An orange 2024 Lexus RX F SPORT driving past colorful city windows.

Does the Toyota Crown Signia Rival the Lexus RX as a Luxury Crossover?

For more than 25 years, the Lexus RX has stood as the pinnacle of the luxury crossover SUV segment. The RX stands for “Radiant Crossover,” and those who have driven the Lexus RX understand why it’s an appropriate name. Not surprisingly, more people visit their Lexus dealer in search of an RX than any other model. With more than 3.6 million units sold worldwide, it’s the best-selling Lexus ever made, moving even more vehicles than the brand’s original ES and LS sedans.

Now, however, there may be some competition—and from an in-house rival, no less. In November 2023, Toyota (the parent company of Lexus) announced the new Toyota Crown Signia SUV. Joining the rebooted Toyota Crown sedan reintroduced the year prior—the first Toyota Crown sold on American soil in 50 years—the Crown Signia is a clear departure from previous Toyota crossovers such as the Venza and the RAV4. With an elegant modern look and updated interior, it aims to provide a more luxurious driving experience than other Toyota SUVs.

Furthermore, the Toyota Crown Signia shares the same platform and hybrid powertrain as the Lexus RX. As such, it’s only natural to compare the two. Is the Crown Signia on the same level as the Lexus RX when it comes to premium vehicles? We have put the two crossovers head to head to see whether the Crown Signia is as good as the Lexus RX or whether the RX remains the undisputed luxury crossover king.

What Sets the Lexus RX and Toyota Crown Signia Apart?

When two crossovers are built on the same platform—the TNGA-K in this case—it’s easy to assume they’ll be much alike. To be fair, there are many similarities between the RX and Crown Signia, such as the dimensions, suspension, and towing capacity. However, the same foundation can support many different houses, with the TNGA-K platform also used for the Lexus ES, Toyota Camry, Lexus NX, Toyota Highlander, and more. So, let’s explore the Crown Signia and RX a little more closely and see where they diverge in terms of luxury offerings.

Powertrain: The Same, But Different

As we mentioned, the Crown Signia and Lexus RX—specifically the Lexus RX 350h—use the same hybrid powertrain. This consists of a 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine, an electric motor on the rear axle for all-wheel drive, and an electronic continuously variable transmission. Interestingly, this combination delivers 243 hp in the Crown Signia and 246 hp in the Lexus RX, though few people will notice a difference of three horsepower.

With the Lexus, though, drivers have plenty of other options to fit their definition of luxury. There is a plug-in hybrid powertrain with 304 hp for the new Lexus RX 450h+ and a turbocharged hybrid with 366 hp for the Lexus RX 500h, making it more of a luxury speed demon. The brand also still offers a gas-only powertrain for the Lexus RX 350, which makes 275 hp from a 2.4L turbocharged four-cylinder and eight-speed automatic transmission (and has a choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive).

For the Crown Signia crossover, on the other hand, you only get a single powertrain option. Though the Crown sedan has a Platinum trim with a 340 hp turbocharged hybrid option, it is not expected to be part of the initial Crown Signia rollout. Though it could potentially be added in the future, as things stand, those who associate horsepower with luxury will find the Lexus RX the clear winner.

Two people driving in a 2025 Toyota Crown Signia with tan leather upholstery.

Interior and Exterior: More Comfort, More Choices

When you step inside a luxury vehicle, you want it to feel extravagant. The Toyota Crown Signia offers more swankiness than many Toyota followers and SUV enthusiasts are used to. The soft-touch surfaces feel almost magical, and the saddle tan seat upholstery has leather trim. Plenty of sound-absorbing materials have been added to reduce ambient noise, and you can add a panoramic sunroof to let in natural light.

The Lexus RX, though, has several other luxury features that push it over the top. The steering wheel and shift knob have leather trim, and select trims get Ultrasuede trim on the inner doors. You can even add multi-color ambient mood lighting with 14 preset combinations. When it comes to technology, the touchscreen in the RX is almost two inches bigger, and the standard 12-speaker sound system is double that of the Crown Signia. If that’s not enough, Lexus lets you upgrade to a Mark Levinson 21-speaker system.

As for the overall appearance, we admit this can be a matter of taste. Still, there are notable differences between the vehicles. The Toyota Crown Signia has a bigger profile than other Toyota SUVs yet maintains more of a soft, minimalist, modern aesthetic. The Lexus RX is more intricate, with an artful grille, added curvature to the doors, and a tapered rear light bar. In our opinion, this speaks more to the classic luxury style.

Finally, it’s worth noting that, like with the powertrain, the Lexus RX offers a lot more options to customize your drive. Whereas the Crown Signia has two available upholstery colors, the Lexus RX has four with the choice of black open-pore wood or ash bamboo trim—and that does not include the special RX F Sport Performance. Instead of five exterior paint schemes, choose from eight, including unique options like Nori Green Pearl and Copper Crest. You can design the Lexus RX to suit your tastes exactly.

The black and maroon upholstery in a 2024 Lexus RX at a Lexus dealer.

Two Kinds of Luxury

The Lexus RX and Toyota Crown Signia are two historic automotive names. The RX is considered the first luxury crossover, and the Crown was the first Toyota nameplate ever sold in North America back in 1958. With a crossover version of the Crown, the two names are even more closely linked.

Ultimately, the Lexus RX and Toyota Crown Signia seem to be aimed at two different groups of drivers. Whereas the Lexus RX is a true luxury crossover SUV, the Toyota Crown Signia looks to be more along the lines of “casual luxury” or “luxury lite.” It’s a definite step up from typical mass-market crossovers and is intended for people who want a taste of that opulent feel. However, it is a notch below the Lexus RX in several key areas, with the RX offering more power, sharper exterior styling, extra interior features, and added technology.

More than anything, what sets the Lexus RX apart is that drivers have more choices from which to create their dream vehicle. Part of the joy of owning a luxury SUV is having the exact look, features, and performance you want. People think of luxury in different ways, and a luxury vehicle needs to adapt to that.

This is where the Lexus RX stands alone. The Toyota Crown Signia is only going to come in two trims: the XLE and the Limited. Meanwhile, the Lexus RX comes in no fewer than 11 options—15 if you count choosing between front-wheel and all-wheel drive for the gas powertrain. From the baseline RX 350 to the lavish RX 350h Premium+ to the performance-minded RX 500h F Sport Performance, there is a Lexus RX that offers luxury the way you envision it. The Toyota Crown Signia could rise to this level in the coming years—adding a more powerful Platinum trim would be a start—but for now, the Lexus RX stays atop the throne.