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The Future Is Ford: The Best Tech From the Blue Oval

Technology is a funny thing. The accessibility of information has become so streamlined that finding any information can be done in a matter of seconds. The card catalog of the library has been rendered obsolete and replaced with the click of an app on our smartphones. While we might have once consulted the yellow pages to locate a car dealership, a simple typing of “Ford dealer near me” into a search engine instantly generates a wide variety of results, complete with customer reviews and a comprehensive list of vehicles to be found.

Speaking of technology and Ford, the blue brand has certainly been no stranger to the innovation and implementation of technology that benefits the millions of drivers who rely on the American manufacturer daily to get them from point A to point B. Today, we’ll focus on these miniature marvels and how they make commuting easier. There’s a great deal that’s changed since the Model T, and we’re going to hold the latest and greatest features under a microscope and see how Ford is leading the automotive tech revolution.

The FordPass

A common phrase used regarding today’s modern technology is “there’s an app for that,” and Ford is no different. FordPass is how owners stay connected with their vehicles from the convenience of their smartphone, and Ford is taking this technology to new heights. Key fobs of the past allowed you to lock and unlock your doors and sometimes start up your engine if it needed to be warmed up on a cold day. With the FordPass, it’s as easy as a press on your phone’s touchscreen.

FordPass allows you to receive navigation, check the oil and fuel levels, and access lifesaving features such as roadside assistance. But it doesn’t stop there; FordPass also allows you to make easy payments to Ford Credit, making your monthly payments simple and stress-free. You won’t have to second guess anything when it comes to your Ford, whether it’s a payment or scheduled service. It’s all there on your FordPass account!

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Ford BlueCruise

While flying cars are still relegated to science fiction and dystopian cyberpunk novels, semi-autonomous and self-driving vehicles are beginning to gain a foothold in reality. Ford’s BlueCruise technology is the latest chapter in the journey from science fiction to science fact. For those of you who might not be aware of this innovation, allow us to take the time to break it down.

The current feature that many manufacturers are still in the process of perfecting is adaptive cruise control. Some have even taken the initiative and made it a standard feature on some makes and models. Adaptive cruise control, which monitors traffic patterns and alters the speed of your vehicle to help it maintain a safe following distance, is truly unique. Ford takes that technology a step further…

BlueCruise utilizes the same technology as GPS and contains over 130,000 miles of pre-programmed roads in North America. By utilizing features like intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane centering, speed sign recognition, and camera and radar technology, hands-free semi-autonomous driving is at your disposal. While this technology doesn’t replace the habits of a responsible driver, it shows the lengths to which the automotive industry has developed in providing drivers with the very best, with Ford leading the charge.


Voice-operated technology is another concept born out of science fiction, yet it has transcended the confines of imagination to become part of the reality that we currently exist in. Ford has harnessed this marvel of modern innovation in the form of its SYNC software. Currently in its fourth incarnation since its release in 2007, SYNC offers drivers a combination of entertainment, communication, and assistance that has shifted the paradigm of what can be done by manufacturers for the benefit of their customers.

SYNC 4 is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay platforms, allowing accessibility on every level. By utilizing cloud connectivity and voice recognition, Ford offers not just a user-friendly platform but one that tailors itself to your individual needs. Whether you need directions to that new cafe or just have to hear that perfect road trip playlist you made at maximum volume, both can be done with voice-activated technology.

Ford Co-Pilot360

There’s a reason why driving is a privilege and not a right. This is because anyone who’s acquired a license has demonstrated the necessary skills to not just operate a vehicle, but demonstrate an understanding of the rules of the road and know what to do when a certain situation occurs. One of the most important talents that a driver can learn with time and experience is reaction time. This is an ability that doesn’t happen overnight; developing it over time is one of the most important aspects of someone’s time behind the wheel.

To this end, Ford’s impressive suite of driving assistance technology referred to as Co-Pilot 360, is ideal for any driver, regardless of their current level of experience. Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking is there to help you in those brief few seconds when a collision might be imminent, and your reaction time is what means the difference between a collision and a chance to cheat fate. Another valuable feature equipped with Co-Pilot360 is evasive steering assist, which can also come in handy when attempting to avoid an oncoming collision.

You can also expect to find BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert, a lane-keeping system, and active park assist 2.0, each offering its own unique way to keep you safe and more confident on the road. While accidents cannot always be completely avoided, allowing for increased awareness in areas such as our blind spots can help us reduce the risks by a significant amount. It should be noted that these are features to assist the driver and are in no way replacing the habits of a responsible driver. Exercising caution when driving is a must.

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Alexa Integration

For consumers who rely on Alexa to assist them with their daily routine, we have some great news. Ford has been expanding its voice-activated technology to be used in conjunction with Alexa. As part of the voice integration technology developed by Ford and Amazon, this allows for indirect commands issued from the driver that can be processed via Alexa’s AI. Phrases like “It’s too hot” or “It’s too cold” can be used to effectively manage the climate control and have voice-activated access to Amazon Music. You can even make the most of your time on long road trips by learning a new language while driving. This innovation makes the experience between the automobile and its driver that much more personal. It was announced that Ford and Lincoln customers will have exclusive access to Alexa features, which makes the experience of owning either one more advantageous than ever.

The Future is Now…And It Belongs to Ford

There’s something to be said about a company that continually puts innovation to the forefront and stops at nothing to provide their customers with the very best. Ford has been doing this since its inception and has continued to do so for over a century. The achievements we’ve discussed are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Ford offers. In the years that follow, we’ll all be looking to the blue brand for the latest and greatest innovation and development. While we might not be able to predict the future, it’s safe to assume that Ford will always be a few steps ahead of the industry.