A black 2022 Subaru Ascent is shown from the side after leaving a Subaru SUV dealer.

The Versatile 2022 Subaru Ascent Gives You the Freedom of Choice

Sometimes it feels like everyone wants us everywhere, doing everything at every moment. Even if this is not the case, I think many of us feel that way with relative frequency. A large piece of it is probably the ways in which our culture uses mobile technology, expecting everyone to be available at all times. There was a time when you would come home from work, and you would just be at home with your family, and work would have to wait until the next morning when you got back to the office.

But now, our employers provide us with technology to ensure that we are reachable even after hours. Not only that, our culture values versatility and a variety of experiences. Some of us feel the pressure to be well-acquainted with the nearest urban environment and cityscape while having the adventurous spirit to head to the mountains or the hiking trails for a camping trip. This is probably felt by those living in environments with easy access to both. New Jersey residents, for example, often navigate a number of different subcultures and environments, even on a day-to-day level. This is not just in their daily routine, but in their chosen mode of transportation, which is why many looking for vehicles to fit their constantly changing lives often look to their Subaru SUV dealer for a vehicle that provides the adaptability they need. The 2022 Subaru Ascent is one such SUV that rises to these daily challenges.

Alright, so how does a Subaru Ascent help with our constantly changing daily lives? Well, our cars are expected to provide us with the versatility to accommodate all these experiences. It’s no longer about trucks for blue-collar workers, sensible sedans for commuters, and minivans for young families. Pop into any dealership, and you’ll see what I mean. Now it’s about having a vehicle with the passenger space to accommodate a young family, the luxury design to provide the professional aesthetic for the power lunch meeting, and the capability to provide the off-road ruggedness for outdoorsy adventures. The car has to check all of these boxes, and on top of all that, it must be affordable.

The danger in this is that advertising sometimes pressures us into feeling that if we’re not checking all of these boxes, then we are failing at life. I hope that anyone who feels this pressure is able to see just how accomplished they are, regardless of which societal boxes they are or are not checking. Regardless of one’s opinion on the state of our culture and the pressure it does or does not place, Subaru is not the one creating the problem, and their response to this multi-dimensional desire in our lives has produced a fantastic and well-integrated vehicle, able to provide for a variety of day-to-day and extraordinary experiences.

A close up of the tire of a 2022 Subaru Ascent is shown.

That Distinctive Subaru Look

A lot of what I’m touching on is accomplished by Subaru in the Subaru look. You may not be able to put your finger on it, and you may not be able to describe it, but Subaru just has that look. It doesn’t quite look like an SUV or compact car, and it looks like it belongs in a suburb, city, and camping site all at the same time. Even the Ascent, a full-size SUV which seats eight, maintains that signature Subaru compactness. This compactness is not tightness; rather, it stems from Subaru’s commitment to efficiency.

We all know Subarus are fuel-efficient, with the 2022 Ascent offering up to 21 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway, but efficiency is not only about gas mileage. We live in a culture of efficiency. This has pros and cons, but we are increasingly seeking efficiency of space (enter the “tiny home” movement). There’s still a place for a big truck-like SUV such as the Suburban, but the Ascent’s efficiency of size makes it a perfect fit for our results-focused culture. Having debuted only three years ago for the 2019 model year, the Ascent is designed to cater to the needs of drivers in the modern age, those immersed in a culture that values versatility and efficiency. But the great thing about the Ascent is that its size efficiency is creatively designed, without compromise.

Efficiency Is About More Than Just Gas

With a total passenger volume of 153.5 cu.ft. and a maximum cargo volume of 75.6 cu.ft., the Ascent is not hurting for interior space. So, while it keeps things relatively compact outside, it still provides the space you seek in an SUV inside. This kind of space allows for driving the whole family and keeping all of them comfortable. The 31.7 inches of rear-row legroom means fewer arguments over who’s stuck in the back row and making carpooling, packing up sports gear, or even packing up the whole family for a camping trip simpler and with no headaches.

In-vehicle space is one of the biggest assets a vehicle can provide, especially for families. The value of interior space is not a new phenomenon by any means; the unique thing about the Ascent is its innovative and efficient architecture which maintains the signature and efficient-compact Subaru look while maximizing interior space. This provides a solution for families that want the benefits of a minivan without actually having to surrender to the infamously uncool family vehicle. But, versatility requires more than just interior space. Subarus are often used as commuter vehicles and are therefore utilized in professional settings, so they have to provide the design to accommodate.

A brown 2022 Subaru Ascent is shown parked on a boardwalk.

On Weekdays the Ascent Is Your Perfect Work Commuter

With simple yet refined color schemes, the Ascent crafts a pleasant and balanced atmosphere, the kind that sets a welcoming tone for lunch meetings, professional outings, and work-related drives. The 2022 Ascent’s Java brown leather design scheme, specifically, crafts a warm atmosphere well-suited for a business-professional ride, whether it’s the daily commute or a trip with colleagues. So, the car might be loaded with the kids and all their gear in the morning, transforming into the lunch meeting-ready vehicle in the afternoon and setting the mood for date night in the evening. The design schemes offer different moods, but the Java color scheme provides the mentioned versatility, including setting the mood for a weekend in the woods.

On the Weekends the Ascent Can Be Your Adventure-Ready Traveler

So, once all your lunch meetings are done, you can enjoy that weekend in the woods in the same vehicle. But an outdoor adventure in your vehicle is no good if your vehicle can’t handle the natural elements. Well, Subaru’s forte is handling the natural elements.

With standard symmetrical AWD, the Ascent is certainly capable of traversing dynamic terrains beyond the road. It’s not necessarily an “off-roader” in the ranks of the Wrangler and the Bronco, but it is completely capable in all kinds of conditions and atmospheres, even basic off-roading, thanks to its suspension and clearance. Many vehicles are more off-road capable than drivers realize, especially in the SUV sector. Even with Subarus, though, such capability often goes unused. Sometimes when we feel the pressure to be adventurous, we settle for looking adventurous in the vehicle we drive.

You can let go of the pressure to look a certain way because the exciting news is that the Ascent gives you the opportunity to actually drive adventurously. It’s a great camping vehicle thanks to its generous interior space, as previously discussed. Whether it’s passengers, camping gear, or even just extra seating or sleeping space, there’s no doubt that the Ascent is versatile.

An SUV as Versatile as You

Keeping up with the aesthetics, the expectations, and the images can be exhausting. We don’t have to try and prove ourselves in our vehicle, but there is a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of experiences in the versatility that our vehicle provides. We don’t necessarily have to use every opportunity the vehicle provides at all times. It’s alright if you don’t go on camping trips, do any off-roading, or provide transportation for lunch meetings. Even if you do none of those things, the Ascent is still a well-crafted and versatile car. But, if you decide to do them, the Ascent has you covered. Just because our culture expects you to do everything at all times doesn’t mean that you have to, but you might as well have wheels that give you a fun and enjoyable ride.