Oil Change

Do the Best for Your Car and Get a Quick Oil Change

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed is a mandatory process for all car owners. Nothing does more to keep your vehicle running, by keeping your engine lubricated, and nothing takes as much abuse due as your engine oil. Getting your oil changed every few months is a great way to maintain the best possible performance on your vehicle. Here are a few reasons why getting an oil change is one of the best preventative maintenance cares you can do for your vehicle.


The Oil Change Process

When a technician changes your car’s oil they are removing the old oil from the engine and changing out the filter. Old oil can contain harmful particles and debris that can damage and prematurely wear your engine. When the old oil is replaced with fresh, clean oil, this ensures that your engine stays clean and free from any of these harmful agents.

Changing out the filter is also an essential part of a proper oil change.  Your oil filter serves to filter out any larger pieces or hard sediment that might damage your oil pump are scare surfaces increasing in engine friction and heat. Once these particles and sediment fill the oil filter its ability to continue to provide protection diminishes while increasing the work your oil pump must do.

Making sure both your oil and your oil filter is changed regularly is cheap insurance for your vehicle ensuring that some of the most vital components are protected.


The Benefits of Changing Your Oil

Clean oil is necessary for the engine because over time oil can break down and reduce its lubricating properties. New oil will properly lubricate the engine, absorb heat, and allow the moving parts to work smoothly with one another. This ensures better engine performance with a smoother and quieter ride.

When your car starts burning old, dirty oil, it’s producing more harmful emissions that will go into the atmosphere. Replacing old oil, with clean, fresh oil, reduces the amount of heat build-up and lessens the chance that your car will start to burn the oil and thus produce fewer emissions.

Finally, changing your oil periodically will increase your engine life. If a car doesn’t get that necessary oil change every few months it will warp and wear down the engine parts in your vehicle – eventually resulting in a complete engine replacement. Instead, get a quick oil change and save yourself a lot of headache, hassle, and money.


When Should You Change Your Oil?

Depending on the year of the car you own, most technicians will recommend changing your engine oil at least once every six months. For those who have driving habits that are a bit harder on your vehicle – such as hauling heavy payloads or driving in extremely hot conditions – most will recommend changing your car oil once every three months.


Service Department Benefits

When you get a quick oil change at a dealership or other service department, there are a number of benefits you’re getting on top of your oil change. During the oil change process, many dealerships will perform an overall inspection on your car and make sure that all of the parts and components of your vehicle are working as they should. If they find anything that has been damaged or needs repair on the vehicle you should be informed right away with a quote. This inspection ensures that your vehicle will continue to operate smoothly in the years ahead and is an excellent way to maintain optimal performance on your vehicle.

In addition, most service departments have excellent lobbies where you can sit down and relax during your quick oil change. Coffee, water, snacks, and a variety of entertainment are usually what you can expect while you wait for your vehicle.


Quick Oil Change Costs

Most quick oil change rates are based on the make and model of your vehicle. Typically you can expect an oil change to cost anywhere from $25-$50. If you want to know the exact rate of your oil change we recommend calling your local dealership or service department to get an exact quote.


How Long Does it Take To Get an Oil Change?

Luckily, getting your oil changed is usually a quick and easy process. Most quick oil changes take anywhere from 15-20 minutes, depending on where you are in line, and you can expect to be on your way shortly. We recommend calling ahead to get an appointment to avoid any extra wait time and to get in and out the door and back to your day as expediently as possible.


Customer Service at Your Local Dealership

Oil changes, while sometimes a hassle, are a necessary component for car maintenance. If you want a quick and easy process, at low cost, going to your local dealership is a great idea. They will have certified and highly trained technicians, an excellent lobby, and perform a complimentary inspection of your vehicle to ensure that everything is working properly. Customer service will be a top priority for them, and you can expect that you and your vehicle will be in great hands.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you get your oil changed every few months and pay attention to your dashboard for that low oil alert. Getting a quick oil change is one of the best ways to make sure your car continues to operate smoothly for the years ahead. It is a quick and easy process and the cost is usually fair and affordable, so there’s no reason to put it off or not to do it. Get your quick oil change, regularly and with a reputable dealership, and ensure that you’ll have many more miles to go with your vehicle.