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How Chevrolet Has Supported Our United States Military for Over a Century

Since the early days of Chevrolet’s existence, the manufacturer has supported the US Military and its veterans. They built service vehicles, and during times of war throughout the 20th century, they produced over 500,000 trucks on the home front. Chevrolet has continued in this mission through the Cold War to the present day, still honoring the efforts and sacrifices made by our United States military. The brand celebrates the brave men and women in our armed services by offering an array of Chevrolet military specials.

There are many ways that Chevrolet supports soldiers, veterans, and more in the military community. One example is the famous Chevy military discount, applying to eligible members of the military, veterans, and applicable spouses. This exclusive program offers discounted prices on vehicles from Chevrolet, which can benefit those involved in military service in many ways. From its initial involvement in World War I to its current military discounts, let’s look at all the ways Chevrolet has supported the US military for over a century.

The Origins of Chevy’s Support of the US Military

Chevrolet’s history of support for the US military goes back over 100 years and runs deeply through its heritage. When our soldiers were needed, Chevy was there to offer support. The First World War saw Chevrolet designing vehicles specifically for the government and the military itself. One can see how Chevrolet’s reputation for producing strong vehicles with the ability to tackle challenging conditions fit perfectly with the needs of soldiers, not to mention other federal workers such as postal carriers. During the Second World War, Chevrolet continued supplying military vehicles, including the renowned “Deuce and a Half,” an extremely strong 2 1/2-ton truck. This behemoth became a military standby and proved essential to the war effort, transporting troops and supplies through war zones.

Chevrolet and the Military After the Second World War

After World War II, Chevrolet continued supporting the military and government employees. This came in the form of an array of military trucks, each designed for specific functions that included carrying soldiers and equipment across challenging terrain on the battlefield.
One notable model was the Chevy Sidewinder, which was developed in the 1960s and could easily traverse over rocky terrain with its unique body divided into three separate sections, allowing it to be more flexible when going over jagged rocks. It was also amphibious, as the tires gave it the ability to float and literally drive on top of the water.

Chevrolet’s creation of military vehicles, including the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle, otherwise known as the CUCV, was popularly used by the United States Army for light-duty cargo purposes. Judging by Chevrolet’s lengthy history of producing military-specific vehicles, it’s no wonder military families have appreciated them for typical driving and off-roading outside of military service use.

Supporting the Military in the Modern Era

The First World War may have started Chevrolet’s supplying vehicles to the military, but the company has not stopped doing so. Chevrolet still supplies trucks, SUVs, and more to the US armed forces. The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, a mid size truck noted for reliable off-roading, is widely used by service members for many applications, including intelligence, patrol beats, and surveillance. It’s a powerful truck with a strong engine, well-designed suspension, and outstanding ground clearance.

The Chevrolet Suburban is also popular with the military and is a beloved family vehicle choice. The armed forces heavily use the Suburban’s ample storage space, fierce horsepower, and advanced safety technology to transport both troops and supplies. Other Chevrolet vehicles that see wide military applications include the Tahoe, the Impala, and the iconic Silverado. All of them are renowned for their rugged resilience, reliability, towing capacity, and engine power.

A close up shows the ZR2 stitching on the headrest in a great Chevrolet military special, a 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2.

Other Ways Chevrolet Supports the Military

Chevrolet still offers plenty of excellent programs in support of military service members and veterans. The Chevy Military discount is perhaps the most well-known. This discount is combinable with other offers, and it offers proprietary discounts to service members and their spouses to make Chevrolet products more affordable for these hardworking individuals. That said, Chevrolet supports service members in other ways as well, including supplying homes to injured veterans.

Homes for Veterans

Chevrolet’s support for military personnel doesn’t end with creating military vehicles and supplying service members with discounts. The company also makes custom smart homes for veterans with severe injuries by partnering with a program called Building for America’s Bravest. They donate funds and supply vehicles to this important program, helping to supply many veterans in need with beautifully-appointed homes in a moving gesture of support and aid to those who give so much of themselves. Whether helping to create homes for injured veterans or giving discounts to military personnel and beyond, one can see that their appreciation of service members’ efforts and sacrifices runs deeply. As a result, Chevrolet has earned a place of respect in the military community and among their loved ones.

Chevy Military Discount Overview and Mission

Eligible military families certainly benefit from the long-running Chevy Military Discount, which can outfit them with new Chevrolet products at exclusive rates. This discount applies to veterans for three years after their service ends, as well as reservists, retired military personnel, service members on active duty, and members of the National Guard.

There are many opportunities for service members and veterans to take advantage of the Chevy Military Discount and enjoy the affordability of a sturdy new vehicle at these specialized rates. There are several other special pricing programs available, including ones that apply to vehicle servicing. There are also particular programs for military financing and many more opportunities for service members and veterans to enjoy maximum peace of mind in buying and maintaining their Chevrolets.

Wider GM Offerings for Military Veterans and Their Eligibility

Chevrolet’s parent company, General Motors, offers a specialized discount to military personnel on top of the Chevy Military Discount program. This program, called the GM Military Discount, provides eligible military members and their spouses additional discounts on GM products.

Similar to the Chevy Military Discount program, eligibility for the GM Military Discount program applies to military retirees, veterans within three years of discharge, reservists, and active duty military members, as well as their spouses. The GM Military Discount can be combined with other incentives and special pricing, and the discounts it offers can be significant.

Other Military Specials

In addition to the discount programs Chevrolet and GM offer, there are other specials available to military members and their families. This includes incentives such as rebates or specialized financing. The offerings vary by location, product availability, and time of year.

A white 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 and a Chevy Suburban are shown in front of a mural.

Chevrolet Is Here for Our Armed Services, Today and Beyond

The extensive history of Chevrolet’s supplying military vehicles is certainly impressive, and the Chevy Military Discount and the GM Military Discount both show the company’s appreciation for the sacrifices of service members. These benefits can be found at Chevy dealerships across the country and offer excellent military incentives. This eases the financial burden on military families looking for a reliable, rugged Chevrolet vehicle as their next purchase. Chevrolet has long saluted those who serve in the armed forces, and veterans, service members, and their loved ones will certainly be happy with the vehicles and affordability options available. Chevrolet has done more than just offer those who have served a discount on a great Chevy vehicle, they have stood beside our armed services for over a century, offering them support when the world needs them, and that is something that is truly worth celebrating.