A white 2020 Honda Accord is shown from the front while driving through a city.

Sedans Are Still Going Strong, According to Honda

If you’ve recently perused dealership lineups, one aspect will be crystal clear: the sedan is all but unnecessary these days as drivers opt for better-suited vehicles like SUVs and trucks. Although many automakers, like Buick, GM, and Ford, have discontinued their traditional sedan offerings due to lack of interest, Honda has recently come forward claiming the opposite.

In the past couple of months, news has come forth from Honda dealers urging the brand not to discontinue supplying them with sedans for their customers. There’s still a need for sedans, despite what you may see occupying dealership lots across the nation, and Honda has been the focal point of this discovery. It’s not shocking that many consumers gravitate toward used vehicles, and when it comes to a used Honda for sale, you may be surprised to find that sedans are just as desirable as SUVs and trucks, especially in this legendary brand’s exceptional lineup.

Why Sedans?

So, why are Honda dealers across the country coming forward with the notion that sedans are still, in fact, very popular? Well, this is because they are! Sedans are lower in price than many of their SUV counterparts, which strongly appeals to cost-conscious drivers, and when buying used, consumers can take advantage of even lower prices. This places a reliable car within financial reach for many travelers on a budget. Sedans are also much more efficient than many of their larger competitors, which helps drivers save loads of money. Whether a sedan is accompanying a commuter to work or a family on a road trip, the efficiency they’re able to achieve is unmatched.

Another reason why drivers love sedans is because they’re easy to drive. They’re small, agile, and capable of easily navigating packed city streets and busy highways without the need to stress about control and precision on the road. Many sedans can also be equipped with all-wheel drive capabilities, allowing them to traverse bad weather road conditions and rough terrain with absolute confidence without the need to spring for a higher-priced SUV or truck. In addition, many of the performance features and capabilities are much in line with what SUVs offer, which causes drivers to question whether their travels warrant an SUV after all.

Of course, it’s not especially surprising to see Honda in the spotlight as far as sedans are concerned. This automaker is known for designing vehicles that are engineered for greatness, with top-performing engines, unparalleled efficiency, and overall reliability that places Honda above its sedan-lacking competitors. So, which sedans should Honda dealers keep on their lots? When it comes to used cars, Honda has models that have always been destined to impress, and whether or not they’re still in production today is irrelevant. Consumers have spoken, and they want Honda sedans as part of their shopping experience.

The Best Used Honda Sedans

The proof that Honda vehicles are a cut above the rest lies in its inventory, as you’ll still find a number of impressive sedans in the mix today. Contrary to popular opinion from its rivals, sedans aren’t going away anytime soon. Here are some of the used Honda sedans that drivers just can’t get enough of during their time on the road:

The Honda Accord

You’ll notice many Accords jetting off to their destinations on the highway, especially because this midsize sedan is so versatile and accommodating. Everyone, from commuters to families, is drawn to this famous Honda staple, especially when it comes to the quality of the ride and the safety features that give you the ultimate confidence on the road. Its large trunk makes it easy to haul anything around town, from work materials to strollers, groceries, and more, while its engine selection allows drivers to harness excitement and confidence behind the wheel. With so many models to choose from in the Accord arsenal, it’s no surprise that drivers near and far have come to express their loyalty to this iconic Honda sedan.

An orange 2020 Honda Fit is shown from the front at an angle.

The Honda Fit

Not only was the Honda Fit extremely efficient and easy to whip in and out of packed parking lots, but it was also surprisingly roomy with a spacious cargo hold that quickly made it a top choice for drivers everywhere. Although this car has been discontinued from the Honda lineup since 2020, you’ll still notice them in abundance on streets across the country. Features, like the famous Magic Seat, allowed the Fit to transform to handle any travel scenario, whether drivers were carrying extra gear or an extra passenger around town, making it perfect for tackling any commute imaginable.

The Honda Civic

Of course, the Honda Civic would make this list, especially due to its celebrated history of performance and versatility in the industry. With many models available, ranging from dutiful highway travelers to sporty thrill seekers, there’s a Civic to appeal to any imaginable driver. The Civic sports awe-inspiring styling, and it’s a fantastic value, with drivers able to enjoy a comfortable ride with all the features they could ever want in an everyday vehicle. It’s not a sports car, per se, but the excitement that pumps out of its polished engines is undeniable, making the Civic one of the best Honda models on the road today, and we don’t see it going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

A red 2020 Honda Civic Sedan is shown from the side.

The Honda Clarity

Another Honda model you won’t find on new car lots these days is the Clarity sedan, which was discontinued in 2021, and was available as a plug-in hybrid or a hydrogen fuel cell model. The Clarity showcased an exceptionally efficient ride that was refined and controlled, paired with a cabin space that was equipped with desirable tech and comfort features to make any journey more enjoyable. A cleaner way to travel, the Clarity models put Honda on the map with those who wanted to do their part to preserve our environment, and these models are still on used car lots today, just waiting to impact any driver’s travels.

The Appeal of Used Sedans

People love saving money, especially nowadays when everything is so overpriced. This makes a used vehicle a no-brainer for many consumers, as they’ll be able to get a car equipped with everything they need in their ride for far less money than buying new. With Honda, the used lineup is epic, with some of the best models ever produced by the brand ready and willing to provide an unforgettable ride. The level of reliability drivers get to enjoy with the esteemed Honda brand is incomparable, which is why so many drivers are drawn to used Hondas across the country. The fact that drivers don’t have to compromise on what they want in a vehicle is what makes buying used so appealing.

Getting the model, trim level, features, and tech you want is possible when buying used, and with used sedans, drivers these days are getting more for their hard-earned money. Sedans are being sold in abundance due to their already low sticker prices and desirable features inside. Honda is at the head of the pack for its top-performing sedans, which also carry some of the highest resale values in the industry. So, the next time you read something about sedans becoming obsolete, remember that plenty of drivers all over the country prefer sedans over larger, more cumbersome, more expensive vehicles. The reign of the sedan is not over, not by a long shot, and Honda will be the first to tell you that its sedans are some of the most highly desired options in the industry.