A husband has his arm around his wife and his new keys in his hand while they lean on a used car for sale.

Save Big With A Used Car

Going with a used car is both smart and a great way to save money. Buying new cars might give you the latest and greatest, but it isn’t what you would call an excellent investment. As soon as the car is driven off the lot, it instantly reduces in value. In the mortgage industry, owing more than what the property is worth is referred to as an underwater mortgage. While nobody really uses the term underwater car payment, it is similar in comparison. It can take months, if not longer, before you begin to owe less than what the vehicle is worth. That is not true with a used car. When you go used, you allow the previous owner to swallow the depreciation costs, and you end up paying almost exactly what the vehicle is worth. When you are looking at used cars for sale, which is the best one to go with? We’ve listed several of the best bangs for your used car buck.

2007 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is Toyota’s luxury sedan. It basically is one step under a Lexus. In fact, if you want near-Lexus performance for a fraction of the price, a used Toyota Avalon is the way to go. And you can’t go wrong when buying a used Toyota. As long as it hasn’t been in a serious accident, most Toyotas are built to last. The 2007 model might have a few more miles on it than a newer option, but it’s a fantastic purchase that will give you some serious car performance for the price.

A grey 2007 Toyota Avalon is parked in front of desert mountains.

2010 Ford Crown Victoria

Want to really screw with your friends (and anyone else driving on the road)? Purchase a Ford Crown Victoria. This is the classic police car, and there is no mistaking those headlights with anything else. Sure, most police departments have now moved away from the Crown Vic and have invested in a number of vehicles (which, now makes it difficult to know if a police car is coming up on you while highway driving at night).

The beauty of the Crown Victory, besides looking like a police car (some might even have the external spotlight attachment on the side mirror), is it was designed to be driven hard. There’s a reason why police departments all around the country purchased this car. It has a solid engine and can take a real beating. Plus, the rear seat is especially spacious, and the trunk is about as large as you’re going to find for a vehicle of its size. So as long as you can get past the police car look (or maybe this is a selling point), the Ford Crown Vic is a fantastic used car that won’t break the bank.

2010 Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is one of those cars that you’re either going to hate how it looks or love how it looks. The Kia Soul is technically a hatchback as there is no trunk, and it opens up with a rear hatch. In a way, you could probably consider it a micro-crossover SUV due to this design, but in general, it is referred to as a sedan hatchback. The Kia Soul is a car that will always offer an affordable option, and this is one particular vehicle where the handling and performance seem to get better and better with every new release.

Now, we will say the blind spots are a bit to get used to when looking at this car. Some thick panels run between the rear door windows and the hatchback window, so you’ll need to check this out before making an official purchase, but when you want a vehicle that is a bit different and gives you some solid features for a very low price, it is hard to beat what the Kia Soul has to give.

2008 Subaru Impreza

The thing about Subaru owners is they love to tell you they are Subaru owners. It’s about on par with CrossFit people telling you they do CrossFit and gluten-free dieters telling you they are gluten-free. While we can’t speak for CrossFit or a gluten-free diet, we can speak on behalf of the Subaru Impreza. This model comes in both a traditional sedan build and as a hatchback wagon. It also is one of the least expensive sedans you’ll find with all-wheel-drive. Sometimes having AWD will be the difference between you making it out of your driveway in the middle of a snowstorm and being stuck, trying to pour kitty litter behind your wheels to gain traction. So keep your dignity and opt for a sedan with AWD.

2007 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord very much is a solid vehicle with excellent resale value. It isn’t the sexiest looking car on the list (in fact, it might be the least sexy looking car on the list), but sometimes there’s more to a car than looks. It is the reliable design, the fuel-efficient powertrain, and a car that will maintain its value. Few vehicles out there can hold their value like a Honda Accord. Something between the 2007 and 2010 range will give you nice performance features and reasonable mileage on the speedometer.

A silver 2007 Honda Accord is parked in front of trees.

2009 Toyota Corolla

Maybe you don’t need the extra luxury touches of the Avalon. Or perhaps you don’t mind opting for something a bit smaller. When that’s the case, you can go with the Toyota Corolla. Because the Corolla has a smaller price point to begin with, you can usually spring for a Corolla that is a few years newer and fewer miles on the speedometer than what you’d find with the Avalon. A used Corolla certainly offers you a great bang for your buck.

2012 Mazda3

The Mazda3 is one of the more stylish looking vehicles on the list. It has a small but peppy engine that will make it truly fun to drive. It’s a rather responsive vehicle that will give you a sporty feel yet a sedan body. This makes it a good car when you want the full backseat and adequate trunk space. It also has more of an aggressive look to it. If you’re shopping around for an affordable, small to mid-size sedan, you may end up coming down to the Mazda3 or the Corolla. Both of these vehicles are excellent used car purchases.

Save Thousands With A Used Car

These are just some of the most cost-effective vehicles you can buy used. All of these perform well and maintain their value for longer. This means, should you ever decide to trade it in or sell it yourself, you’ll be able to land a fair amount for the vehicle. Of course, the best-used cars for sales are the ones that deliver on your specific needs. So what do you look for in a used car? Do you want something with great gas mileage? Or perhaps you want something as close to brand new as possible? Let us know in the comments what interests you with new vehicles.