A silver and black 2023 Toyota bZ4X is shown charging at a Toyota dealer.

Understanding Toyota’s Beyond Zero Lineup

…is Toyota making electric cars? After all, with industry giants like Chevy and Ford introducing new electric offerings regularly, it only makes sense that the iconic Toyota brand would try to keep up. Instead of fully jumping on the EV bandwagon and changing its entire lineup to electric, as has Buick, Toyota is taking a more modest approach—which is rather smart. Passing by your local Toyota dealer, you may see more models under its Beyond Zero umbrella, so what does this mean, and what vehicles can you expect to be under this specific branding?

A blue 2021 Toyota Mirai is shown driving off-road.

What Is ‘Beyond Zero’?

The Toyota Beyond Zero program is the respected brand’s contribution to a cleaner approach to modern transportation. Reducing carbon emissions and leaving our planet in a better state is the mission of the Beyond Zero campaign, and Toyota does this differently than other brands in the industry. It offers plenty of options to drivers to help them find the right efficient vehicle for their unique needs, whether it’s a fully electric model, a hybrid, or something else. It gives drivers the power of choice, as Toyota likes to say, and through this program, Toyota hopes that it’ll be able to reach beyond zero emissions through its offerings, as it showcases more vehicles with lower emissions in its lineup than any other automaker in the industry. The power of choice begins with this versatile lineup of Beyond Zero vehicles…

A silver 2023 Toyota Prius is shown parked near a motel.

Hybrid Lineup

Toyota has one of the most exceptional lineups of hybrids on the market, with models of all shapes and sizes to appeal to every driver. Hybrids are perfect for many drivers, especially those frequently navigating packed city streets. They work off both gas and electricity, with a gas engine and an electric motor, to enhance efficiency and make regular pit stops at the gas station a thing of the past. Toyota features some of the most impactful hybrids we’ve ever seen…

Hybrid Cars

Perhaps the most famous hybrid of all time—the model that ushered a wave of hybrids onto the scene—is the Prius, and today it’s even better than ever. From impeccable fuel economy to its compact and easy-to-handle size, the Prius is one of the original hybrids, having made sustainable traveling more attainable for the masses. The crowd-favorite compact Corolla and midsize Camry sedans have also been enhanced to feature hybrid powertrains, bringing even more value to their presence in the industry. The small Venza and the all-new Crown (which replaced the Avalon) can also be found in the hybrid lineup, showing drivers that there’s a hybrid sedan for any traveler imaginable.

Hybrid SUVs

Large family haulers, like the rugged Sequoia and accommodating Highlander, can also be upgraded to hybrid status, allowing families and those traveling with more to enjoy a more efficient ride. This is especially helpful during all those trips to and from school, baseball practice, dance class, and everywhere else busy families are needed these days. The compact RAV4—a bestseller in the Toyota inventory—is also available as a hybrid, making it easy for commuters and daily drivers to enjoy better gas mileage in a small-size travel companion.

Hybrid Trucks

The Toyota lineup features one truck enhanced with hybrid capabilities, the Tundra i-FORCE MAX, which pairs a twin-turbo V6 engine with an electric motor to elevate its performance and increase its efficiency on the road and beyond. This incredible powertrain provides the Tundra with 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to conquer the job site, the trails, and wherever else it dares to travel. A maximum towing capacity of 12,000 lbs makes it easy to switch to a hybrid, especially when power and performance are high on a driver’s list of priorities.

Hybrid Vans

When Toyota decided that the family-sized Sienna would be hybrid only, it was a game changer in the industry. This kid-toting hero isn’t just large enough to handle an abundance of passengers but also all the gear that’s joining them for the ride. It gets up to 36 MPG combined, and—with comfortable appointments, convenient cargo solutions, and tons of tech for the youngsters—there’s no better family vehicle on the streets than the Sienna. In addition to being comfortable and efficient, the Sienna is extremely safe, having earned top accolades—including a recurring stint as an IIHS Top Safety Pick—making this minivan perfect for busy families everywhere.

A white 2021 Toyota Vezna is shown driving on a city street.

Plug-In Hybrids

Unlike a hybrid, which relies more on its gas-powered engine than its electric motor, plug-in hybrids do just the opposite. A plug-in hybrid’s electric motor is the main power source; when that energy is depleted, the vehicle switches to its gas-powered engine. This allows for heightened fuel efficiency and a level of sustainability that’s unmatched, and you’ll find this impeccable power in the following Toyota models…

Toyota Prius Prime

Getting 127 MPGe on the open road, the level of efficiency in the Prius Prime is absolutely unparalleled. Not only that but with 220 hp propelling it forward, this exciting traveler is able to jet from zero to sixty in just 6.6 seconds. In addition, it’s able to travel up to 44 miles utilizing all-electric power, which makes this model one of the best around for those who need to maximize fuel efficiency in their vehicle. Not only is the Prius Prime loaded with some of the most impressive engineering in the industry, but you’ll also find highly advanced tech and assistance features to make any experience on the road better. From helpful maneuvering through traffic with Traffic Jam Assist to advanced parking assistance, the Prius Prime is designed for the future.

Toyota RAV4 Prime

The RAV4 Prime is a larger alternative to the Prius Prime, bringing more space and capabilities into the daily drive. With 302 horses underneath its sculpted hood, the RAV4 Prime provides a lively ride, and with 42 miles of all-electric driving range, elevating efficiency is easy inside this compact SUV. High ground clearance of 8.2 inches allows this rugged machine to traverse difficult terrain, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a sustainable adventure mate.

A silver and black 2023 Toyota bZ4X is shown driving on a wet road.

Fuel Cell Electric & All-Electric

A fuel cell electric vehicle is powered by hydrogen, which is found to be much more efficient than typical internal combustion engines. This hydrogen power helps drive the vehicle forward, emitting only water vapor from its tailpipe, making fuel cell vehicles some of the best for our environment. All-electric models obtain power from a battery pack, which is charged either at home or at a public charging station, producing clean energy that’s optimal for our environment. Toyota showcases this wonderful lineup of fuel cell and all-electric vehicles…

Toyota Mirai

The beautiful Mirai sedan boasts supreme styling and a high-end design that quickly captures your attention on the streets. This fuel-cell electric vehicle can travel up to 402 miles and only takes five minutes to refuel, making it easy to get up and go. Instead of filling its tank with gas, it’s filled with hydrogen, which then travels to its reinforced fuel tanks, where it is stored for later use. With 182 hp driving it forward, the Mirai delivers a satisfying ride, and with its luxury-level features, every ride will be utterly engaging.

Toyota bZ4X

The all-new, all-electric bZ4X is Toyota’s first EV SUV, showcasing contemporary styling, high-tech innovation, and electric power that’s difficult to rival. Two different batteries are available, with its 71.4-kWh option offering up to 252 miles of range on a full charge. Available in all-wheel drive, the bZ4X is capable of providing an exciting ride, no matter what terrain lies beneath its tires. Plus, with its sleek, modern design, the bZ4X appeals to those searching for a high-end electric traveler that will make their daily drive absolutely mesmerizing.

Beyond Zero Charts the Future

You’ll find it all in the Beyond Zero lineup, which makes Toyota one of the most accommodating automakers when sustainability and efficiency matter. From popular hybrid bestsellers to all-new electric offerings, Toyota proves that its lineup of top-performing vehicles gives drivers the choices they need instead of being limited and having to compromise. There are no compromises necessary in Toyota’s Beyond Zero lineup, and it’s only to be expected that more vehicles will join this lineup as time goes on.