park is owner-friendly, providing rangers who provide a thorough explanation of its trails with a map and signs.

Mine Made Adventure Park

Harlan County near the Tennessee border offers many off-road trail parks for Jeep owners. Here you’ll find Hole in The Rock, a wagon tunnel with off-roading trails. Mine Made Adventure Park in Leburn. The Harlan County Jeepers Club enjoys visiting its Harlan County trails through mountains and roadways. The group has visited Gabe Branch Falls with other local Jeep clubs.

It’s Time to Set Out Towards Your Greatest Adventure

Don’t let your used Jeep sit idly by while the world awaits. There are plenty of Jeep owner clubs and organizations that have open arms to welcome you to their membership, or you can just take a day trip with friends or family to enjoy one of these incredible places. Take advantage and enjoy your used Jeep on some of the most spectacular scenery in Kentucky and the nearby areas. Whether you have a Wrangler, Gladiator, or Cherokee, you’re going to have the adventure of a lifetime.