A silver 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe hybrid is shown charging.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go in Colorado With the Jeep 4xe Hybrid Wrangler

With such well-beloved traditions as off-roading, mudding, rock climbing, and water fording, Jeep people have a special place in their hearts for their vehicles. There’s a plethora of accessories, packages, and add-ons, plus an array of bumper stickers, clothing, and driving accessories that are bought by Jeep fans every year. Special off-roading and trail events are held in a variety of places, and if you’ve ever driven a Jeep, you may have experienced the bond between Jeep owners. But what happens when a new Jeep appears on the horizon? Will Jeep drivers accept this newcomer, even though its power source is different from the typical gasoline-fueled engine that’s usually installed in a Jeep?

It can be difficult to accept change, especially if, at first, it doesn’t seem to be a popular choice or it is suspected to be less powerful. Jeep, however, has continuously pushed the boundaries of Jeep design and ability, and the newest Jeep 4xe hybrid for sale is just as dependable, powerful, and fun as a non-hybrid, with added benefits. In fact, you can enjoy your off-roading trips more, and to explore that, let’s take a look at three of the amazing Colorado trails you could travel with your Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid and how you can benefit from going to a hybrid model rather than continuing with a gas-powered one.

Colorado State Forest

One of the perks of trail driving or going off-road is you get to see more of the natural world than you would by staying on the road. When you get the opportunity to be out in nature, you can be an explorer, a discoverer of the world around you. You’ll get to see the sky changing colors, the tree leaves trembling in the wind, waterfalls pouring over worn rock, wildflowers in their natural habitat, and, if you’re lucky, wild animals.

Colorado State Forest State Park is a great place to visit with a hybrid. For one, you’re eliminating some air pollution by choosing a hybrid, but you also might get to see more wildlife because the hybrid is so quiet. Off-road noise from a vehicle is a big deterrent for animals because they know it means danger.

If you’re lucky, you can spot moose in the 71,000-acre state park, along with other Colorado wildlife like black bears, elk, and bighorn sheep, along with smaller animals like rabbits and birds. There are multiple trails, as well as areas for camping and hiking. You can check out one of the three lakes, spend some time in the Medicine Bow Mountains, or explore the many nature trails winding through the forest.

Being able to visit a wild environment and actively take part in producing less pollution while also being quieter than the standard vehicle is a great way to appreciate nature. You’ll take in so much more of the landscape, and you’ll still be able to do all the things you love, like splashing through a creek, climbing rocks and logs, and following that trail to see where it ends.

Holy Cross City Jeep Road

Maybe you’ve been a Jeepster for quite some time now, and you want a new challenge. You want to go bigger and go bolder, and you know you can handle any type of terrain or any type of weather. There’s a place you might want to look into, if that’s the case––the Holy Cross City Jeep Road, one of the highest roads in the state of Colorado and also one of the more extreme trails, only for experienced drivers. Holy Cross City Jeep Road is located in the Rockies of central Colorado, and upon driving the entirety of the nearly four-mile road, you’ll enter Holy Cross City itself, tucked away in the mountains, where you can enjoy the crisp, fresh air, the cold water of Cleveland Lake, and the incredibly beautiful mountain range.

When the going gets tough, the hybrid Jeep Wrangler can help navigate tricky areas, especially since it adds an extra boost with its powertrain pairing of engine and motor. More horsepower, fewer emissions, and speedy acceleration? Yes, please! It can also provide longer motor support when you elect to use the regenerative braking, which recharges the motor every time you decelerate or come to a complete stop. You can swerve, stop, and accelerate on a dime, which is especially helpful when you’re navigating more extreme trails.

When you take the Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid for a spin, you’ll understand what it’s like to experience pure and unadulterated freedom. You won’t have to worry about having a limited electric range, and you’ll be able to dodge, drive, and climb with the best of them. You’ll be able to reach one of the highest points in Colorado if you take the Holy Cross City Jeep Road, as it ends in the city, and the elevation is almost 12,000 feet above sea level.

Wagon Wheel Trail System

OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle Riding) opportunities can be found everywhere in Colorado, but perhaps one of the best places to learn is the Wagon Wheel Trail System in Northwest Colorado––a project put together and implemented by Rio Blanco County. With over 250 miles of trails, there’s plenty of room for everyone to drive, along with multiple opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and nature photography. Fancy a jaunt into Meeker, Colorado, and the nearby White River National Forest? You can take your hybrid Jeep, your family and friends, a picnic, and some outdoor gear and spend the day basking in the sunshine, spotting wildlife, and stretching your legs while enjoying the gorgeous views.

What’s nice about having a hybrid in these conditions is that you don’t have to rely on gas as much or even at all. You can plug it in at work or at home, and depending on your charger, you can get a full charge after only two hours at Level II. Stop on your way into the forest and charge up, and then charge back up after your day of splashing in the cool mountain water, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather. You don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into the air if you’re using your hybrid’s motor the most. You can relax instead, knowing that you’re not dumping something harmful in but helping to take care of the surrounding environment.

The Wagon Wheel Trail System includes trails spread throughout several counties on a variety of terrain that can be accessed for most of the year. You won’t ever run out of things to do there, and you’ll see something different every time. With your hybrid at your side, you’ll also get to explore without a guilty conscience, knowing that you are leaving wild places clean and fresh for other visitors for many years to come.

A white 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe hybrid is shown off-roading after visiting a Jeep 4xe hybrid for sale.

Get Down and Dirty in a Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid

Whether you’re new to the Jeep community or you’ve been off-roading for years, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid will surprise you with its power and agility. You’ll be able to traverse any kind of wilderness, including everything from dirt roads to muddy riverbeds. You can stop to appreciate the beauty around you at any given moment, but speed is just a touch away in case you want to feel the wind on your face and in your hair.

With so many places to explore just in Colorado, you have plenty of space in which to explore, dream, and stargaze, from Northern Colorado’s State Forest State Park, to higher up in Holy Cross City, to the varied landscape of the Wagon Wheel trail system. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid can take you to all those places and will do so with efficiency and, most importantly, fun. You can enjoy going off-road with fellow Jeepsters, your kids, your friends, your pets, anyone who wants to be in the great outdoors as much as you do. The Jeep 4xe hybrid is a faithful fellow adventurer, and if you haven’t tried it out for yourself yet, do it as quickly as you can––you’ll love the experience, and with any luck, you’ll be driving one of your own very, very soon after. Get ready for a whole new world to experience, brought to you by the latest and greatest in hybrid technology.