The 2018 Mazda6 is Coming in Hot

This spring, Mazda will be releasing its highly-anticipated 2018 refresh of the Mazda6 and (judging by all previews) it would appear that the automaker is putting even more effort than ever into making ‘Zoom-Zoom’ look damn good. That, in itself, is a powerful statement considering the almost universal appeal that the KODO design philosophy has enjoyed thus far. There’s something so fresh about the new Mazda6, indicating that Mazda cars still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

While recent model years have reinforced the uniquely of Mazda’s overall aesthetic, the recent restyling of both the Accord and Camry have added pressure within the midsize sedan segment.  The Mazda6 answers this call with confidence, retaining its sporting profile but updating the front and rear fascia to infuse it with a little arrogance.

But the 2018 Mazda6 is more than just a pretty face (unless of course, it’s possible to turbocharge a pretty face and, in that case, that’s exactly what the Mazda6 is). Equipped with a turbocharged SKYACTIV G 2.5T four-cylinder engine, most recently found in the CX-9. Rated for 227 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, the Mazda6 now tops the segment in terms of torque rating.

And of course, it’s worth mentioning that the ‘6’ will feature an enhanced array of safety features, expanding on the award-winning I-Activsense safety features that have earned Mazda Top Safety Picks from IIHS. This combined with accolades from the EPA, declaring Mazda the ‘Most Fuel Efficient Auto Manufacturer in the U.S.’ and U.S. News & World Report, who named them the ‘Best Car Brand.’

But circling back, power ratings and safety features aside; the 2018 Mazda6 looks damn good.

If you’re interested in a closer look at how Mazda is exploring their KODO design in fresh, exciting ways, you can find a closer look at the Mazda6 and its dynamic performance right here, courtesy of Redline Reviews: