A black 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a used SUV dealer.

Used SUVs with the Best Values

In the world of SUVs, there are a lot of options. As you pass by your local used SUV dealer, you may be curious about which SUVs provide the best value these days. After all, with all of the dependable models out there, drivers have their choice of a number of reliable vehicles that maintain their value throughout the years. So, what used SUV has the best value? Well, the great thing is that with all of the outstanding models available, there isn’t one but many bests, and we’ve managed to narrow it down to ten of our favorites.

#1 – Subaru Forester

You won’t find any best resale value list without a Subaru on it, and for good reason. Subaru vehicles are among the best when it comes to holding their value, and the Forester is one of the brand’s most popular models. This compact SUV not only sports impressive all-wheel drive capability but is also incredibly durable and safe, allowing a multitude of drivers to become dazzled by its practical appeal. Subaru vehicles depreciate at a slower rate than many of their rivals due to the brand’s phenomenal track record in the industry. It’s estimated that 96% of Subarus purchased within the last ten years are still on the road, which is why Subaru continues to occupy a top spot on resale lists across the country.

#2 – Chevy Tahoe

Full-size SUVs appeal to many drivers and families, and the Chevy Tahoe is among the best in the business. The Tahoe showcases a fine selection of capable engines and exhibits remarkable power with the ability to tow heavy loads and venture to new destinations with ease. From its rugged exterior to its perfectly accommodating interior, the versatility of the Tahoe is a huge contributor to its place on top resale value lists in the industry. Plus, with the legendary Chevy name standing behind it, drivers can drive with confidence.

A white 2021 Chevy Tahoe is shown from the front at angle.

#3 – Honda CR-V

Honda is another respected automaker in the industry, and its compact CR-V is highly regarded on the road and popular with drivers across the nation. Part of the reason the CR-V has such a high value is Honda’s reputation for producing vehicles that are dependable, well-built, and long-lasting. Shoppers know that when the CR-V is leading the way, they will enjoy mile after mile of a smooth, engaging ride, comfortable appointments, and practicality that appeals to any driver.

#4 – Toyota Highlander

You can always expect a Toyota to make its way onto top resale value lists, and its three-row Highlander proves that it belongs on this elite list of high-value used SUVs. A large cargo hold, plenty of space for families, and an available hybrid model with enhanced efficiency all contribute to this Toyota staple’s greatness in the industry. Plus, with Toyota being one of the most reliable brands in the world, Highlander drivers know that their vehicle won’t let them down and will continue to charge forward year after year.

#5 – Jeep Wrangler

When you want intense excitement during your ride and the ability to traverse some of the most dangerous terrains around, a Jeep won’t let you down. The Wrangler has been a tried-and-true favorite for years with its comfortable size, unbelievable capabilities, and iconic Jeep spirit coursing through its well-built veins. It’s reliable, rugged, and ready for anything, which is why used examples command top dollar in the industry. There’s no vehicle quite like a Jeep, which makes the Wrangler stand out from its rivals for holding its value.

#6 – GMC Acadia

GMC is known for showcasing exquisitely designed vehicles that are also durable and capable. That’s the beauty of the Acadia; it has enough space to accommodate your family and the power you need to tow, haul, and complete tasks during the workday. This midsize traveler is elegant, sophisticated, and filled with high-end details throughout, especially its lavish Denali trim. When drivers are seeking a smooth ride that feels both capable and luxurious, the Acadia delivers. This is what solidifies its place among the best used SUVs, allowing it to retain its value year after year.

#7 – Mercedes-Benz G-Class

When you think of luxury, Mercedes-Benz always comes to mind, and there’s no model that’s quite as iconic as the G-Class. There’s no mistaking this luxurious traveler as it saunters toward you with its boxy frame and upscale aura. It’s rugged, high-class, and has been a pillar of the Mercedes-Benz lineup for decades, collecting a loyal following that makes it one of the most popular luxury SUVs in the world. There’s perhaps no other luxury SUV that exhibits the class that this model does, which is why it continues its reign as one of the most valuable vehicles on the used market.

#8 – Subaru Outback

We’ve got to hand it to Subaru—no matter what type of vehicle the brand produces, it’s exceptional. For drivers looking for a bit more space than the Forester can provide, the midsize Outback is perfectly equipped to impress. In addition to its favorable size and strong build, the Outback is an accomplished adventurer with all-wheel drive capabilities that allow it to confidently navigate any terrain. When reliability is a priority, the Subaru Outback showcases a ride like no other that will make any driver a Subaru fan for life.

#9 – Toyota RAV4

This is another popular traveler on the road with excellent reliability ratings and easygoing maneuverability. The compact RAV4 is the perfect way to transition into the world of SUVs, and with its impressive efficiency and spacious cabin, this particular SUV appeals to almost any type of driver. From families to commuters, the RAV4 has a place in many travel scenarios. With some of the best safety systems on the market, the RAV4 allows drivers to have more assurance during their journeys. That is an unmatched feeling and one of the reasons why it’s such a valuable member of the automotive world.

A grey 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is shown from the front at an angle.

#10 – Jeep Grand Cherokee

To send you off, we have another Jeep favorite: the midsize Grand Cherokee. Not only does it exhibit the same talent off-road as the fan-favorite Wrangler, but it’s also equipped to handle more people and gear inside. Opt for the newer Grand Cherokee L for even more space, with three rows to accommodate whatever and whoever you’re hauling around. When practicality, elegance, and excitement are priorities, the Grand Cherokee always exceeds expectations, even when you buy used.

Top-Tier Used SUVs

When it comes to the best of the best and vehicles that stand out for commanding high resale values, these ten models are crowd favorites. There are a few factors that can be found in every single one of these used SUVs, the most notable being reliability. That’s what drivers are seeking in their vehicles because they don’t want to be let down by poor performance or an unsafe experience on the road. Of course, having a vehicle built by a brand that you trust makes all the difference, too. A vehicle’s value can change a lot based on factors other than its performance, reliability, or even brand name, but in the case of these 10 SUVs, their reputations as highly-valued vehicles have been rightfully earned and are well-deserved.