A white 2024 Honda Prologue is shown parked.

Drive Into an All-Electric Future In Style With the 2024 Honda Prologue

In the last few years, the automobile industry has jumped wheels first into the worldwide effort to tackle climate change. This dedication has led to an increased focus on electric vehicles, or EVs, by all the major manufacturers, including Honda. First teased in the spring of 2022, the brand is now set to release its full-electric SUV option, the 2024 Honda Prologue.

There are several things that make the Prologue stand out, including the fact that its design was completed primarily through the use of virtual reality visualization technology. As the first sketches were released, drivers caught sight of an SUV that answered the needs of today’s drivers, with amenities that lean toward functionality and fun while offering an exterior that, while classic and simple, still manages to turn heads. Essentially, the Prologue is Honda through and through.

The 2024 Prologue is the first in Honda’s volume battery-electric line. Working towards a goal of carbon neutrality, the brand is set to introduce 30 new vehicles in this line globally by 2030, with the aspiration of selling 500,000 EVs before that time in North America alone. With goals that high, it’s clear that Honda is dedicated not only to their efforts regarding climate change but also to producing electric vehicles that will deliver the same dependability and innovation they’re known for throughout all their lines. And when you consider that more than 95% of their vehicles were sold in the US in 2021, it appears they won’t have any trouble reaching their goals.

The EV Revolution

As automotive manufacturers have set goals to offer more electric vehicles in their lineups, innovation and design for them have increased significantly. This increase means that drivers now have more choices regarding EVs and are also gaining more trust in the engineering behind the design. That trust is thanks in large part to developments in battery technology, more specifically, lithium-ion batteries. They have a higher energy density and a lower cost, meaning today’s EVs are more affordable and have longer ranges. For instance, the Honda Prologue has an estimated range of up to 300 miles, enabling it to be used for longer trips and mitigating the issue of “range anxiety.”

Government incentives and laws have also aided the use of electric vehicles. Numerous countries offer tax breaks, rebates, and subsidies to support consumers and encourage the production of electric vehicles. These policies encourage automakers to invest in the production of electric vehicles while also lowering the cost of EVs.

In addition, education efforts are making headway as drivers become more conscious of how conventional internal combustion engine vehicles affect the environment, including carbon emissions, air pollution, and the long-term effects of using fossil fuels for transportation. This understanding encourages them to think about electric vehicles in earnest, as they are thought to be greener and more sustainable due to their zero exhaust emissions. And as they see brands they trust, such as Honda, embracing the shift towards EVs, it seems that the future of transportation is clear.

Embracing the Future

The Prologue is not Honda’s first attempt at an EV. In fact, the Honda Clarity EV was available for five years, but the sedan was only sold in California and Oregon and only offered a range of up to 89 miles. Additionally, Honda currently offers a hybrid option for the Accord and the CR-V. However, it is its first volume battery-electric vehicle, as mentioned above. The Prologue takes everything the brand has learned over the years of developing its hybrid line and creates a dynamic vehicle that will appeal to a wide range of drivers.

Comfort and Convenience

When compared to Honda’s current lineup, the Prologue is eight inches longer than the Honda CR-V, coming in at 192 inches. That also makes it longer than the Passport by three inches. In addition, the Prologue’s frame offers height and width, giving passengers a comfortable and roomy interior to enjoy. For measurement sake, it offers over 136.9 cu.ft. of room resting on 21-inch wheels that keep you stable and in control during the drive. Once you slide into the driver’s seat, you’ll quickly see that ample head and legroom aren’t the only conveniences the Prologue gives you. You’ll also enjoy clever storage with the two-tier console, a multi-use tray, and cup holders designed to hold 32 oz. bottles.

A blue 2024 Honda Prologue is shown driving near stairs.

Trim Options

The 2024 Prologue is offered in three trims with two-wheel and all-wheel drive options. These include the 2WD EX, AWD EX, 2WD Touring, AWD Touring, and the AWD Elite. It comes with a single-motor front-wheel drive, with the exception of the AWD models, which have a dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration. Additionally, the 85kWh battery pack supports the estimated 300-mile range, which is associated with the front-wheel drive options.


When it comes to choosing between the trims, you’ll be happy to know that even the base model offers great amenities, with standard heated front seats, wireless charging, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to all your favorite apps with a seamless connection to Apple CarPlay, Google software, and Android Auto by utilizing the 11.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The addition of Google software gives you handy access to Google Maps and Google Assistant, plus a variety of apps through Google Play. If this is your first EV purchase, it’s good to note that Google has also embraced the EV revolution by offering optimized routes to assist you in finding charging stations and estimating the charging time you will need to reach your destination.


Regarding charging, which has been another concern for drivers in the past, the Prologue offers a 155-kW charging rate when connected to a DC fast charger, giving you a 65-mile range in ten minutes. It’s worth noting that DC fast chargers are only available at public charging stations at this time as they require a 440-volt DC power source. For charging at home, the Prologue comes with an 11.5-kW home charger. You can also choose a 7.6-kW portable charging kit.

Honda is also providing Prologue drivers with public charging station credits of up to $750, depending on which charging option you choose. Plus, Honda’s advanced technology includes Honda Smart Charge, which alerts you to the most cost-efficient time to plug in. Even better? Honda has partnered with EVgo and Electrify America to give Honda drivers access to the largest charging network available. This partnership means you can find even more charging stations through the Honda app than ever before.

Safety and Performance

Finally, the 2024 Honda Prologue offers more than just technological advancements. It provides a smooth ride thanks to the multi-link front and rear suspension, giving you a feeling of freedom as it hugs the curves of the road. You’ll also feel confident regardless of whether you’re headed down the road to pick up groceries or for a longer road trip, thanks to Honda’s award-winning collection of safety features. This collection, called Honda Sensing, gives you an impressive suite of driver assistance features such as Rear Cross Traffic Braking, Blind Zone Steering Assist, and Rear Pedestrian Alert, to name a few.

A white 2024 Honda Prologue is shown parked.

Check Out the 2024 Honda Prologue Today

It’s easy to see that the 2024 Honda Prologue has much to offer today’s drivers. That and the brand’s long history of developing reliable and dynamic vehicles make the Prologue a strong contender for your next vehicle. If you’re curious about the Prologue, stop by your local dealership today to learn more. While there, you can learn even more about Honda’s dedication to the future of transportation and what other incentives you gain by choosing an electric vehicle like the Prologue.