The Nissan logo is shown to represent future EVs for sale.

The Possible Future of Nissan Is Truly Electrifying

Few manufacturers have amassed a reputation for technological innovation greater than Nissan’s. It’s rare that a new model year arrives, and Nissan hasn’t already made some key announcements regarding the new innovations its fleet possesses. In recent years, the major breakthroughs from the Japanese manufacturer have mostly involved developing new safety and driving assistance features that exceed expectations. However, we’re here to discuss a different type of innovation––the future of Nissan’s EV fleet.

Rumours have been circulating regarding some new offerings that will certainly impress the car-buying masses, not to mention be more ecologically efficient than the gas-fueled options that are currently on the marketplace. If Nissan’s past achievements are any indication, then these models are set to change the game and the way we look at EVs for sale.

The Frontier Goes Electric…or Maybe Gets a Worthy Counterpart

Canada certainly has a strong love for pickup trucks. No matter where you call home, we love vehicles that stretch capability and prowess to the absolute limit. To date, it’s always been the North American brands that have manufactured the most capable and popular trucks: Chevy, Ford, Ram, and the list goes on. And recently, all-electric pickup trucks have begun to make their mark, with the F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T leading the pack.

However, as we’ve seen in years prior, the manufacturers who import vehicles to North America have proven themselves to be just as adept at providing the craftsmanship and quality that truck buyers expect. Among the offerings from Japan that have proven themselves, the Nissan Frontier is a workhorse that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “quit.” And now, it appears that Nissan has plans for an electric version of the Frontier or something in the same vein to arrive in North America.

This rumour comes on the heels of news that Nissan’s full-sized Titan is set to end its production run, and with full-sized EV trucks being all the rage, it seems that Nissan wants to get in on the ground floor and ahead of its competitors. Nissan has released concepts for smaller EV trucks, like the Surf-Out concept it revealed in late 2021, but nothing definite has been announced. Whether the Frontier gets the EV treatment or Nissan reveals something more compact, it’s possible that this might give Nissan the competitive edge it needs against its American counterparts.

The Ultimate Maxima Could Be an EV

Nissan has ambitious plans regarding the creation of a diverse EV fleet. So much so that the manufacturer has already made plans to release an astounding 15 new EVs by 2030; this is part of a worldwide effort on the part of the entire automotive industry to be more environmentally conscious and embrace an all-electric future. In February 2022, two silhouettes of vehicles were unveiled, and production was reported to begin in 2025. Both appeared to be sedans––one a Nissan and the other an Infiniti, the luxury wing of the Nissan brand.

While information is still scarce on the Nissan sedan, it’s believed that the new vehicle will be an all-electric version of the Nissan Maxima, modelled after the IMs concept car, which was unveiled all the way back in 2019. It’s assumed that the new Maxima will share a similar, if not the same, powertrain that can currently be found beneath the hood of the all-electric ARIYA SUV. It’s also assumed that the Maxima, while still possessing four doors, will be marketed along the lines of a sports sedan. If this is the case, the new Maxima could get the ARIYA’s dual-motor e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system for 389 hp. However, we’re wondering what a more powerful setup could possibly produce, both in terms of range and power.

An All-Electric GT-R? Sign Us Up!

When it comes to high-performance sports cars that are geared for the track and the dreams of motorsports enthusiasts everywhere, it was often thought of that A) you had to own a vehicle made by either Lamborghini or Ferrari and B) there’s NO way that it could operate on electricity alone. Well, if that was the prevailing wisdom of the past decade, then Nissan might be about to rewrite the rulebook with an exciting new chapter by launching an all-electric version of its flagship GT-R sports car.

When the last generation of the GT-R appeared in 2009, it took the world by storm and seemed to overpower every single European model that it went up against, living up to its “Godzilla” nickname. Today, the GT-R is getting a little long in the tooth, and Nissan seems set to shake things up by going electric. While some detractors of EV’s place in motorsports might still be lingering, it only makes sense that Nissan would be the ones to lead the triumphant charge. With its history of high-octane performance and electric innovation, this union was only a matter of time.

While Nissan hasn’t yet used the GT-R name for it, the Hyper Force concept recently unveiled at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show sure looks a lot like a next-generation electric GT-R right down to the quadruple circular taillights. Powering this concept is a solid-state battery pack and multiple electric motors producing a total of 1,340 hp. That raw power is complemented by a light carbon fibre body and extreme downforce for track-ready performance. It’s also been speculated that Nissan’s North American wing has been spearheading the drive for a new GT-R, so it might not take too long to have this vehicle arrive on our shores, much to the delight of many.

A Replacement for the LEAF?

No other EV deserves as much recognition as the Nissan LEAF for proving that not only could the electric vehicle be a viable form of transportation, but it could be mass-produced and have a positive impact on the world we live in by reducing emissions. With diminishing returns and lower satisfaction ratings from many industry critics, Nissan recently announced that it would be phasing out the LEAF in order to focus more attention on its newer EVs.

Naturally, this begs the question of whether Nissan has plans to build a replacement for the LEAF. Many consumers enjoy the prospect of having a quick and nimble car that can maneuver around the city streets with minimal effort. Well, the rumour is that a new LEAF is in the works, with reports that Nissan showed dealers a LEAF replacement concept back in August. According to the leaks, the new LEAF will be more of a small SUV than a mini hatchback and could have 25% more range than the current model. No matter what Nissan has up their sleeve, it’s certainly worth waiting for.

The Future Is Electric and Belongs to Nissan

With the large goals that Nissan has set for itself regarding its “EV offensive,” the anticipation that’s currently in the air is certainly palpable. For a brand that always seems to be either on the cutting edge or well ahead of it, it only makes sense that Nissan would attempt to set a standard for the EV that many other manufacturers are dreaming of. As we’ve seen today, in particular with the rumours buzzing about an all-electric compact pickup and an electric GT-R, it appears that it’s clearly Nissan’s world, and we’re all just living in it. The future might be a series of events that remain unwritten, but it’s certainly one that’s going to be electric.