A blue 2024 Lexus TX for sale is shown driving on a city street.

Location Matters: The Exclusivity of the New Lexus TX

When you see a 2024 Lexus TX for sale, you might be interested to know there’s a unique selling point to this three-row luxury SUV. Where the Lexus TX is being manufactured and the market it’s designed for will make this new SUV a hot commodity, and potentially change the industry.

The Lexus name has long signified elegance and comfort since it first debuted in 1989. Toyota created the division to be a special avenue for luxury vehicles, which they felt would best be produced under a new name. (Honda did much the same with its Acura brand and saw similar success, as well as Nissan with the Infiniti brand.) The Lexus TX, which premieres this year, does not stand out just because of its luxury, but because it’s going to be exclusively produced at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI). This means the Lexus TX will be made in North America, specifically for North American drivers, which will make this luxury vehicle a highlight of the automotive market.

From a buyer’s standpoint, there’s a nice feeling when you know a vehicle is being made with you in mind. Since the Lexus TX will be produced only in Indiana, with North America as the market, American and Canadian drivers can feel more special with the notion that they now have a Lexus luxury SUV that’s all their own. That’s not to say that other Lexus options won’t still be desirable in North America. A Lexus is still a Lexus, but the Lexus TX will be truly special. Other luxury brands operating in North America may want to watch out as it’s clear Lexus plans to extend its already considerable reach.

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The Significance of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana

Lexus TX being manufactured only at TMMI is notable for a number of reasons. Its exclusivity is the biggest, of course. As a luxury vehicle, the fact that it is only being produced at one location immediately makes it a more desirable ride. Scarcity can be a selling point, especially for luxury automobiles. It’s why limited editions are so sought after by car aficionados.

However, there’s an extra layer to this exclusivity. This is the first time a Lexus has ever been produced at TMMI. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but it could mean there will be a larger expansion of the Lexus operation in North America in the future. At the very least, it means that Lexus feels there is some untapped potential in the market that they want to explore. This should be exciting news for North American Lexus lovers.

The Lexus TX rolling out of the TMMI is also noteworthy because the TMMI is a landmark operation, one of Toyota’s biggest and best manufacturing facilities. The facility opened in 1996 and has since been at the cutting edge of the automobile industry, with technicians and robots working side by side to produce some of the top vehicles on the market today. In 2022 alone, the facility manufactured 351,072 units, an astonishing sign of productivity. Similar to how the Lexus TX will only be produced there, the Highlander has only been produced at TMMI for the past seven years, which has resulted in great success for Toyota. It’s no surprise that Lexus will try a similar move with its new luxury SUV. It’s a promise that the Lexus TX will be of the absolute highest quality.

The impressive capabilities of the plant are why the Lexus TX can be as luxurious, spacious, and powerful as it is. For those in the know, the fact that a vehicle is produced at TMMI means it’s one to keep a close eye on.

What’s the Story Behind the Lexus TX?

The Lexus TX is a brand-new model, but it does have its roots in existing Lexus vehicles. The Lexus TX will be yet another Lexus classic that uses the popular GA-K platform as its base structure. The GA-K platform grants the Lexus TX a low center of gravity and better weight distribution, which results in a more relaxing yet maneuverable ride. Since comfort is such a key part of the Lexus TX’s appeal, its body has been designed to reduce vibrations and noise so that the driver and passengers can travel without annoying distractions. There’s one word that will be coming to mind when you’re on the highway in a Lexus TX: smooth. With its three-row seating, you’ll be able to bring along a lot of passengers that you can impress with your SUV’s elegant ride.

We are also intrigued by the fact that the Lexus TX will come with two hybrid options for its powertrain, including one that’s a plug-in. Clearly, Lexus plans for this SUV to stand the test of time since hybrids, plug-ins, and electric power will be the future. None of the hybrid engines will sacrifice performance, either. In fact, the plug-in Lexus TX will have the ability to produce 406 horsepower. This plug-in hybrid powertrain will be released a little later than the gas and standard hybrid, but it will mark the first plug-in hybrid Lexus produced in North America, yet another groundbreaking element for this SUV.

Of course, even a powerful and luxurious SUV will come up short if it cannot provide spacious seating and plenty of cargo room. In terms of comfort, Lexus made it a high priority that each row of seating can easily seat adults without making them feel cramped. No one will be dreading getting stuck in the back, because the rear seats are just as enjoyable as the front seats. With the second and third rows folded down, the Lexus TX will provide you with 97 cubic feet of cargo volume. This makes it easy to bring along whatever equipment, luggage, or athletic gear you want without having to make tough decisions about what to leave behind.

As a bonus, the Lexus TX can tow 5,000 pounds no matter which engine you settle on. This gives you even more options of where to travel. Suddenly, camping becomes simple when you can bring along plenty of items from home so that the outdoors doesn’t seem too imposing.

In order to make this SUV so special, it needed a special home. That’s why Lexus has chosen one of its hallmark facilities to produce it.

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When Does It Hit the Market?

The Lexus TX will be rolling out of TMMI in the second half of 2023 as a 2024 model, and it will no doubt take the automotive world by storm. From its exclusive nature to its incredible performance stats to its spacious seating, the Lexus TX will be forcing other manufacturers to raise their game if they want to stay competitive.

Its arrival also points to why manufacturing location matters. The Lexus TX would be a huge addition to the 2024 lineup no matter where it was made, but the fact that it’s going to be made in just one plant and for just North America results in even more anticipation. That uniqueness grants the Lexus TX a bit more luxury and elegance, which is why we suspect it’s going to be an in-demand SUV well into the new year.