An orange 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is shown from the side with no roof and doors driving through a desert.

Getting Specific: Ford’s Special Off-Road Trims

Driving is better when it is customized and specialized. There are a lot of great vehicles out there, but sometimes a driver’s needs are so specific that no vehicle quite hits the nail on the head. Just as the brand has pioneered many things in the automotive industry, Ford has come up with a solution to this problem. If you’re browsing through the trucks at your Ford dealer, you may notice a good number of different models on the showroom floor that all appear to be the same trim. You are correct! They are all the same trim. But why? Ford has developed the habit of offering special trims and packages in its trucks and SUVs, which are separate from the regular trim options and upgrade the vehicle’s focus and capabilities. So, if your needs are unlike anyone else, Ford has a vehicle unlike anything else. Let’s take a look at some of these special trims and packages to see what we’ve got.

Raptor: High-Speed Off-Roading

The Raptor is easy to identify, so keep your eyes out next time you’re on the road, and you’ll be able to recognize what you’re looking at. The Raptor is a special off-road trim of the F-150 that has recently been extended to the new Bronco and is recognizable by its front grille, which features a boldly printed “FORD” as opposed to the traditional Ford (or Bronco) logo. But the grille and nameplate are mere matters of styling. The Raptor is so much more.

The Raptor is a special trim of the F-150 and the Bronco, which elevates the vehicles’ off-roading capabilities. This might be hard to imagine seeing as these two vehicles (especially the Bronco) are off-roading champions to begin with, but Ford saw a place for improvement, and it improved. So how does the Raptor improve off-roading capability? Well, the tires are the most direct point of contact with the trails, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the right ones. It doesn’t get much better than 37-inch tires, so the Raptor chooses that as its foundation. HOSS 4.0 suspension, FOX shocks, and Live Valve technology also work to make the Raptor a champion.

Many off-roading packages add a few nifty design features that help with performance and keep the truck from getting too roughed up, but the Raptor is all about transformation. With the necessary suspension and power to rip away from the road, the only thing getting roughed up is the trail. Thanks to an internal bypass system that includes an electronic solenoid valve with active damping, your drive will be smooth, and the truck will be ready for the hit.

The Raptor is all about increasing performance, but the truck also looks better for it! The F-150 Raptor takes on a bolder, larger presence while the Bronco Raptor leans into its muscularity with a fully-boxed steel frame. The Raptor proves its off-road-readiness through its exterior, and once you’re behind the wheel, you’ll see just how ready it is for the trail.

A red 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat Tremor is shown from the side parked on grass.

Tremor: Work-Ready Off-Roading

The Tremor is closely related to the Raptor, though not quite the same. It is currently available on the Super Duty, the F-150, and the Ranger, but it serves a different purpose on each. Since the Ranger Raptor won’t be making its debut until the 2023 model year, the Tremor package has essentially made up for the Ranger’s missing Raptor option. So, with a Ranger Tremor, you’ll find some good off-roading features like off-road suspension, skid plates, tow hooks, upfitter switches, and other features to help make off-roading ventures a success. This is not to say that these features are basic by any means; a Ranger with the Tremor package will be a highly-capable off-roading vehicle, especially for a midsize truck. With features like Ford Trail Control and the Terrain Management System, Ranger Tremor drivers will be off-roading at a very high level. But the Tremor has a bit of a different focus for the F-150.

Because the F-150 has the Raptor package, which focuses on tearing down the boundaries of off-roading capability, the F-150 Tremor’s big goal is to combine towing and payload capability with off-roading capability. This is no small feat, seeing as towing vehicles are not always built for off-roading and vice-versa. In order to make this possible, the F-150 Tremor has modified architecture, including a higher ride height and a wider stance, giving this vehicle both the strength and the flexibility it needs. Now, these differences in architecture are not necessarily immediately noticeable to the eye; for example, the wider stance I just mentioned only amounts to one inch. But it is amazing how much of a difference one inch can make in automotive architecture and how a small adjustment like that is able to expand the vehicle’s capabilities.

The F-150 Tremor includes much of what you would find in the Ranger Tremor, but with a few extra features like Trail 1-Pedal Drive (a huge help in more difficult terrain) and Trail Turn Assist. There is a difference between the off-roading needs of a midsize truck and a full-size truck, especially a full-size truck that is also focused on towing and payload, and the details of the F-150 Tremor and Ranger Tremor show that.

Everglades: Aquatic Off-Roading

The Everglades is a new trim for 2022 and is unique to the Bronco. While the previous two variants we have discussed are designed for more typical off-roading, the Everglades is designed to take on water. No, it’s not a submarine (at least not this model year), but its whole architecture is oriented towards water fording. How does it do this? Well, a snorkel certainly helps. No, this is not a joke. The Bronco Everglades actually includes a factory-installed snorkel.

Think about what a snorkel does for a human being; if you are underwater and you try to breathe, you’ll get air in your lungs, and you will drown. Not good. Engines have to breathe too. If they are breathing in water, they will also die. So, by placing the snorkel above the water, the engine takes in good and healthy air, allowing the vehicle to ford deeper bodies of water. It’s not a fully-underwater vehicle yet, but it’s getting there. The Bronco Everglades is fit for seriously next-level off-roading, the kind you didn’t know a vehicle could pull off. But it can, and you can experience it in the Everglades trim.

A pale green 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades is shown driving through a marsh after leaving a Ford dealer.

Getting Specific

These are just a few of the fantastic off-road trims and packages that Ford has to offer. We haven’t even talked about the Badlands or the Sasquatch! But I chose to discuss these three today because they show just how specific Ford is in its close attention to detail. Many other brands have one standard off-roading package across their lineup and leave it at that. All three of these special trims are built for off-roading, but they all take a radically different approach. Different drivers have different needs, even if some of those needs are similar. But one off-roader is not like another, and different off-roaders have different needs both on and off the trail. Fortunately, Ford has you well covered for whatever your needs may be. Whether you’re looking to climb a mountain, unhook your trailer and hit the trails, or go for an aquatic adventure, Ford has a vehicle to make that adventure happen.