A grey 2023 Honda Ridgeline is shown from the rear at an angle.

How Practical Is the 2023 Honda Ridgeline?

You don’t often think of pickup trucks as the most practical vehicles on the road. After all, aren’t they just for hauling heavy stuff and working on the construction site? If you think this way, you’re not alone, but you also haven’t met some of the options in today’s truck lineup that are built to add versatility and dependability to a multitude of travel scenarios. From the streets to the trails, the worksite to the open highway, trucks are becoming widely known as practical vehicles for families, commuters, workers, and others. However, one truck sets itself apart from the rest, offering an experience as versatile as its features, and that truck is the 2023 Honda Ridgeline.

Built With Versatility in Mind

The Ridgeline is unique from the moment you catch a glimpse of it coasting down the highway, with its unique design and features. It’s loaded with design elements that allow it to offer immense practicality to your drive, including a dual-action tailgate. This industry-first feature operates by a hinge system, which makes it easy to swing down like a traditional pickup tailgate or open sideways like a door, allowing you to accommodate various types of loads. When it’s open like a traditional pickup truck bed, it’s able to handle up to 300 lbs, making it a breeze to haul heavier items, whether you’re heading to the job site, campsite, home improvement store, or anywhere else.

Another helpful feature of the Ridgeline is the lockable in-bed trunk, the first in its class. It offers 7.3 cu.ft. of space to handle more gear, and it’s secure so that you won’t have to worry about leaving any valuables out in the open. The trunk also features a drainage system, grocery bag hooks, and cargo dividers to help make any task easier, whether you’re shopping or loading up for a trip. Having these convenient features in a truck makes it easy to see why more drivers gravitate toward the 2023 Ridgeline. It’s perfectly suited to make the most out of any task it attempts, with its versatile design and helpful features ready to help out whenever needed.

A red 2023 Honda Ridgeline Sport is shown from the front at an angle.

A Conveniently Outfitted Cabin

When searching for practicality in a vehicle, the cabin plays a prominent role, especially for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road. Fortunately, the 2023 Honda Ridgeline is equipped with many comfortable features to help make any drive better, starting with its ergonomically friendly cabin materials. High-quality appointments dot its cabin to add a level of upscale style to this accomplished traveler, while leather-trimmed seats, a 10-way power driver’s seat, and tri-zone automatic climate control make getting cozy inside absolutely effortless for all on board. Comfortable seating, plenty of legroom, and an open, airy feeling, made possible by the one-touch power moonroof, deliver the experience that any traveler desires during any ride.

Active noise cancellation offers exactly what drivers and passengers are looking for while they travel, dampening road noise and delivering top-level tranquility inside. Configurable seating also comes in handy to accommodate more gear, making the Ridgeline one of the most practical pickups in its class. From its 60/40 split lift-up rear seats to the ingenious storage solutions accentuating its cabin, including a large center console storage bin, the Ridgeline can handle everything joining you for the ride. The Ridgeline is versatile and well-equipped to take on anything your travels toss its way, all while offering a comfortable ride for all on board, helping this truck stand out in a sea of rivals.

Intuitive Innovation

It’s no secret that drivers prioritize technology, and as the years have gone on, innovation has become influential to a vehicle’s success. For the 2023 Ridgeline, it’s obvious that technology helps to add a level of practicality to this vehicle that you can’t find elsewhere. The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System is a perfect example of the level of innovation inside the Ridgeline, which helps you navigate in situations that aren’t possible with simple GPS on your smartphone. The 2023 Ridgeline also includes the world’s first truck-bed audio system available, which provides state-of-the-art sound from the walls of its truck bed. Whether you’re situated around the campfire or working hard on the job site, listening to your favorite tunes is easy when the Ridgeline is around.

Second-row USB charging ports, plus wireless phone charging, smartphone integration, and remote engine start, add convenience to any journey, making the Ridgeline one of the most practical pickups in the industry. You’ll also find plenty of camera angles to add more confidence to the journey, including a multi-angle rearview camera, which makes hitching up a trailer and backing into tricky parking spaces simpler. In addition to all of the helpful tech that can be found in this Honda favorite, it’s important to note that its driver-assist features are some of the best in the industry. Through the Honda Sensing suite, the Ridgeline is armed with advanced features, like Adaptive Cruise Control, a Lane Keeping Assist System, and many more standard features to make any journey safe.

Comfortable Ride Quality

With all of the practical features found in the 2023 Honda Ridgeline, it’s easy to see why more drivers are focusing on this unique traveler; however, its ride quality may be what leads the majority of drivers to this esteemed vehicle. The Ridgeline is built unlike most other trucks on the market, utilizing unibody construction based on the Honda Pilot, which allows this pickup to feel more like an SUV when driving. Its smooth, agile ride quality provides maximum comfort, no matter what terrain it’s traveling on, while the power that exudes from its V6 engine allows it to accomplish truck-worthy tasks with ease.

The Ridgeline is also equipped with standard all-wheel drive to help it traverse uneven terrain or bad weather with unmatched finesse. An Intelligent Traction Management System allows the Ridgeline to travel through various types of environments, like mud, sand, snow, and ice, with control so that no matter where you’re going, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll arrive safely. Its fully independent front and rear suspension contribute to its smooth ride quality, delivering a level of control that’s difficult to find in its competitors. Plus, with its rigid build, the Ridgeline is more comfortable on the road and more durable, providing a safer ride than many others like it.

A grey 2023 Honda Ridgeline is shown from the front at an angle while loaded with dirt-bikes.

Practicality in the 2023 Honda Ridgeline

How practical is the 2023 Honda Ridgeline, you ask? It’s pretty practical from every angle, whether you’re looking to load it up with materials for work, cascade down the highway on your next adventure, or entertain your little ones during a long road trip. From its versatile design to the level of innovation inside, ergonomic cabin space, copious cargo solutions, and ride quality that allows it to feel like a much smaller vehicle, the Ridgeline is built for today’s practical driver. This may be why it’s been recognized as a Car and Driver Editors’ Choice recipient multiple years in a row due to its fabulous features, top-quality ride, and immense practicality. The Ridgeline is special, and it’s obvious from the moment you lay eyes on it that it’s one of the most practical pickups on the market, which is why so many drivers are opting for this fascinating truck when practicality is a must.