Fuller Ford vs online.cars

It’s Simple: Buy The Car You Want

So, you’re looking for your next vehicle…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Cincinnati or Seattle, Bakersfield or Boston, your search has to factor in countless considerations. But let’s say you’re in Cincinnati, and you’re in the market for a new SUV or crossover. You consider yourself a bit of a Ford enthusiast, but you’re in no rush to head down to Fuller Ford for a test drive. Why? Because you know there are steps to be taken, and homework to be done.

The first is an analysis of your budget to determine any difference between ‘what you want’ and ‘what you can afford’. With a better understanding, you can narrow things down a little bit.

Inevitably, this will either have been prefaced or followed by hours of exhaustive research. Scouring manufacturer and dealer sites to compile and compare features and specifications, you whittle down your list of options to determine the best choice for you.

The ensuing string of emails and calls to confirm availability can often yield mixed results. If available, you may find that it doesn’t meet your expectations. You may decide that it’s not what you want after you test drive it. And if you are successful in locating your perfectly-priced vehicle, model year, trim, color and secure the ideal financing option, well…you can count yourself among the minority.

The fact is, most car buyers have to make concessions of one kind or another. But technology is changing the game…and if a game-changer is what you’re looking for, consider this a perfect opportunity to compare Fuller Ford vs online.cars.


The Goal

online.cars is built around one goal: helping you to buy the car that you want. After all, your life is busy enough without the countless hours of research, hunting, and correspondence that are required in order to buy with confidence. Think of online.cars are an enthusiastic assistant, willing to do the work so that you don’t have to, and able to guarantee your satisfaction with the results.


The Scenario

After reviewing your budget, you’ve confirmed that you’re interested in a Ford Escape which is priced more accessible than the (next step up) Edge. While you can certainly swing the cost of a new model year offering, you know that the 2015 redesign covers your entire wish-list. In fact, you know that the SE trim will give you everything you need, in terms of features. This gives you three model years of pre-owned vehicles to work with; plus, opting for a 2015 SE model will still leave a few dollars in your pocket. Well, aren’t you smart? (Nice work, ‘informed consumer’).

(Oh, and one more thing: you really want it in Deep Impact Blue…if that’s not too much to ask?)

So you reach out to Fuller Ford (or another local dealership) ready to buy. Here’s the problem: your options are limited to their current inventory, and sourcing reach.

Rest assured, they’ve tried to find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, their inventory of Escapes is limited to 2016-2018. While this alone is not a problem, you know that you’ve lost the immediate savings of 2015. By exploring their 2016 models, you see that their only offerings are Titanium trim levels which are both more features than you need, and more than you want to spend. There is a 2017 Escape SE available but (i) Deep Impact Blue was discontinued for the 2017 model year, and (ii) the only one available in White Gold Metallic.

So, you’re out of luck. Or at least that’s what you would be saying if it wasn’t for online.cars.


A Better Scenario

After reviewing your budget, you’ve confirmed that you’re interested in a 2015 Ford Escape SE in Deep Impact Blue. You log on to online.cars and enter those specifications. online.cars find it. Congratulations, you are now ready to purchase your 2015 Ford Escape SE in Deep Impact Blue.

How Can It Be That Simple?

online.cars utilizes a nationwide network of sellers. Empowered by coast-to-coast sourcing, they are able to help you find the exact vehicle you’re looking for, without the limitations faced by many local dealerships.

But Wait…There’s More

When you’re able to source vehicles nationwide, your job isn’t over once you find them.

online.cars will arrange, at no charge, the delivery of your new vehicle to your home, or place of employment. Regardless of where the vehicle is from, or where you are, you can expect delivery from and to anywhere in the continental United States.

And don’t worry. If you have a trade-in vehicle, online.cars will have you to value that vehicle online – applying its value to your purchase, in the same manner, that a dealership would. They’ll then arrange for pick-up of your trade-in, once your purchase is complete!

And if you need financing, don’t worry. Just as online.cars employs a nationwide search for vehicles, they do the same for lenders. With no applicants turned down, they are able to guarantee to finance for all customers, regardless of their credit history.

Added Assurance

Concerned about buying a vehicle online, sight-unseen, and the risk of Buyer’s Remorse if it shows up and isn’t exactly what you’d expected?

All online.cars purchases come with a 3 Day / 150 Mile Satisfaction Guarantee. If you realize upon delivery, or during initial driving that you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they will facilitate an exchange and arrange for its pick-up at no charge.

In addition, every online.cars purchase comes with the guarantee of a clean CARFAX vehicle history report. Aside from certified pre-owned inventory, can you demand or expect the same of a local dealership?

Why Doesn’t Everyone Used online.cars?

To be honest, your guess is as good as mine. Sure, there will always be people who find comfort in the expected, but should that diminish the value of your time? online.cars don’t believe it should. Because unlike dealers, online.cars aren’t interested in selling their cars to you. They just want to help you buy the car that you want.