A 2023 Honda Odyssey is shown parked in a driveway.

Surprising Features of the 2023 Honda Odyssey

Honda’s Odyssey is one of the most recognizable and popular minivans in the world. It debuted in the mid-1990s and has remained a staple for growing families ever since. Perfect for carpooling, taking a vacation, or running your daily errands, Honda’s minivan has always been a reliable companion.

The 2023 Honda Odyssey is no exception, continuing the proud tradition of chauffeuring around friends and family anywhere they want to go—but there are some features of this newest model that might surprise you. With Honda’s vision of providing mobility to people everywhere, and with the goal of opening up a world of opportunities, it makes sense that the Odyssey is taking a step in that direction by developing more accessible features, adding trim levels to appeal to a variety of families, and exploring new ways to keep everyone entertained on those longer trips.

The 2023 Odyssey clearly isn’t resting on its laurels. Honda has taken care to improve, expand, and direct all its models toward the future, and the Odyssey is well on its way. Curious about what the newest iteration has in store for you? Let’s take a look at some of the surprising features included with the 2023 Honda Odyssey.


As previously mentioned, Honda is focused on finding ways to make driving, errands, events, gatherings, and holidays more accessible to more people. One of the ways Honda has done this is by employing technology—particularly where doors, seats, and windows are concerned.

Most individuals will, at some point in their lives, need assistance, either because of a temporary or permanent disability, age, or chronic medical condition. Imagine trying to open a trunk, roll down a window, or pull a seat forward while suffering from arthritis, a sprained wrist, or a broken arm. It might feel just about impossible! Parents with children, young adults with older parents, and people who run their own businesses also need help from time to time, especially when time is short, the weather is bad, or there’s a safety issue. These are reasons why Honda has been motivated to provide customers with improved accessibility.

For the 2023 year, all Odyssey models come standard with power sliding doors for the second row, as well as Magic Slide second-row seats. You won’t have to worry about someone yanking the door and damaging it because they were in a rush to get inside, nor will you have to worry about all the kids trying to crawl over the middle seat instead of just pulling it forward so that the last row is accessible.

Going up in trim levels, the Odyssey also has a power liftgate, for those days when your arms are full of groceries or you’ve just found the perfect piece of furniture at the antique store. You won’t have to fiddle with your keys or even pull the door up—you’ll be able to open the back with just the touch of a button.

New Trim: The Odyssey Sport

Ever get the hankering to take the family somewhere new to explore? Not sure your old minivan can handle it? Luckily, the Odyssey has an additional trim level for 2023, which comes with plenty of sporty features that will make you and your “team” excited to go anywhere. Want to stargaze at a local designated dark sky space? What about catching sight of a passing comet? The 2023 Honda Odyssey Sport has you covered with a one-touch power moonroof, so you can see the sky at any time, day or night, and soak up the view.

The power tailgate is also standard with this trim level, as well as 19-inch Gloss Black Alloy wheels, LED fog lights, acoustic glass, leather-trimmed seats with red stitching, second-row sunshades, and red ambient lighting—just to name a few of the perks. You’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of new adventures, looking sleek and stylish, and you’ll have a blast doing it. With so many benefits, it’s hard to understand how some people still look down upon the minivan class—but at least you know better. The 2023 Odyssey is an absolute gem of a vehicle, and there’s really nothing available on the market that can top it for style, thanks to the new “Sport” trim level.

The Odyssey Sport is sure to become a beloved family member, able to whisk you and the entire household away for a magical experience, whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or your favorite theme park.

Tech for the Entire Family

On your way around town, over state lines, or even on the ferry, the Odyssey has plenty of options for entertaining your family and friends. From the base EX trim to the Elite, everyone’s favorite minivan comes packed with features that anyone can use.

The EX trim features both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration and Bluetooth streaming audio for listening to all your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, playlists, and radio stations, which means the entire family can pick and choose what to listen to together. If you’d all prefer some alone time, there are two spots where passengers can plug in their phones and tablets—either in the front or the center console. The eight-inch infotainment center is also standard, and its bigger size means easier navigation and reading. With Honda’s Smart Entry and Walk Away Auto Lock, you won’t have to pause to dig into your pocket, purse, or bag for your keys, and you’ll never lock yourself out.

Going up a few trim levels, the Odyssey is also equipped with an advanced rear entertainment system comprised of a 10.2-inch screen, two sets of wireless headphones, a Blu-Ray player, Wi-Fi—in case those watching want to stream from a phone or tablet—HDMI capability, a remote control (and an app to utilize the remote control via your phone), and a “How Much Farther?” app which is sure to satisfy those accustomed to fielding such an answer dozens of times before.

Another surprising feature is the CabinWatch with CabinTalk, which uses microphones to allow the driver and front passenger to talk with the passengers in the back without repeating themselves or having to adjust the volume. There’s also a wireless charger and extra USB ports in both the second and third rows, so you’ll never run out of ways to entertain your passengers.

Your Family Deserves to Experience an Odyssey

With more accessibility than ever before, an entertainment system rivaling your home’s, and a new trim level, the 2023 Honda Odyssey is the perfect fit for the American family. You no longer have the hassle of finding your keys, trying to lift the rear door with a foot—since your arms are full of birthday presents you’re trying to sneak inside—or trying to think of games to play while you’re on a three-hour drive to your parents’ house. You can now sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and usher your satisfied family and friends onward to your next destination.

Honda has paid attention to their customers, their needs, and their wants over the years, and all of this research has been taken into account when creating its newer models, while also upgrading those that have been around the block a few times, like the Honda Odyssey. You and your family deserve to be comfortable, safe, and entertained, and the Odyssey has it all.