A popular Honda SUV, a black 2021 Honda Pilot Black Edition, is parked angled left.

Honda SUV Size Comparison: Find Your Perfect Fit

Long gone are the days when SUVs were one size fits all. Manufacturers such as Honda have responded to consumer demand and crafted diverse lineups with multiple models tailored to different needs. But with all this variety, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best SUV for your requirements. So if you find yourself staring at the lineup of Honda SUVs wondering how they compare, this article is for you.

For 2021, Honda offers four different SUV models. The largest Honda SUV is the three-row Honda Pilot, while the smallest model is the subcompact Honda HR-V. Between those two extremes lie the compact Honda CR-V and the midsize Honda Passport. With the basics out of the way, let’s dig into the details of the different models to help you find the exact fit for your lifestyle.

Large Honda SUV

The Honda Pilot takes the prize for Honda’s largest SUV. It can seat up to 8 passengers and boasts different seating configurations to fit any need you and your crew might have. In the 2021 Elite and Black Edition trims, 2nd-row captain’s chairs come standard, which provides even more comfort for your passengers. So if you’re piling in the whole family for a beach trip or need extra interior room for that extra-long surfboard, the Honda Pilot provides all of the space you need.

One thing you can be assured of with the Pilot is that all of the passengers will be more than comfortable. Honda crafted the Pilot with passenger comfort and ease in mind, and the interior offers no less than 151.7 cubic feet of passenger space. Not only does the Pilot seat eight passengers, but it also provides ample legroom, even in the third row, to keep every passenger happy.

Now that you have your crew gathered in the Pilot let’s get it packed with all of your gear. Cargo room is equally as important as passenger seating when considering large SUVs. The 60/40 split rear second and third seat rows make it easy to fold them down for extra cargo space, with a total of about 109 cubic feet of cargo volume available when both rows are folded down. Even with a full vehicle of passengers, you can still expect ample cargo space with 16 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the third row.

For the large families or big groups that like to take every adventure together along with all the gear they need, Honda’s largest SUV is the perfect match for their lifestyle. The Pilot is a large SUV that makes it easy and enjoyable to make those daily excursions.

A silver 2021 Honda Passport is parked at a campsite with a kayak on the roof.

Midsize Honda SUV

Honda’s midsize SUV is the Passport. While the Passport and the Pilot are comparable in size and share many features, the Passport only has two rows of seats for a total of five passengers. Although the Passport fits fewer people than the Pilot, it offers more legroom for its passengers as well as a larger cargo area. Each of these models serves different purposes, and deciding which one is better will depend on your lifestyle and how you intend to use the vehicle.

The Passport seats five passengers comfortably, with nearly 40 inches of legroom and over 40 inches of headroom for the second row. Further, that extra legroom does not come at the expense of cargo space. With the rear seats up and in use, you get over 50 cubic feet of cargo volume in the Passport. With the rear seats folded down, that increases to just over 100 cubic feet of room. For those drivers who need even more cargo storage, the Passport even boasts spacious underfloor storage that is perfect for storing those extra soccer balls, tools, or safety equipment needed for a fun outing.

Compact Honda SUV

The Honda CR-V seats five passengers and provides you great flexibility with your passengers and your gear. The CR-V’s 60/40 split rear setback means more variety of seating and cargo configurations. Whether you have a car filled with five passengers and baseball bags in the back or are moving to your next home with the rear seat folded away filled with boxes, the CR-V has you covered.

What makes the CR-V special is that it offers spacious cargo volume while still keeping every passenger comfortable. With the rear seats in use, the CR-V boasts over 39 cubic feet of cargo volume. If you need extra cargo space, the CR-V offers 75.8 cubic feet with rear seats folded down.

We understand how important interior passenger space is in an SUV. A major reason you might consider an SUV is for the passenger comfort and ability to spread out in the vehicle. The Honda CR-V provides ample legroom and headroom for both the front seats and rear seats of the vehicle. No need to sacrifice comfort and flexibility here!

The CR-V is made for the driver who does a little of everything. They might pile in their family of five to head to school but also take those weekend excursions that require all the essential gear for a great time. The Honda Passport is perfect for the extra adventurous crew ready for all of the outdoor activities and also for those drivers who enjoy the extra passenger and cargo space for comfortable daily outings. And of course, the CR-V does all of this while remaining an exceptionally efficient vehicle.

A blue 2021 Honda CR-V is driving down a city street.

Small Honda SUV

Rounding out our discussion of Honda SUVs brings us to the smallest in the Honda SUV family, the HR-V. Don’t discount this vehicle based on its size, though. You might be pleasantly surprised to find all the capabilities packed into this small SUV. Who says you have to sacrifice flexibility and versatility for size?

The HR-V seats five passengers while still providing cargo space. What makes the HR-V especially special is its versatility, giving you different cargo volume levels when you need it. The rear seats have a 60/40 split seat back so that you can fold the seats completely down. What about extra long gear? Like up to 8 feet long? With the rear seats and front passenger seat folded down, you can easily bring along your extra-long items, up to 8 feet long. So pack that kayak and hit the road!

While the HR-V is smaller in size, it makes up for it with its extremely flexible cargo features that allow you to maximize every inch of your vehicle. Pack up your gear and your friends – it’s the best of both worlds! This Honda SUV is perfect for those who take more solo or small group excursions without wanting to sacrifice extra cargo space.

There’s Always a Model That Is Right for You

We believe that size is just as important as vehicle features and durability when discussing SUVs. Honda makes that easy by providing a family of vehicles that offers the right-sized SUV for everyone. Whether you are a large family headed to a different kid’s sports every night or an avid kayaker looking for the right work and play SUV, you will absolutely find the perfect Honda SUV to fit your needs. So go ahead and start planning your next adventure – your Honda SUV is ready to take you there.