Take a Look at the Incredible Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Are you a fan of cars? Are you a fan of fast cars? Then we’re sure you’re already familiar with everything that the incredible Dodge Challenger provides to its owners. The vehicle isn’t only stylish and sleek; rather, the car is extremely powerful and efficient. Plus, thanks to the various features, the vehicle also delivers plenty of safety and an unmatched driving experience.

However, despite the impressive attributes of the original nameplate, the brand is now taking the vehicle to a whole new level. The unprecedented Dodge Challenger SRT Demon recently hit dealership lots, and the vehicle is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. If you’re ultimately hunting for one of the most powerful vehicles in the entire industry, you won’t have to look any further than this variation of the iconic nameplate.

Below, we’ve explored everything that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon provides to its owners, and we’ve also taken a look at the many accolades the nameplate has won. While you may have envisioned yourself ultimately opting for a 2018 Dodge Challenger, you may want to start shifting your focus…

The incredible Dodge Challenger SRT Demon started hitting dealership lots in late 2018. The vehicle is primarily known for its incredible power. Thanks to the inclusion of the “Demon Crate,” drivers can unlock a practically-unmatched 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque via the one-of-a-kind 6.2-liter HEMI Demon V8 engine. These power specs will allow you to outpace any of your fellow drivers on the highway. Specifically, this vehicle earned the moniker of “world’s fastest quarter-mile production mile” by the National Hot Rod Association after hitting 9.65 seconds. Ultimately, the vehicle can go from 0-to-60 in 2.3 seconds, a number that’s practically unprecedented in the entire industry.

“The people who bought a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are performance enthusiasts to the core, and having a custom car with accessories that improve overall performance is critical,” said Tim Kuniskis, the Head of Passenger Cars at Dodge. “With that passion for both performance and their new limited-production Demon in mind, we’ve pulled together a collection of materials designed to help them learn about, track, protect and maintain the newest member of the family. These accessories are designed to build on the exclusivity and future collectability of this limited-production car.”

The vehicle’s ability to pump out so much power has earned it a variety of awards and accolades. These unique and revolutionary technologies allowed engineers to create a mainstream racer that could deliver unprecedented specs. Primarily, the cooling circuit prevents the engine from getting too overwhelmed by all of the muscle, thus eliminating the chance that it ends up with any untimely issue. Ultimately, the vehicle earned the much-deserved recognition of winning the 2017 Popular Science ‘Best of What’s New Award’.

“Creating a street-legal machine that is powered by an engine with unrelenting power and torque, specifically engineered for the drag strip, yet street legal and meeting all emissions, pass-by noise, and SRT durability standards demands outside-the-box thinking,” said Chris Cowland, the Director of Advanced and SRT Powertrain of FCA US LLC. “The technologies that make lower-volume SRT products special can deliver significant benefits in alternative applications. For example, while denser intake air and high-octane fuels are part of the recipe that makes the Challenger SRT Demon a head-turner, they can be just as important in meeting the challenges of improving fuel economy.”

The vehicle also earned the 2018 Roadshow Shift Award (Driveline Technology of the Year category) during the Roadshow by CNET event. The group was particularly impressed by the vehicle’s ability to accommodate both drag-racing mechanisms and a front-wheel lift in a standard production car. Clever inclusions like the Air-Grabber induction system, TransBrake, and Torque Reserve capabilities, After-Run Chiller, SRT Power Chiller system, Drag Mode Launch Assist and Bilstein Adaptive Damping shocks also play a huge role in the vehicle’s racing ability.

“We saw some amazing innovations on the powertrain front this year, and this was a hotly contested category, but in the end, the Roadshow team couldn’t resist the lure of the Demon,” said Tim Stevens, the editor-in-chief of Roadshow by CNET. “The power output is, of course, phenomenal, but it’s the extent of the technology that really impressed us, like ducting the air conditioning to chill the intake air. It’s a hell of a package.” “Our performance-minded designers and engineers worked tirelessly to shake the foundation of the entire performance car industry with the 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon,” added Kuniskis. “In the quest for domination at the drag strip, Dodge//SRT engineers reviewed and strengthened every piece of the drivetrain to ensure it provides the ultimate in performance and durability.”

Of course, that’s not all the vehicle delivers. The Rear-Seat Delete Package allows you to better transform the Challenger into the ultimate racer, while the Demon Street Tire Package assures that your vehicle is consistently realizing optimal traction and handling. To top it off, the brand includes a personalized satin stretch indoor custom car cover (which matches the accompanying paint scheme), as well as a leather-bound track tech manual that was written by the editors of Hot Rod magazine.

Perhaps best of all, the exclusive VBOX HD2 system allows drivers to monitor their driving experience even after their trip has concluded. Through the Racelogic technology, drivers can refer to data and an in-car camera system to remember everything about their trip or excursion to the racing strip.

If you are interested in this unique vehicle, you’ll have to be a bit lucky. Unfortunately, the brand is limiting production of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to only 3,000 units in the United States. If you can get your hand on one of these rides, it will surely cost a pretty penny, as the MSRP is listed at $84,995. Of course, there are some additional benefits that will justify this purchase (besides the obvious driving ability), including a full-day session at Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re intrigued by the incredible Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, you should start doing everything in your power to get your hand on this one-of-a-kind racer.