A grey 2021 Nissan Kicks is shown driving in a city after winning a 2021 Nissan Kicks vs 2021 Chevy Trax comparison.

Safety, Tech, and Fuel-Efficiency: The Kicks vs the Trax

Subcompact SUVs are abundant in today’s vehicle market. So, with so much competition, how do you choose the right model? The only way to do this is by closely comparing specs between the models. It’s too overwhelming to look at every current subcompact SUV at once, so let’s focus on two similar models. We’re looking at the 2021 Nissan Kicks vs 2021 Chevy Trax. When you’re shopping for a model like this, you want to choose the one with the lower price but the better benefits. Since it’s a small-framed model, the more safety features you get, the better!

This is why we believe that the Kicks is the better option. You get better gas mileage, a lower base price, and better standard safety features. When you compare these two models side-by-side, you can easily see that the Kicks has more bang for your buck. We’re excited to show you just how many ways that the Kicks beats the Trax in this faceoff.

Let’s Start With Driver Assist Features

Nissan is well-equipped when it comes to safety, and while Chevy is a good safety brand as well, Nissan’s standard features are what help make it stand out. The 2021 Nissan Kicks includes standard Nissan Safety Shield 360. Since this safety suite comes standard, you get it at no additional cost. This means you can purchase the lowest S trim and still get 6 different major driver assist features.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Nissan 360 Safety Shield can do. First off, it includes Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, along with Rear Automatic Braking. These features use sensors to detect objects, vehicles, and people, and they will automatically apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t get to it quickly enough. Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Warning are also present on the standard Nissan Safety Shield 360. These driver assist features can detect vehicles that drivers cannot see, using cameras and sensors to send alerts and warnings to the driver.

Finally, High Beam Assist comes standard on this model. This removes the need to dim your bright lights when another vehicle is approaching. Instead, High Beam Assist automatically detects oncoming vehicles and dims the lights for you. Once the vehicle has passed, the bright lights come back on automatically.

In addition to these standard features, you can add luxury driver assist options such as Intelligent Driver Alertness and an Intelligent AroundView Mirror. This first feature works to help detect when a driver is tired or not attentive, and the latter option provides drivers with a 360 view of their vehicle. The Kicks is the only vehicle in its class to include this surround-view monitor feature that even includes a birds-eye view of the model. Overall, the 2021 Nissan Kicks is packed with cost-free driver assist features that help drivers stay more attentive and safe.

Conversely, the 2021 Chevy Trax does not include a standard safety suite. In addition to this, even its available driver assist features are minimal. On the Trax, you’ll get a standard rear vision camera, but everything else costs extra. These additional options include Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Rear Park Assist. When you need a subcompact SUV, the 2021 Nissan Kicks is more affordable and much safer than the 2021 Chevy Trax.

A white 2021 Chevy Trax is shown from the side parked on a city street.

Which Model Performs the Best?

In addition to safety, most subcompact crossover drivers want a model that’s capable but also fuel-efficient. This is where the 2021 Nissan Kicks dominates. While both models are small and easy on the gas tank, the Kicks provides drivers with up to 36 miles per gallon on the highway and 31 miles per gallon in the city. On the other hand, the 2021 Chevy Trax only reaches 32 miles per gallon on the highway and a mere 24 miles per gallon in the city, and its AWD variant is even less fuel efficient. The Kicks clearly wins by a landslide here.

Technology Features?

Another important factor to consider when buying a subcompact crossover is your standard and available technology features. While both models include standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an optional Wi-Fi Hotspot, the Kicks comes with a larger infotainment system and a unique High-Fidelity Audio System. In short, this system is attached to the driver’s headrest to better increase audio quality while you’re driving. You can also kick it up a notch with the “increased envelopment” and “full immersion” settings. Most small crossovers like this do not include highly developed audio systems, but the Kicks is ahead of its time.

You can also add several tech features to the Kicks that are not available on the Trax, such as Amazon Alexa Connectivity, Google Assistant Connectivity, and the Automatic Collision Notification feature, which instantly contacts emergency services when you’re in an accident. You can also set up customizable alerts that let you keep tabs on whoever is driving your Kicks. Here, you can set speed limits, location boundaries, curfews, and much more. When any of these rules are broken, you’ll get a notification sent directly to your smartphone or smart device.

Both vehicles do include an option for remote vehicle start. However, the 2021 Nissan Kicks is much more tech-savvy overall and for a more affordable price.

A blue 2021 Nissan Kicks is shown from the rear driving through a city.

Interior Luxury at an Affordable MSRP

When you purchase an affordable and small vehicle like a subcompact crossover, you probably do not expect much in terms of interior quality. While the Trax confirms that assumption, the 2021 Nissan Kicks challenges it. Nissan does this by providing drivers with Zero Gravity seating, which is designed to reduce fatigue and soreness using the same technology that is used for space crafts. In addition to comfort, these seats can also be heated, and so can the steering wheel. Plus, the Kicks includes a center console with hidden storage, whereas the Trax does not. For an interior that you don’t have to just settle for due to your budget, check out the 2021 Nissan Kicks before you consider test driving the Chevy Trax.

Which Model Is Best for Me?

As you can see, the 2021 Nissan Kicks won each of our categories by a landslide. You get cheaper pricing, more safety features, better fuel economy, AND better standard tech assets. The short answer here is that the Nissan Kicks is definitely the subcompact model for you. But the main reason you’ll want to consider this Nissan model over the Chevy is its plethora of safety technologies.

The Kicks goes beyond the features we’ve already mentioned as well. In addition to its driver assist features, it includes seven additional safety technologies. These include a traction control system that helps prevent and correct wheelspin and anti-lock braking to help you out in those last-minute scenarios. You’ll also get Vehicle Dynamic Control which detects both understeer and oversteer and helps you correct it. Finally, the Kicks includes its own special airbag system that includes front, side, and curtain airbags for the ultimate protection level.

The 2021 Nissan Kicks vs the 2021 Chevy Trax battle has commenced, and the decision between these two models has never been clearer. If you like to stay safe and save money, you’ll easily choose the 2021 Nissan Kicks.