A red and black 2023 Toyota Crown is shown parked near a building after visiting a Toyota dealer.

The Evolution of Toyota’s “Crown” Jewel

Passing by your local Toyota dealer, you may have seen the new Crown midsize sedan sitting prominently on the lot, thinking the name sounds familiar. You’d be correct in that assumption since the Toyota Crown has been part of Toyota’s history for almost 70 years. Making its debut in 1955 in select markets, the Toyota Crown was a staple in the brand’s lineup, designed to provide a luxury experience on the road for an ultra-affordable price.

Today, a new Crown is in town, and it holds on to its values, delivering exceptional ride quality, an utterly intriguing style, and a level of innovation that will surprise you. Since the discontinuation of the full-size Avalon, drivers have been yearning for another Toyota model to step up and offer an elegant experience on the road, which is exactly what you can expect from the all-new Crown, but its luxury roots run deep.

A red and black 2023 Toyota Crown is shown in a reflection of a sideview mirror.

Crowning Achievements: The Early Years

The Crown nameplate has been a part of Toyota’s history since 1955, and it has been recognized as the longest-running passenger-car nameplate from the legendary automaker. Not only did it spark interest in foreign markets, but the US became captivated by it as well, resulting in the Crown being the first Japanese passenger car to be exported to our country. From Denmark to Ethiopia, the Crown made its way into new markets, showcasing a luxury appeal dedicated to making the ride more refined in every possible way.

As the automaker’s first mass-produced model, the 1972 Crown exhibited a long, flat stance, accentuated by a thin, vertical grille and chrome elements throughout its exterior. Giving off Back to the Future vibes, the Crown sought to bring a more contemporary appeal to the cars of that era, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Inside, its digital instrument panel provided even more modern elements that weren’t typically found in cars of the time. Two engines to choose from and a spacious interior made the Crown perfect for a variety of drivers, and it was especially popular with cab drivers worldwide.

Perhaps what made the Crown such a lasting piece of Toyota history was that it exhibited the level of reliability, safety, and comfort we’ve come to know and love from the Toyota brand. It catapulted the automaker into the US market, and despite being discontinued in the early 70s here in the US, it has continued to be impactful in foreign markets. In fact, it’s in its 16th generation in other countries, acting as a skilled and confident daily driver for a variety of travelers worldwide. The US joins back up with the Crown craze for 2023, launching its all-new Crown variant, which seeks to further propel this vehicle to fame in the industry.

A silver 2023 Toyota Crown is shown driving around a corner on a city street.

A New Crown Emerges

The 2023 Toyota Crown is here, and it’s a far cry from where the nameplate left off. This hybrid midsize sedan, which also tosses in some SUV attributes, makes any ride feel more dialed in, no matter where it’s traveling. It continues to offer the spaciousness that drivers loved about the original Crown models, yet despite its size, it’s able to offer impressive fuel efficiency, making it ideal for daily drivers in cities across the nation. Like its predecessors, the new Crown also shows off a futuristic appearance, with sleek, modern styling inside and out, paired with luxury-level features to make the ride feel more complete. This makes the Crown a great alternative for those who fell in love with the now-defunct Avalon.

Of course, as with any new vehicle these days, the Crown is filled with innovative tech, safety, and assistance features. It’s built on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, which features a low center of gravity, allowing it to maximize performance and provide a smooth, controlled ride. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the Crown re-entering the industry, and here are a few features that have drivers incredibly intrigued:

Exciting Hybrid Performance

Under the hood of the 2023 Toyota Crown lies the choice between a 2.5L four-cylinder paired with an electric motor or a 2.4L turbocharged option with an electric motor, designed to enhance excitement on board. With 340 hp pushing it forward, this Hybrid MAX powertrain makes any routine ride more engaging. The Crown also showcases extraordinary fuel economy, getting up to 42 MPG in the city with its base powertrain. Plus, with standard AWD capabilities, traversing any type of road condition is a breeze for this showstopper.

Compelling Styling

From the moment you catch a glimpse of it, the Toyota Crown will amaze you with its contemporary beauty. From its sophisticated yet athletic design to its two-tone paint finish, the Crown stands out no matter where it’s traveling. Inside, its cabin features available leather-trimmed seats, an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, a fixed panoramic roof, and heated seats to make it easy to enjoy a tranquil ambiance on board. It’s a knock-out, no matter which angle you’re admiring, and with 5.8 inches of ground clearance, it can travel confidently anywhere it pleases.

Advanced Innovation

The Crown isn’t just inspiring to drive and effortlessly eye-catching; it’s also equipped with some of the latest tech the industry has to offer. From parking with just the press of a button to unlocking it from your smartphone, drivers will find it all in the all-new Crown. Its wireless cabin also delights drivers, with wireless charging capabilities and wireless smartphone integration, making any drive more functional and connected. Its 12.3-inch infotainment display allows travelers to access all of their coveted tech, while another 12.3-inch Multi-Information Display resides on the dash in front of the driver, providing access to helpful information about the ride.

Travelers also appreciate the amount of safety and assistance tech to keep them secure in any driving environment. From an available Panoramic View Monitor, which showcases a 360-degree view from above, to an assortment of helpful collision mitigation and lane assistance features, the Crown is loaded with only the best tech. It also showcases Active Cornering Assist, which aids in braking and steering around the turns of the road, allowing drivers to move forward with confidence.

A red and black 2023 Toyota Crown is shown parallel parking.

The Legendary Crown

In the industry, it’s common to notice many new faces popping up each year, but the Crown is anything but new—it’s an icon in Toyota’s celebrated inventory. It holds true to its roots, providing optimal luxury, a spacious interior, and advancements that add intense value to the overall ride. Moreover, it continues to be an affordable option, allowing more drivers to get behind the wheel of this sophisticated machine and re-invent the way they travel.

The Crown continues to be a force in foreign markets, and as it gains traction once again in the United States, it will undoubtedly become a beloved model with drivers all across the nation. Now that the Avalon is nonexistent in the Toyota lineup, it only makes sense that something remarkable would have the initiative to fill its big shoes, and that model is the Crown. From performance to style, innovation to reputation, the Crown continues to command respect wherever it travels, and if you’re wondering about this newcomer, well, now you know that it’s not a newcomer at all. It’s one of the originals, resurrected to show the world how the ride was meant to be enjoyed.