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Is A Used Jeep A Smart Choice?

It can be a challenge to explore the many local used car dealerships for your next pre-owned vehicle. If you want something that is reliable, easy to handle, fun to drive all while costing less than an expensive new vehicle, considering used is a terrific choice. Unfortunately, finding the right used vehicle is difficult when you don’t know what brand or models to check out.

Some people have a specific brand they naturally go to when looking for a used car. Maybe from experience or reputation, going with a trusted brand can make the buying process that much easier. This is why so many people start their used car search with a Jeep model. Jeep has been around for decades, meaning you can find plenty of quality used models like the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Liberty, and Renegade for an affordable price.

Many have put their trust and loyalty in the reliability, integrity, and just plain “fun” the Jeep brand has to offer. If you’re in the market for an SUV, now is the time to discover why the Jeep brand of quality, off-roading, and family-friendly vehicles may be perfect for you.

Built To Survive


Jeep started as a brand with one purpose in mind: build reliable, general-purpose vehicles for the military. Before World War II, many military vehicles were either single purpose or drastically unreliable in performance and longevity. The company that would eventually become Jeep recognized the military required something better to serve the troops in times of combat.

When vying for the military’s contract, the company drove the precursor of the Jeep Wrangler up the steps of the Capitol building to demonstrate and prove just how capable their new creation was. Impressed, the military top brass signed the company on, revolutionizing the standard for military vehicles to this very day.

In discussing the potential of a used Jeep, it’s important to consider this history of Jeep to understand where the manufacturer comes from when designing and building its models. Unlike other automotive manufacturers that try to cut corners to save money, Jeep is all about reliability, durability, and longevity. Built to survive the harsh realities of war, many Jeep models come from a history of over-engineering to withstand different types of challenging terrain and harsh conditions.

When it comes to SUV’s, a history as storied as the Jeep brand is perfect as a potential candidate when shopping for a used car.  An SUV that has been designed to survive in challenging conditions for decades will prove itself a reliable and trustworthy vehicle even if it has hundreds of thousands of miles on it.

In addition to being a reliable, family-friendly vehicle considering a Jeep as your next SUV also opens the door to a world of fun and exciting adventure as a worthy off-road vehicle. Many used Jeeps come ready-made to go off-road, offering higher ground clearance, tuned suspension, all-wheel drive, and general-purpose tires. You may even find some used Jeeps that have been custom tailored for enhanced off-road performance with bigger tires, lift kits, off-road accessories, and more.

Different Models To Consider


Even though you can find a Jeep Wrangler that is well over 30 years old, it would be advised to keep your search for a used Jeep to within the past decade or so. The 5-10 year old mark most often offers the best price point for a used Jeep. Typically the cost is more manageable, but the performance and reliability remain without needing additional costly service or repairs.

Within this time frame, you will find many notable models that have years of successful reliability and performance under the hood. The best choice depends on the type of used SUV you actually need. This may also depend on your driving needs, family size, typical commutes, and more. The good news is Jeep makes a model for everyone regardless of what they need.

For traditional urban driving, a used Grand Cherokee is an excellent choice to consider due to the large, spacious interior and excellent handling for a vehicle of this size range. The Grand Cherokee, in particular, looks and feels like a full-size SUV but with the handling, acceleration, and traction of something much smaller. This is due in large part to an excellent all-wheel drive system, refined suspension, and chassis footprint.

For something smaller, the Jeep Patriot or Renegade is an excellent way to go. These SUV’s can still hold 4-5 people with some extra room for cargo if necessary. This makes them the perfect option for a weekend getaway or camping trip where you need a single platform to hold everything and everyone coming along. Ultimately, Patriot or Renegade is a great middle ground option for those needing a slightly more compact SUV.

A mainstay in the Jeep lineup geared toward fun, adventure, and off-road use, the Jeep Wrangler is a legend. With its versatile layout, available in 2-door or 4-door configurations, and with the ability to have the top removed, the Wrangler is a favorite as a used SUV. The Wrangler, while smaller than most other Jeep models, comes with the customization and personalization modern SUV owners expect. Even though the model excels off-road, it is also a perfect SUV for city driving as well.

Discovering The Perfect Used Jeep


As with any used SUV, finding the right vehicle takes time, research, test driving, and a great dealership. It is best to find a dealership that can give you the most assistance possible in a straightforward and clear manner. Many used car dealerships may be able to provide you with the help you need to find the right Jeep, but finding the right dealership is undoubtedly important.

When you aren’t sure which Jeep model might be the best for you, a good dealership will be there to offer you a test drive of the many different models and discuss all of the options. Having your questions answered face-to-face by a friendly expert who knows all the essential details about each Jeep model is a benefit as well.  Information is essential, and your dealership is a key part of ensuring you get the right information and the right Jeep.

In the end, it is difficult to go wrong with any Jeep model. With models that are fun, practical, and reliable it’s just a matter of selecting which one suits your individual needs the best. If you’re in the market for a used SUV, start your search today to find that dream Jeep today.