A salesman is shown speaking to a couple about bankruptcy auto loans.

The Best Cars to Buy When You Have Bad Credit

Do you have low, bad, or no credit? If you’ve suffered a financial setback like bankruptcy, trying to find bankruptcy auto loans might seem impossible. But the good news is it’s not! Luckily some dealers and lenders are willing to work with drivers with any credit score, making it possible for you to get into that new, much-needed ride today.

When you have less than stellar credit, you have fewer options than someone in a better financial situation, putting those high-priced brand-new sports cars out of your price range. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great options for drivers who need a vehicle but can’t afford a huge monthly payment. In fact, we’ve rounded up several reliable and efficient cars to consider.

A bad credit score can mean higher interest rates, so purchasing a dependable vehicle that gives you your money’s worth is important. If you need a vehicle for commuting, getting your children to school, or just getting around, you want one that is reliable, has good gas mileage and doesn’t cost you extra every month in repair bills.

Shopping for a new vehicle with great credit is easy, but if your credit rating is low, then your options are limited. However, that doesn’t mean finding an excellent vehicle is out of the question. If you’re shopping for a car and have limited choices, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best vehicles for drivers with low credit ratings to help you stretch your dollar further and make it count when you need it the most.

Nissan Sedans for Trouble-Free Driving

The Nissan Sentra is your go-to car when you’re shopping for a vehicle and have a less-than-perfect credit score. Whether you’re shopping new or used, the Sentra is known to be a dependable, economical car. While it’s not the most exciting vehicle on the road, it is practical and efficient and will get you where you want to go.

A used Sentra is a great deal, often topping the list of the cheapest cars you can buy. But just because this vehicle is affordable doesn’t mean it’s unreliable. The Sentra comes with Nissan’s first-class engineering, making it a comfortable, reliable, and affordable ride. If you’re looking for something slightly lower in price, the Nissan Versa is a roomy sedan for your everyday needs. The spacious cabin and minimalist interior make it a basic ride but one you can rely on day after day.

Nissan sedans are noted for their above-average fuel economies, which make them great if you’re driving on a budget. If you aim for a relatively recent model year, you can get the most advanced technology from Nissan without the heavy price tag of a brand-new model. Nissan sedans like the Sentra and Versa are great economical choices when you don’t want to spend a lot but still need a quality vehicle that can be relied upon.

A red 2018 Ford Fiesta is shown from the side driving on a city street.

Ford Cars for a Low Maintenance Ride

The Ford Fiesta might have been discontinued back in 2019, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one waiting on a used car lot near you. The Fiesta is a fun subcompact car that has been around since the 1970s, meaning there is a lot to choose from. Be sure to check out models from 2014-2019 to gain access to all of Ford’s latest technology while unlocking dependable engineering.

You might be wondering why, if the Fiesta is so great, did Ford stop making it? With markets shifting to large SUVs, automakers like Ford have also shifted their focus, but that just means a great deal for you. Besides the Fiesta, the Focus is another Ford you should keep an eye out for. This compact car offers a ton of value at a low price. It has plenty of interior space and great user-friendly tech, making it a real steal for bargain hunters or those trying to stretch their dollar a little further.

Ford hatchbacks and sedans like the Fiesta and the Focus are known to offer comfort as well as a peppy ride with agile handling and responsive steering that make them great for navigating congested traffic or busy parking lots. As we mentioned before, sticking to years like 2014-2019 helps you gain access to great driver-assist and tech features without the high price.

An orange 2019 Kia Soul is shown from a front angle driving on a tree-lined road.

The Kia Soul: A Money-Saving SUV

Do you need more space than a typical sedan can provide? If so, then checking out the Kia Soul might be worth the effort. This subcompact SUV is known to be one of the most affordable used SUVs a driver can buy. When searching for a used example, make sure to focus on the updated 2017 model year and up.

The fully-redesigned 2019 model is also worth considering if you are shopping used. It introduced some great standard features like automatic headlights and a 13 cm infotainment touchscreen. While the 2017 refresh ranks high in customer satisfaction, it doesn’t have the same features that the 2019 model does. However, if you want to save a little money and don’t necessarily need the latest tech, go for a 2017 or even earlier model.

What drivers love about the Soul is that this SUV gives you a lot for your dollar and lets you go plenty of kilometres without high maintenance costs, often ranking at the top of the list when it comes to SUVs with low repair costs. The compact Soul allows drivers to make their dollars count, offering a unique, modern driving experience that feels more expensive than it actually is. The result is a fun and practical vehicle for drivers and their families.

Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop You

It’s not impossible to get a quality vehicle even if you have less than stellar credit. Whether you’ve suffered from financial troubles like bankruptcy or simply have a low credit score due to bills or an outstanding loan, there are plenty of affordable cars out there to get you back out on the road. Buying one of these practical models will make it possible to rebuild your credit and upgrade to something nicer when it’s time to buy your next car.

The key to making your money go further is to do your research, talk to a professional lender that works with drivers, and pick out a car that is economical and reliable. You don’t have to settle for a clunker when there are lots of fantastic affordable models out there from all the big names you trust, including Ford, Nissan, Kia, and more! Searching for a vehicle that gives you the best features at a price that works for you doesn’t have to be a headache.

Don’t let bankruptcy or any other financial difficulties stop you! If you don’t have the credit to qualify for a brand-new luxury SUV, don’t fret! Picking up a practical vehicle that gets you to work, paying your payments on time, and slowly rebuilding your credit history are all things you can do to get into your dream car later. But who knows? Once you slip behind the wheel of that affordable sedan, you might discover that it’s what you’ve been searching for all along.