A popular Kia hybrid, a blue 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid, is shown driving on a city street.

Kia Makes It Easy to Make the Jump to the World of Hybrids

Gas plus electricity equals a hybrid. But throw style and affordability into the equation, and you get Kia’s lineup of hybrids. Kia has grown by leaps and bounds; the Southern Korean automaker branched out in 2011 with its first available hybrid, an Optima hybrid, followed closely by an Optima plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV model), and in 2014, the first electric Kia Soul. Kia is even credited with creating the first hybrid minivan, the Niro, a PHEV. Since the inception of its first hybrid, Kia has continued to redesign and upgrade its green models to create some of the top-selling affordable hybrid vehicles on the market.

But why should a driver go with a hybrid instead of a traditional gas engine or an EV, for that matter? Great question, and the answer is quite simple: flexibility. With a hybrid, you get the familiarity of a gas engine with the option to switch over to electric to go farther on less. When you upgrade to a PHEV model, you get the feel of what it is like to own an electric vehicle. You become familiar with charging, and suddenly, making the leap from gas to electric doesn’t feel so big anymore.

With Kia, drivers can save even more when they go green, considering many Kia hybrid models offer a lot in the way of space, efficiency, and convenience, all at a lower price than many other hybrids on the market. Drivers interested in switching to a hybrid will get a lot of value when they go with a brand like Kia. In the last few years, the automaker has increased its green lineup in the US to include six hybrids and two all-electric models. But if you’re not ready to go all in with an EV, check out Kia’s great range of hybrids, all waiting to introduce you to the benefits of going green.

A gray 2023 Kia Sorento is shown driving off-road.

The Kia Sorento Hybrids

Kia offers drivers two options that make it easy to decide on a Sorento. The model is offered both as a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. So what’s the difference? They are nearly the same, except the PHEV requires charging. If you want to make a switch to a full EV eventually, getting a PHEV gives you a feel for what it’s like to charge your car (Hint: It’s as straightforward as charging your phone!).

The Sorento hybrid twin offers drivers the feel of a high-end midsize hybrid but without the high cost. The Sorento styling was crafted to invoke a modern but friendly styling, which makes the hybrid perfect for urban driving or road tripping. The seating is designed to support and relax to take the street out of long or stressful trips.

In the latest 2023 Kia Hybrid, drivers can expect to find a 1.6L gas engine that pairs nicely with a 6-speed transmission and a lithium-ion battery for a perfectly balanced output of power and efficiency. The battery in the Hybrid requires no charging. The car’s Regenerative Braking System was designed to transfer energy from braking into the battery to give it a charge while increasing the efficiency of the vehicle. The Kia Hybrid delivers a combined fuel economy of 37 MPG. This can vary depending on driving conditions and whether you opt for front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

On the other hand, The Sorento Plug-In Hybrid can take drivers a combined 79MPGe or switch over to all-electric mode and get an impressive 34 miles. The exterior is as sleek and sporty as the Kia Hybrid, while the inside is just as user-friendly. The Sorento Plug-In Hybrid has an impressive turbocharged drivetrain that offers a whopping 261 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.

The Kia Niro Hybrids

Kia Niro is a small SUV that is offered both as a hybrid and a hybrid plug-in. Like the Sorento models, these two don’t differ much when it comes to appearance. The modern Niro is perfect for small families, weekend road trips, and tackling the concrete jungle. While its hybrid engineering makes it perfect if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. The Niro Hybrid pairs an efficient 1.6L engine with an electric motor, which gives drivers an estimated combined 49 MPG. This earned the Niro Hybrid the title of “Best-In-Class Efficiency.” Regenerative braking and a six-speed transmission help drivers save without sacrificing performance.

The Niro Hybrid Plug-In model is equally impressive, offering an all-electric range of 33 miles or a combined 108 MPGe. The Plug-In hybrid powertrain allows drivers to seamlessly switch between the gas engine and electric motor. It’s another ideal model for drivers who are interested in jumping over to the hybrid world.

A green 2023 Kia Niro Hybrid is shown parked near a building.

The Kia Sportage Hybrids

The last set of hybrids Kia currently has available are the Sportage Hybrid and Sportage Hybrid Plug-In. This is a midsize SUV that works for small or growing families. Updated styling pairs well with the green technology of the two models. The Sportage Hybrid has a lot of great things in store for drivers, including a noteworthy Best-In-Class horsepower of 227 hp plus 258 lb-ft of torque. The gas and electric turbocharged powertrain means a Best-In-Class combined fuel economy of 43 MPG or an overall range of around 500 miles.

To get even more efficiency, switch it up to the Sportage Hybrid Plug-In for additional savings at the pumps and increased range. When you opt for the Hybrid Plug-In, enjoy a combined fuel economy of 84 MPGe plus an all-electric range of 34 miles. Expect a driving range that totals around 430 miles. Drivers don’t have to compromise power to get efficiency either. The Sportage Plug-in puts out 261 hp with 258 lb-ft of torque for a rewarding and unforgettable drive with less carbon emission than ever.

Charging Up With Kia Hybrids

Kia makes it easy for drivers to make the switch to electric with their flexible range of plug-in hybrids. The plug-in vehicles offer drivers two simple ways to charge, at home or on the go. At home, Kia owners can get a charging station installed thanks to the automaker’s partnership with ChargePoint. The at-home charging uses 240 volts to give you a great charging speed. You can easily access your charging station using the convenient ChargePoint App. The available Webasto Go system gives you the convenience of a portable charger that works for both a 240v or 120v charging unit.

And thanks to the rapid growth of public charging stations, giving your battery a boost while on the go is effortless. Kia works with Electrifying America to bring electric and hybrid drivers more than 3,000 public charging stations across the country. By 2025, you can expect to see that number grow to over 10,000 chargers! Using the Kia App, hybrid drivers can access great information that helps them monitor their battery’s progress, schedule a charging time, and start or stop charging when needed. They can also use the app to help them pinpoint nearby charging points to make road trips and charging straightforward and stress-free.

A gray 2023 Kia Niro Hybrid is shown driving on a city street.

Move Forward to a Greener Future With Kia

Kia’s impressive green hybrid models give drivers a range of prices and styles, so it’s simple to find a hybrid that works for you and your lifestyle. Offering a hybrid in addition to a hybrid plug-in model gives buyers the luxury of choice without having to compromise. Kia is an automaker that aims to go green from start to finish. They employ eco-friendly practices throughout production to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and pollutants, so you can feel good knowing your hybrid was ethically produced using safe environmental practices.

Drivers who simply want to reduce their carbon footprint will enjoy the ease of Kia’s hybrid crossovers and SUVs; no charging is necessary! Go farther with fewer stops, all without sacrificing performance or style. But if you’re curious about changing from gas to electric, a Kia PHEV model is a great place to start. Kia makes charging your car’s battery straightforward and convenient. Enjoy the smooth driving experience the perfect balance of gas and electricity can offer, all without straining your budget. Look forward, not back, when you make the change and go green with a Kia hybrid.