A 2024 Ram Rampage R/T is shown driving on a track after visiting a Ram dealer.

Ram Influence

In today’s automotive market, it can often feel like we are seeing the same thing repeatedly. While the pickup trucks we see across various brands always feature new upgrades and innovations, years and years of seeing the same models, again and again can become tiresome. That is why Ram is bursting onto the scene with an all-new model that will hit your local Ram dealer in the 2024 vehicle year: the Ram Rampage. It is not often that an all-new, high-octane pickup truck is released, and this compact pickup truck’s specs and features afford drivers luxury and adventure anywhere they go. There is a lot to be excited about.

The Ram Rampage is, according to Ram, essentially a smaller version of the Ram 1500, one of their most capable and trusted vehicles. But try to avoid thinking that the Ram Rampage is identical to the Ram 1500, just in a small package. This new model brings its own unique features and flair to the table that gives it its own distinct style and personality on any road. Being a more compact pickup truck, the Ram Rampage will offer drivers plenty of dexterity and unbeatable efficiency, leaving competing pickup trucks in the dust when they roll out in 2024.

Though many details of the 2024 Ram Rampage have yet to be unveiled, there is much to look forward to in this new pickup from Ram. This vehicle is sure to give drivers of both a casual and adventurous nature precisely what they want out of a pickup, making it an excellent vehicle for those who want the style and power of a truck but do not want it to take up too much space. So, what do we know so far about the 2024 Ram Rampage? Though we have yet to get the whole picture, what information has been released indicates that it could change the pickup truck game.

A white 2024 Ram Rampage is shown driving off-road.

What We Know So Far

The Ram Rampage model is currently available in Brazil, so we can tell a few things from the models that are presently in production. However, there are sure to be a few differences between the Brazilian models and the American models that will hit dealerships next year, so it is essential to take the specs of the overseas models with a grain of salt.

One thing we know about the 2024 American models is that they will likely run on the same powertrain as the Brazilian ones, that powertrain being a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 268 horsepower, a fantastic amount of power for a pickup truck that is so compact. A 9-speed transmission works with this engine to provide the most efficient experience possible while bringing out the vehicle’s power in dynamic and impressive ways. This engine also affords the Ram Rampage 280 lb-ft of torque, giving acceleration a kick and allowing it to really move.

Currently, the 2024 Ram Rampage model is estimated to have a starting price of anywhere between $34,000 to $50,000, which is quite a price hike compared to other pickup trucks of a similar caliber currently available. However, if the Ram Rampage model’s performance specs are any indication, there are sure to be plenty of high-value and luxury features in the vehicle that make it worth the price. From interior style to technology and convenience features, a lot has yet to be unveiled with the Ram Rampage, so we suggest reserving judgment until those details are available.

The black and brown interior and dash of a 2024 Ram Rampage is shown.

What Kind of Pickup Will the 2024 Ram Rampage Be?

Though much remains uncertain about the 2024 Ram Rampage, we can discern a few things about the vehicle from the specs we have available. For starters, since it is a compact pickup, the 2024 Ram Rampage will only sometimes have the capability that those who want to use their truck for work purposes are looking for. Though its 280 lb-ft of torque does suggest that it will have light towing capability, it likely will not have the power necessary to move heavier machinery and equipment. However, should you need to move more lightweight gear for more recreational purposes, we can assume the Rampage model will be able to handle that.

The Ram Rampage model’s lighter weight class will almost certainly benefit drivers who need a vehicle for everyday purposes. Its 2.0-liter engine is sure to provide the car with plenty of power, but in addition to that, it is sure to make it quite efficient. In Brazil, the Ram Rampage models that run on this engine achieve a combined fuel economy of about 21 mpg, which, for a pickup truck of this caliber, is quite competitive. It is possible that the American iteration of the vehicle could feature a slightly different fuel economy. Still, if it is running on the same engine and transmission, this will likely not change much.

Pickup trucks of smaller weight classes tend to lean into luxury and comfort features more. And with the current estimated price tag of the 2024 Ram Rampage, this is likely the case for this model as well. In Brazil, the Ram Rampage features leather upholstery throughout the vehicle, giving the interior a refined, dignified feeling that compliments the intimidating exterior body shell. Brazilian models also feature a 12.3-inch infotainment system that is connected to a 10-speaker sound system throughout the vehicle, making the Ram Rampage as advanced as it is powerful. Though we have yet to determine how many of these features will transfer to the American version of the vehicle, whatever it may be fitted with, it will not be a far cry from these features.

A blue 2024 Ram Rampage is shown parked near a house.

Let’s Wrap it Up.

It can often feel like the automotive industry has stagnated in terms of bringing new things to the table. While new innovations can be found in all sorts of vehicles with each passing year, new models that bring something fresh to the table are not always easy to come by. That is why there is so much to be excited about in the 2024 Ram Rampage. From exciting possibilities for adventure on (and possibly off) the open road to bold, head-turning style to endless practicality, the new Ram Rampage model is shaping up to be a vehicle that can make a truck driver out of anyone.

So, how can you stay up to date with the latest on the 2024 Ram Rampage? Well, the new year is coming up fast, and with that next vehicle year on the horizon, Ram is sure to release more information on the Rampage model soon. They are sure to keep their website updated as details become available, and while that is a great place to start, you are sure to have a great experience having an actual conversation with someone from your local Ram dealer. Even if they do not have the details on when one of these fantastic pickups will be available on their lot, they will surely have the latest intel on specs, features, and other information that might not be readily available to others.

The 2024 Ram Rampage will be sure to make countless drivers flock to Ram dealerships, so if you want to get in on the action, call or stop by your local dealership to make sure you have the latest on this new beast from one of the most trusted truck providers in the industry.