One of the safest cars for sale, a red 2021 Tesla Model Y is shown driving down a road.

Used Cars with the Ultimate Theft-Deterrent Systems

When you think of a car alarm, chances are that little red button on your key fob that you accidentally press in the parking lot, causing your car to blare its horn and alert everyone to its presence, comes to mind. Although this is a handy feature to have, most cars these days do not come with anti-theft devices already installed, prompting many drivers to pursue after-market systems. Now, some cars for sale include theft-deterrent systems, and for those who live in highly populated areas, like Miami, Chicago, New York, and LA, where crime rates tend to be higher, these cars deliver. Here are the best-used cars with great alarm systems.

Tesla Models S, Y, X, 3

Tesla began adding Sentry Mode to its selection of popular vehicles in 2019, which means that many used Teslas are armed with this helpful feature. The neat thing about Sentry Mode is that it utilizes a series of cameras and recording devices triggered by a proximity alert. This allows drivers to keep an eye on their Tesla, even when they are nowhere near it, and it also records the activity so that the culprits can be caught and face justice if a break-in should occur. Although this alert can be triggered by any type of movement close to the vehicle, Tesla does not elevate to an alert status until someone touches your car. Ultimately, if the perpetrator breaks in, the blaring alarm sounds, the music turns on at full blast, and the lights illuminate the space, putting the burglar right in the spotlight.

A blaring alarm is reason enough to stop anyone trying to break in, prompting them to run away so that no witnesses see them. However, Tesla has already been recording for several minutes, getting an up close and personal view of the perp. This footage can also be downloaded onto a USB stick if law enforcement requires it. Tesla knows how to come to the rescue when something seems off, making its models some of the most trustworthy for those living in densely populated areas, prone to break-ins.

Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the scene, which makes them so highly sought after by those looking for a used car and one that is also quite difficult to steal. Although it does not have all the flashy bells and whistles found in the rival Tesla models, I do not think that it can’t help out when the unfortunate occurs. The Nissan LEAF features an ultra-responsive and extremely accurate GPS tracking system. Utilizing a smartphone or any internet-ready device, remotely locating the LEAF is made easy with the swipe of a finger. This means that drivers are right on their tail no matter where the thief travels, and law enforcement is ready to make the bust.

Electric vehicles are inherently more difficult to steal, especially since they do not have an internal combustion engine that can be hotwired Gone in 60 Seconds-style. Many EVs require owners to sign in before the vehicle engages, which makes an extra step for thieves who will need to secure the vehicle owner’s smartphone before attempting to steal their car. When it comes to stealing a Nissan LEAF, it is not even worth it for many thieves, not only because of the challenges posed by EVs but also due to its highly functional GPS. They can’t get away with it.

A blue 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown parked in a city.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Through Car-Net Safe & Secure technology, Volkswagen can fight crime with its Stolen Vehicle Locator and Anti-Theft Alert. Once the Anti-Theft alarm is triggered, vehicle owners will get a notification sent to them on their smartphone; then, the Stolen Vehicle Locator gets involved to help locate the vehicle and assist the police with busting the bad guys. The Tiguan also features an electronic engine immobilizer that will not respond or engage its engine when the wrong key (or no key) is used.

Not only is it virtually impossible to even get the Tiguan out of the parking lot without the correct key, but if a thief happens to have success, it will not be long before the cops catch up to them. Car-Net services also help with emergency assistance via an SOS button on board and provide automatic crash notifications to an operator to ensure that help is on the way during an accident. This system offers a full-circle approach to driver security and is especially helpful for those who travel on bustling city streets.

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is known to be a major headache for thieves, especially since these models are armed with Safelock and Tow-Away Protection. The Safelock feature ensures that the doors can not be opened from the inside, and if you do not have the key, you cannot disengage this feature. If this feature is not switched off, an alarm is triggered. Talk about being caught red-handed right inside the vehicle that is being stolen.

An alarm will also go off if any part of the vehicle has been forced open, including the trunk and hood. The A6 will also respond when it is locked and its location changes (i.e., being towed), alerting drivers that something is happening to their vehicle and it’s time to take action. The cool thing about the A6 is that it watches out for any scenario. Whether someone attempts to break into the trunk or move the vehicle somewhere else, it triggers its alarm and makes it virtually impossible to move. Perhaps that is why it is one of the most secure vehicles on the streets, unlike rivals, including the frequently stolen Cadillac Escalade.

A black 2022 Hyundai Tucson N-Line is shown parked on a hill.

Hyundai Tucson

It is not so easy trying to steal a Hyundai Tucson, especially with its Anti-Theft Software, which came out a few years ago and has been updated numerous times throughout the past several years. The Tucson conceals the wires connected to its vehicle alarm system, causing many thieves to wonder why they are not finding what they are looking for behind the steering wheel like many other vehicles. In addition, its engine can also be immobilized. This means that a thief is not going anywhere in Tucson besides to jail, most likely.

Combating Theft One Alarm System at a Time

Theft has always been a concern for drivers, especially those in densely populated areas. Fortunately, the vehicles that are designed nowadays have several ways to combat theft, and the great news is that there is an option for virtually any budget, not just for the super elite. From the show-stopping display of the Tesla models, complete with lights, music, and fanfare, to subtle vehicle locator systems, like those found in the LEAF and Tiguan, thieves are thinking twice about attempting to steal these particular vehicles. Do not forget that many of these vehicles can be disabled, leaving a thief out of luck when trying to remove a car from its location.

Whether you are interested in a new vehicle or you want to know what is out there, the cars mentioned above have reputations of being extremely difficult to steal. This makes it easy for those requiring a vehicle with an excellent alarm system to travel with enhanced peace of mind that their car takes theft seriously. The next time you walk through a parking lot at night, take stock of the vehicles surrounding you and see if you can spot one of these hard-to-steal models that frustrate criminals more than ever.