2018 Chevy Colorado

The Many Sides of The 2018 Chevy Colorado: The Versatile Truck that Pulls-Off Capability and Convenience

The 2018 Chevy Colorado is a midsize truck of many sizes and shades. You wouldn’t really think of the word versatile and truck as going well together, but Chevy has pulled it off with its 2018 Colorado model. It is the ideal ride for someone who needs to take care of business by day and adventure the mountains by night. Basically, this truck can have as many sides as the person who wants the honor of driving it.

Capability and convenience have never really been seen so perfectly combined in a truck until now. Available in both an inexpensive extended crew as well as a roomie cab crew, this model really puts the choice in your own hands. So, let’s examine the various sides this powerful and playful Chevy truck just may show you.


The Everyday Side

The 2018 Chevy Colorado model fits for any number of lifestyles. From the inside out, it includes all the necessary everyday needs.

On the outside, you will find this truck has a refined yet powerful appearance that allows it to fit well in any situation. Adding in color and door style options aplenty, this is a truck can feel like it was made for you. As for size, this mid-sized beauty is as Goldilocks would say, just right. Whether it’s your turn to pick up the kids or a business meeting on the other side of town, the Colorado’s exterior will make an impressive entrance.

It’s not only everyday tasteful, but it’s also everyday functional. The back provides the perfect space to fit anything your daily life requires. Towing your family trailer has never been easier. In addition, you can always add on accessories for bike stands and other gear.

Now it’s time to get to the inside. The best interior feature, besides the surprising comfort of either the leather-appointed or standard cloth seats, would be the soundproofing. The triple-sealed doors, thick windshield, and liquid-applied sound deadener will allow you all the quiet time you need while on the road. Peace at last! Though, if quiet is not your thing, feel free to blast the integrated sound system without worry.

Bonus fact for the more private pack rats out there. You know who you are. There is a massive center console with secure storage, as well as fold-down rear seating in the crew cab model that has hidden storage.


The Wild Side

Perhaps with all this everyday talk, you were starting to doze off a bit. Well, it’s time for you adventurers to wake up, because the 2018 Chevy Colorado has got a wild side, and now is the time to explore it.

This baby can ride you anywhere your dreams can take you. Desert, snow, mud or mountains don’t stand a chance against the ZR2 capabilities of this trail-ready trailblazer. All it takes is one touch, and you can get your engine, transmission, and traction all enhanced to take on your journeys toughest challenges.

The Colorado’s towing ability and accessories were mentioned before, but they aren’t just for the everyday travel. People are passionate beyond measure, and they need a truck that allows them to pursue every one of their cravings. From high-intensity lights to utility racks for snow and surfboards, this truck has got the goods. But, don’t just throw some stuff in the back, tow a boat, Jet Ski, or snowmobile to your wildest destinations. This midsize truck provides for full-sized passion and adventure.

The final point is 200 horsepower, 3,500 lbs. towing capability and 20 MPG will leave any wild adventurer satisfied and flying free for days, and that’s only the 2.5L 4-cylinder. Upgrade to the 3.6L DOHC V6, and you’ll get an astonishing 308 horsepower and 7,000 lbs. towing capability. It’s only 19 MPG but only is used loosely here since that’s still impressive for the power.


The Safe Side

Try not to get whiplash now as we move from wild to safe. Everyone wants to be free to ride wild, but no one wants to have to worry about their safety while doing it. This is where the 2018 Chevy Colorado allows you even more freedom by upping its security, so you don’t even have to care. The three words used to describe the Colorado’s safety are prevent, protect, and respond.

It prevents by optimizing the alert systems. Forward collision alerts cover you upfront, while rear cameras take care of you from behind. From the side, it also has got you covered by implementing lane departure warnings.  If all of that is still not enough to keep you in check, this truck even has traction control by use of StabiliTrak®.

Now accidents happen to even the best of drivers. So, the Colorado also needs to protect. In order to do this Chevy implemented a high-strength steel frame and reinforced safety cage. It’s also got airbags in pretty much every possible position from Dual-stage frontal to side-impact.

Finally, everyone requires a helping hand sometimes, especially in an emergency. For that instance, this truck responds by starting you off with a free OnStar Automatic Crash Response service if equipped with the OnStar Basic Plan.

Just to add even more to ease the mind of concerned guardians everywhere, this truck does come with teen driver technology. It can mute the audio until your teen is buckled, and even give you a driving report card at the end of the ride. All of the stats remain available for the new driver who wants to review and improve their skills behind the wheel.


The Tech Side

On that note, it’s about time to discuss the techy side of Chevy Colorado. Whether you are an Apple enthusiast or an Android aficionado, this ride has got you covered. Compatible with both types of smartphones, it will allow you to use them through Bluetooth on the Chevrolet MyLink† display.

The display in this model is a 7- or 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen. Use it to get directions, make hands-free calls/texts, and listen to audiobooks or your favorite tunes.


All Sides Combined

Time for final thoughts. The 2018 Chevy Colorado is truly a master of convenience and capability. If you like a ride that is able to offer a peaceful and smooth adventure, this is clearly the midsize truck for you.