A white 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee from a used Jeep Grand Cherokee dealer is driving on a dirt trail.

Jeep Life: Opulent Freedom in a Grand Cherokee

The Jeep brand has made a name for itself worldwide for building vehicles that can go anywhere, but Jeep also builds some of the most luxurious SUVs on the market. Cue the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has true off-road capabilities for you to conquer the outdoors while seated in a luxurious cabin. Fortunately, if the cost of a new Grand Cherokee is out of your price range, this is a vehicle that has incredible longevity. If you head to a used Jeep Grand Cherokee dealer near you, you can purchase a Grand Cherokee for a reduced price and enjoy the benefits of one of Jeep’s most upscale models.

Some of the best aspects of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are its wide-ranging off-road capability, high tow ratings, and the number of trim choices to suit different lifestyles. One of the best things about owning a Jeep is knowing it’s a true SUV that can deliver all the sportiness and utility this class of vehicle is meant to provide. If you’re a person who loves to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer in its most unexplored places, but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and convenience, a used Jeep Grand Cherokee could be the perfect SUV for you. Buyers who want a Jeep that can handle the backwoods and the city streets will find versatility in this SUV’s ability. Let’s take a look at both the brawn and the beauty of the Grand Cherokee.

The Power Behind the Capability

To be able to conquer hillsides, ford streams, and roll over rock formations, you need an engine that has the right amount of horsepower and torque for the job. While some Grand Cherokee models are built more for off-road adventuring than others, they can all provide some off-road capability. The standard engine going back to 2011 is a Pentastar V6. Beyond that, Jeep offered the option of a variety of HEMI V8 engines for more serious power, including the incredible supercharged 6.2L Hellcat. Also standard is rear-wheel drive, which is better for towing if you plan to bring along a small camper or trailer with gear, but four-wheel drive is an option that could be added to any trim.

Additional features like the Quadra-lift air suspension system, selectable drive modes, a two-speed transfer case, and limited-slip differentials are all options to seek out if you want more off-road prowess for trail riding or back-woods boondocking. With the Quadra-lift suspension, you will gain a more comfortable ride and have a higher ride height for better approach and departure angles. Different drive modes will offer more tuned-in steering and traction for specific types of terrain, and the available two-speed transfer case and limited-slip differential allow for low-speed crawling over large obstacles that require more finesse. Buyers who are really serious about getting off-road may want to seek models with the Off-Road Adventure package that adds skid plates, tow hooks, and off-road tires.

The luxurious black dashboard and steering wheel are shown in a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Technology for Modern Life and Adventure Combined

Jeep has been utilizing its Uconnect system for infotainment for a decade, and it’s a very user-friendly system that is easy to navigate. Even the base model Grand Cherokee will come with satellite radio and an auxiliary outlet for connecting your phone, but the upgraded trims will have features like nine-speaker audio systems, Bluetooth, multiple USB ports, and navigation. More recent models have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and WiFi, plus a large suite of satellite-linked features for services even in the most far-reaching places. Another recent option to be found on upper trims is the ultimate parental delight for long trips: rear-seat entertainment. Both single and dual screens could be found on used models and are available with wireless headsets so the kids can cozy up in the back seats to enjoy watching movies while you enjoy the silence.

An aspect of the available satellite navigation for more recent models is that it can allow for trail riding in the backcountry, helping you to find your way back to civilization. No need to worry about whether or not a cell tower is near, nor do you need to climb the nearest mountain to get a signal. When you’re driving in cities, this same system will keep you updated on traffic so you can navigate around the slow-moving areas. For those who love the option of using remote features accessed via your smartphone, the Uconnect system in recent model years will even have the option to start, lock, or check vehicle diagnostics from anywhere.

A gray 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is driving on track at dusk.

Interior Luxury and Functionality

In 2011, Jeep modified its design of the Grand Cherokee with a longer wheelbase and more refined interior features, among a few other mechanical tweaks to make it a much more attractive and upscale vehicle. The rear seats gained extra room to accommodate passengers more comfortably, plus the addition of optional features like a panoramic sunroof and a powered liftgate satisfied the crowd who likes convenience. No matter which trim level you find, looking at the 2011 and later models will mean more use of soft-touch materials, available premium leather and wood-grain trimmings, and the option of leather seats.

There will be no mistaking the Grand Cherokee for anything but a Jeep. However, this particular model of the Jeep brand was always made with premium options in mind. Riding on asphalt in a Wrangler may not be a pleasant experience due to the off-road equipment, with the rugged suspension and off-road tires being two of the worst culprits behind poor ride quality. For the Grand Cherokee, Jeep ensured a better ride quality on paved roadways so you could have your cake and eat it, too. Use your Grand Cherokee for daily commutes, taking the kids to school, and getting groceries, or head out of town to your favorite trail in the desert for a little time away from the city. It’s the perfect vehicle for weekend adventuring, and the larger rear cargo area of the design from 2011 models means you have more space for gear or groceries, whichever you plan to load.

The Fun Side of Jeep Life

Jeep buyers don’t always plan to use their Grand Cherokee as an off-road adventure machine, even though it can do a lot of fancy tricks in the wilderness. One particularly great feature of a used Grand Cherokee is that its powerful V8 engines give you the option of towing your boat or camper if you plan to take family vacations or romantic getaways. Then again, you may want to get away on your own for a little quiet time, but whatever your reason for escape, you could have the capability of towing up to 7,200 pounds with the proper equipment. Trailer sway control, hill descent control, and traction and stability control are all features of the Grand Cherokee and will make towing a simple proposition – particularly if the previous owner already had a hitch installed.

Getting away from everything isn’t the only fun part of Jeep ownership. Since 1941, Jeep has made it a part of all its models to incorporate “Easter eggs” into every design. If you aren’t aware of this practice already, “Easter eggs” are hidden graphics that can be found anywhere on the vehicle, such as small pictures you might spy inside the glove box, inside the fuel-filler door, or even in the headlight like the first Easter egg ever hidden in a Jeep. This fun aspect of Jeep ownership can be a delightful game to discover the hidden graphics as you get to know your Grand Cherokee. It’s all fun and games with a Jeep, and then you can add the comforts of heated seats and powered accessories to make it a ride anyone will envy.