A black 2022 Ram 2500 Cummins is shown kicking up dirt off-road.

Five Ways Ram Trucks Are Outperforming the Competition

There’s a big battle amongst truck brands, especially when it comes to the three big wheels (no pun intended), which are Chevy, Ford, and Ram. Much of this is chalked down to personal preference and opinion, but facts go further than biases ever will, especially when you’re about to dump a bunch of money into a new truck. We’re here with facts, not feelings. We have reason to believe that Ram is doing better than its competition, especially when it comes to the most current generation and the 2022 model year.

If you were searching for a Ram dealership, then you already know that there’s something special about this truck brand. The Ram is the best truck because it does all the important stuff better than its competition does––towing capacity, interior quality, accessibility, off-roading, and aesthetics. Sure, some truck brands will do certain things better than others, no matter what. There wouldn’t be any competition if one model constantly superseded all the others in every single aspect. That said, Ram is getting darn near close to doing so. Here are five ways that Ram is taking down the competition.

#5. Highest Towing Capacity

The number one reason why most people want a truck is for towing and hauling. There are just some things that a car or SUV can’t do, and pulling a fifth-wheel camper or livestock trailer is one of them. The good news is that maximum towing capacities have significantly increased over the past decades, making trucks more powerful than ever before. Now, all three big truck brands––Chevy, Ford, and Ram––are maxing out in the 30,000+ pound zone. Ram is currently ahead of them all, though, offering a max 37,090-pound diesel towing rating with the Ram 3500. Thanks to its high-output Cummins turbo diesel engine, you get 1,075 lb-ft of torque and 420 horsepower.

There are three different available engines for the Ram 3500 designed to meet your unique hauling needs. If you need more payload capacity than towing power, you can opt for the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine that carries a max 7,680 payload capacity. This is great for folks who want to haul a truck bed camper and pull a fishing boat, for example. Overall, when it comes to farming, the diesel engine is still your best bet. Get the regular turbo-diesel for a max of 6,840 pounds of payload, or get the high output version, with a 6,570-pound maximum.

A grey 2022 Ram 3500 is shown towing a camper after leaving a Ram dealership.

#4. Best Interior Quality

We can’t say as many bad things about Ford, but Chevy just isn’t putting much effort into its interiors. It’s not like it used to be. While yes, performance and power are top priorities for truck brand budgets, that doesn’t mean a truck should have poor interior textures and features. We love Ram because a high-quality interior is standard no matter what trim level you choose, and it only gets better as you head up to the luxury-level end. Of course, the GMC Sierra is nicer than its Chevy counterpart, but the downside is that GMC isn’t as capable as Ram when it comes to power.

When Ram states that it’s got the “most luxurious truck in its class,” it isn’t making any false claims. The 2022 Ram 1500 offers best-in-class rear legroom and eight different seat declining options. It offers a class-exclusive reclining rear seat, along with class-exclusive in-floor storage. You can choose from vinyl or cloth interior on lower-level trims, and leather becomes standard as you reach the third trim up, the Rebel. We like the Limited Longhorn’s interior design best with its “Black and Cattle Tan” setup that includes wood-look panels, tan seating, and warm chrome accents.

#3. Accessibility-Friendly

You should be able to drive whatever vehicle you prefer, regardless of barriers. That’s why accessibility is incredibly important in the automotive world. There are many ways that brands can make their cars more accessible to everyone. Of course, all the major truck brands do offer accessibility tools for their customers, but Ram trucks are taking the lead in this department. Stellantis, the parent brand of Ram, recently earned a perfect Disability Equality Index score in 2022. This is largely due to the DriveAbility Program, which provides incentives for adaptive equipment modifications, and offers equipment for all Ram trucks, including the 1500 and HD models.

Accessibility equipment options include hoists, carriers and cargo adaptations, driving controls, power seats, and more. These technologies help drivers accelerate and brake via hand controls, raise and lower themselves in and out of the Ram, and much more.

#2. Excellent Off-Roading Options

Every truck brand offers at least one off-roading trim level, but Ram superseded expectations with three different off-road-specific trim levels––the Rebel, the TRX, and the Power Wagon. The Rebel and TRX are both Ram 1500 models that can handle off-roading better than other Ram 1500 trims. The TRX is even more powerful than the Rebel, with its own Bilstein shocks that aren’t available on any other truck. The TRX offers an 11.8-inch ground clearance, 13-inch front suspension travel, and 14-inch rear suspension travel. Climb over what other trucks can’t with 702 horsepower and standard 35-inch tires.

The Rebel is a good second choice, better for casual off-roaders. It includes 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires, a locking rear axle, and the available Off-Road Group package. This one is good for outdoorsy folks thanks to its multi-function tailgate, Ram CargoBox system, and an available 360 Trailer Surround View Camera. Tow up to 11,540 pounds with the Rebel’s standard engine.

Now for the Power Wagon. Exclusive to the Ram 2500, the Power Wagon has been around since Dodge and Ram were one in the same. It has 33-inch Wrangler DuraTrac all-terrain tires like the Rebel does, plus a trim-exclusive electronically disconnecting front sway bar and a standard WARN 12,000-pound winch with a 90-foot synthetic cable to boot. Oftentimes, larger HD trucks like this one are work-only models with no room for play––that changes with the Power Wagon.

A red 2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon is shown from the front at a low angle.

#1. Best HD Color Options: Low-Volume, Two-Tone, Monotone

Exterior color options are often boring and minimal in the truck world. Chevy and Ford both offer similar, bland options, including gray, black, white, and maybe some blue or red shades if we’re lucky. Ram breaks this tradition with its Low-Volume color options, available on the 2022 Tradesman and Big Horn HD trims. Perhaps the most farm-friendly brand yet, these color options even include tractor brand-specific colors such as “New Holland Blue” and “Case IH Red.” Other low-volume paint options include a beautiful forest green shade called “Timberline Green” and “Midnight Blue.”

Many trim levels also include “two-tone” color options. For example, the HD Limited Longhorn trim includes four different two-tone exterior color choices that all offer Walnut Brown paint on the Ram’s lower section. Similarly, the 1500 Rebel includes five two-tone options with a lower-level black shade. Of course, just like all other truck brands, the Ram comes in monotone colors as well––those same, similar reds, blues, and neutrals that the other brands offer. So, if you like the traditional color route, you can stick with the monotone options, but the low-volume color options make the Ram much more fun and unique in ways that Chevy, Ford, and other big competitors aren’t.